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Sarah Palin: Reconsider?

Sarah Palin: Reconsider?

Found at “The Other McCain

first let’s go to the video:

Well done video. Will it help? Um NO.

Look Sarah Palin draws huge crowds, she’s got a real down homesy type delivery that some people like. Some people are turned off by it. Just like ALL the candidates there’s a lot not to like about her. I LOVE the lady’s outdoor lifestyle, I love the fact she’s a 2nd amendment proponent. I love her patriotism. I love that she looks damn good in a skirt. But the ship has sailed on her candidacy for POTUS. She’s missed way too much.. Or has she? Could this have been the plan all along?

There’s as many people in America who would never vote for her as there is people who won’t vote for Romney, Paul, Cain etc… The question here is can Sarah Palin get enough support in a short period of time to knock Romney off the top spot? Could she pull enough of the Republican base to the polls to unseat Obama?… Who knows. I don’t think she’s going to run at the top. She may offer an endorsement and if she picks Newt or Perry it will help. IF she picks Bachmann, Cain or God forbid Romney it’s over and expect 4 more of Obama. Bank on that.


Sarah Palin, Lover her, or Hate her…

Sarah Palin, Lover her, or Hate her…

You have got to admit she’s at least interesting. Now I’m not a huge Palin fan. I absolutely LOVE her stance on Gun rights, Hunting/Trapping/Fishing and her environmental conservation views. Those are UNDENIABLY Conservative views. I agree with her on her small government statements (Although I’m not sure she’d actually be able to undo the damage done) I also agree with her on her family values statements.

The problem Sarah Palin has is her messaging, her lack of communication skills. IF the only thing people knew about Sarah Palin was her written views. And you didn’t put a name beside it. You just put out her views, they would have WIDE SPREAD ACCOLADES from 95% of Conservatives, Republicans and Independents, she may even win over a few moderate Democrats. However; what we have is Sarah Palin saying Paul Revere warned the British…. We have so many “You betcha’s” and “By Golly’s” and way too much media slant and ire by the left run MSM. Watch this video from this morning. I submit Sarah Palin could be a major player in the run up to 2012. She SHOULD NOT RUN FOR POTUS. She should continue to PUSH those in the race RIGHT, she should continue to call out the idiocy of those running. Keep right on being a thorn in the side of the left and a railroad spike in the side of the RIGHT.

I do understand some folks hate this lady with a passion. The folks that HATE her that much are usually on the left. Far left folks HATE everything she stands for. The hate that comes from the right has more to do with her mannerisms, her walking away from a job she was elected to do and basically because they don’t think she’s smart enough to bake cookies without burning herself. I fall somewhere in the middle. I’ll never be a Palin backer. If she was the nominee in 2012, I’d probably vote for her, not because I think she’d be the best in our nation as POTUS, more because I think she’d do WAY better than Obama. Unfortunately that’s the bottom line. We are not going to get a chance to elect the BEST person to the job. The BEST person probably won’t be running. We are going to have to pick between two, WHO would be the best for our nation out of two. Obama? Um no.

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Happy Birthday Sarah Palin

Happy Birthday Sarah Palin

This should send a few folks over the edge with a rope around their necks… :rotfl:

Happy Birthday Sarah Palin. While I’m not endorsing you for POTUS in 2012, I wish you well. I wish you all the best huntin, fishin and trappin and I wish you well on your journey and I wish you and your family all the best.

I’m not on the bash Sarah Palin bandwagon but if she doesn’t stop the “gosh darn, by golly, you betcha” shit I just may catch a ride…

Sarah Palin Shoots a Caribou

Sarah Palin Shoots a Caribou

I can’t wait for the liberpuke outrage over this one! :rotfl:

One of the first rules in Hunting is check your equipment. But hunting caribou is not like hunting other animals. You have to go a LONG way to hunt caribou and that journey can knock your scope off. It only takes a fraction of fraction of an inch to make your aim way off. Sarah was shooting a rifle that obviously had got messed up on the journey.

