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CIA Spying on Senators?

Well Well… Funny how times change. Dianne Feinstein is upset that the CIA may have spied on her and her staffers… I remember not too long ago, the good senator was defending the NSA for spying on us… Almost, dare … Continue reading

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Democrat Ideology is working as expected.

Not only is America failing Americans, America is failing the world. The one place the oppressed could count on to help is gone. The one nation who has stood up for the little guy for years is now a shell … Continue reading

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FCC Part two…

Looks like there was enough outcry (For now) over the FCC installing “Monitors” in “Free Media Newsrooms” to stop the stupid… BUT I have a few questions that people should be asking their congressmen, themselves, friends, family and anyone who … Continue reading

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Did Christie Know?

Yeah I’m trying to control my give a shit impulse. Fact is, Christie is a RINO and he spent a lot of time with Barack Obama before the 2012 election. Remember that election, the one where the Mainstream Media hid, … Continue reading

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The Measure of what didn’t happen…

There is so much crap going on in this world that measuring what didn’t happen because of an action taken isn’t a worry now. The reason is there’s NO ACTION to prevent anything anymore. Our democrat leaders are such cowards … Continue reading

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