Regardless of how you feel about Sarah Palin politically, this is pretty awesome in my opinion. She’s out with her dad enjoying the outdoors, she bought her tags she took an animal ethically, and legally. Well done.

Now lets look at our current commander in chief:

Nuff said!

Tough American Women!

Tough American Women!

Saw this over at All that is Necessary:

Fire From The Heartland from Citizens United on Vimeo.

What I find amazing is the unity among the conservative women. From Ann to S.E Cupp, these women are putting us on a revolutionary road. The Females in Politics from Bachman to Palin are driving the bus and if you aren’t willing to join them and help get our nation back, they are running over you. Count the heads on the mantle…There are many RINO heads on the wall in this mid term election cycle. Women have been a big part of it.

I for one can understand the how the Democrats are feeling, I’ve been married to a very strong woman for a long time and I gotta tell you Dems; You guys are FUBAR.

I’m one of those folks that have no problem with a woman in power. From POTUS to Janitor I don’t care. IF she’s the right one in the right job I’m on board. Lets go.

Message to the Females who are front and center in the conservative movement;

As long as the liberal media is bashing you, insulting you and making fun of you, YOU WIN. Don’t get in the mud and wrestle with the pigs they like it. (Mmm, Mud, wrestling, Palin, Bachman…Um..Where was I..OH)

Sarah Palin Cleaning House…

Sarah Palin Cleaning House…

Tea party backed Joe Miller defeats establishment RINO Lisa Murkowski. WOW.

Sarah Palin has been instrumental in removing RINO’s from our hallowed halls. Like her or not, you have to admit she’s doing a lot of good work in this area. She’s been very effective in pushing SOME tea party favorite candidates above the establishment candidates in the primaries. For that Sarah Palin deserves KUDOS!

Editors note: So far I count only 2 candidates she supported that I didn’t like, McCain, and Fiorina. Scott Brown doesn’t really count because he was the only R we could get in that state. Nobody in politics is going to make us happy all the time.

Sarah Palin

Now lets move on to the general election and get these tea party favorites their seat at the table.

I know a lot of folks don’t like Sarah Palin, and that’s fine, I’m not on the Sarah Palin bandwagon either. But I do know that she is fighting very hard to remove these RINO’s from Congress through our political system. She’s doing what the tea party was started to do and for the most part she’s doing well at it.

A bit of advice for Sarah Palin: DON’T RUN FOR POTUS IN 2012. Continue doing what you are doing and become the grizzly watchdog we need to keep the tea party candidates from becoming RINO’s. Oh and now that you’ve returned the favor to McCain, you need to dump his ass.

Sarah Palin endorses “RINO”

Sarah Palin endorses “RINO”

Well I can’t say I’m surprised at all. The prevailing thought around here (California) is: Chuck Devore; the MOST desirable candidate in the race to unseat Barbara Boxer, can not win here. This being California, the RINO’s are running the place. No Candidate can win without the latino vote, and since Devore has came out against ILLEGAL Immigration, and the MORONS in California can’t differentiate between LEGAL and ILLEGAL, Devore doesn’t have a chance. On the other hand Carly came out against AZ’s law and now has a shot at the seat.

Sarah Palin Endorses Carly Fiorina

Republican California Senate candidate and former Hewlett-Packard chief executive Carly Fiorina today announced that she had secured the backing of former Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor and current television personality Sarah Palin.

“Carly is the Commonsense Conservative that California needs and our country could sure use in these trying times,” Palin said in a release. “She’s not a career politician. She’s a businesswoman who has run a major corporation.”

“I’m a huge proponent of contested primaries, so I’m glad to see the contest in California’s GOP, but I support Carly as she fights through a tough primary against a liberal member of the GOP who seems to bear almost no difference to Boxer, one of the most leftwing members of the Senate,” Palin added

This is absolutely a slap in the face of all California tea party members. Sarah Palin endorsing a faux conservative says that she is nothing more than a party above all else type of politician. We have had enough of that type, this is why we are organizing against it. It seems that the sheep in the tea party are following the “R” at all cost and that thinking got GWB, McCain and Even Scott Brown….This is a good way to remain on the sidelines for another 4 years.

Sarah Palin should stick to speeches, and rallying the troops around TRUE conservative candidates, she is not helping to change the face of DC by endorsing those that fit the same profile.

Chuck Devore for Boxer’s seat.

Sarah Palin..My Views

Sarah Palin..My Views

Ok, let me set the record straight on my Sarah Palin view. I personally like this lady. Perhaps it’s because liberals hate her, perhaps it’s because she is a hunter, an outdoorsWOMAN. Perhaps it’s because she actually seems very down to earth. But mostly I think it’s because she says what’s on her mind, sometimes dumb, sometimes not “PC” sometimes way too many “You Betcha’s” but she speaks the truth as she sees it. AND she sees 90% of the same truths MOST Americans that have not been media brainwashed…She has her flaws, but what I see in her is strength. A strength not many women or MEN have. She makes Obama look like a little wimp. How’s that? you may ask…Sarah Palin took the media’s best shots, she took Saturday Night Lives best shots, she took Obama’s best shots, she NEVER ran from ANYONE. She never put her “Mouthpieces” on the war path with ANY news organizations even though they never gave her a fair shake. Compare that courage with Obama’s…”War on Fox” ring a bell?

Now, Sarah Palin has stepped down from Alaska’s Highest office. She QUIT with one more legislative session still to go in her term. Personally the reason she gave was not good enough for me, but it appears that it was good enough for Alaskans. She apparently was very effective as Governor until she hitched her wagon to McCain’s trainwreck. She basically stepped away from her job already during the campaign, and since the election loss she has been under immense scrutiny by the liberal press. She had to deal with all the “Extra curricular” activities brought on by her run for VP, which was taking away from her effectiveness as governor. So truth be told she wasn’t really doing much for the state of Alaska since mid 2008…Judge that as you may, but from what I hear from ALASKANS she did the right thing by leaving the state in the Lt Gov. hands rather than be a lame duck Governor who spent too much time on the national stage….It will be used against her I’m sure if she decides to run for higher office.

Her book is a HUGE success, I have not read it yet, but I am planning on getting it soon…She calls it going rogue, which to me is part and parcel of the problem. She didn’t go “Rogue” enough during the McCain campaign. I’ve listened to almost every interview she’s gave, and I must say she seems WAY more confident and much better prepared to answer the questions than she was during the campaign. What I gather is McCain’s campaign kept her in such a bubble that she was worried about saying anything….Now it seems she has the freedom to say what she wants. I would like her to be a little more aggressive toward her libtard critics, I’d like her to get a little more “Alaskan”on their ass, but I understand she is keeping her options open for future decisions….

After all of that, the question really is would I place a vote for her for POTUS or not? Mmmmm. It really depends on the opposition I guess. Obama will run in 2012, we have another year to find someone with conservative values to oppose him. Sarah Palin’s views are inline with MOST conservatives. but so are a couple of other “Possibles.” What I will tell you is: IF Sarah Palin is on the ticket OPPOSING Barack Hussein Obama, I’ll feel MUCH better about voting for her than I did for McCain. I voted for McCain ONLY because Sarah Palin was on the ticket,  and I don’t regret the vote. I don’t know if we would be better off now if McCain would have won. BUT; I do know 3 things that would be different. The Decision on Afghanistan troops would have been made, this HC debacle would not be happening, and the 9/11 terrorists would not be coming to NY for trial.  Other than those three things I’m not sure much would be different under McCain/Palin

I think Sarah Palin would be a great Senator or Rep, I’d love to see the chaos her and Michelle Bachman could create if they were both in Congress. That would be great. Plus it would give her a chance to prove herself on national/world issues…

My overall feeling about Sarah Palin is: She’s HAWT. She’s Smarter than she seems, and she is a very strong female. I know for a fact that if she was POTUS right now, she’d be better than the current douchebag, and I’d be willing to bet she’d be MUCH better than GWB too….I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.