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We Must have this Fight! GOP vs WE the People

We Must have this Fight! GOP vs WE the People

We have an obligation to our kids, to our parents and to the founding fathers who created this nation. We must have this fight because too many in the GOP have decided that being politically correct and “Compromising” with far left Democrats is the only way Republicans will gain power.

John McCain, Lyndsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and several others are being hailed as groundbreakers for their backstabbing of We the People. The media and the democrat party are all a flutter with the potential that Republicans will follow these traitors. I submit that will not be the case.

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and several others are standing firm and WE the PEOPLE must stand with them. The surest way to get the GOP’s attention is to show them a true RED LINE. The red line for me is AMNESTY.

All these RINO’s who are FOR Amnesty think that they can get on TV and say things against ObamaCare and we’ll forget the Amnesty. Its not going to happen.

The GOP needs to realize that if Amnesty passes and is signed by Obama, the house/senate will be FULL DEMOCRAT MAJORITY in 2014, and Hillary or Biden will be POTUS in 2016. We the People will stay home again and the few pick ups they get will not be enough to sway the vote.

There is a way that the GOP can win the day and save America. This is the road map. DEFUND Obamacare and KILL the Amnesty bill. They do that and in 2014 conservatives will turn out in droves. McCain/Graham/Rubio are on their own. I will support any primary challengers to those three.

GOP has a decision to make. It’s a matter of life and death. I hope they choose wisely.

Tea Party Outreach…

Tea Party Outreach…

Okay folks, this may be a bit of a tough topic to deal with but I’m ready to deal with it.


Tea Party Plans to Launch its Own Latino Outreach

The Tea Party group that sponsored a prime-time response last week to President Obama’s State of the Union address is the latest group recognizing the power of the Latino vote.
Officials with the Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, have been discussing their own Latino outreach, said Sal Russo, the group’s co-founder.
“We’ve been trying to do a bus tour that would focus on communities that we don’t normally talk to,” Russo said.
Russo, who worked for Ronald Reagan when he was California governor, said the former president had a rule that any campaigning should include voters who didn’t traditionally pick Republicans
“He believed in going to labor unions, going to places where you don’t normally go, so people could hear his message about cutting taxes and growing the economy,” he said

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A couple of things struck me about this story. #1 is, when the tea party first started I wondered why they weren’t actively going into the cesspool of the inner cities. I call cities a cesspool because that’s about the best name I can call them…Not all mind you, but the big ones, the LA’s, Chicago’s and New York’s of our nation. The other thing that I thought was… Why does the tea party HAVE TO RECRUIT Latino’s? Latino’s should be flocking to the tea party in droves if they truly are just people who want a better life.

The facts are pretty evident. Latino’s in masse are more concerned with gifts from government than to preserve the land they migrated to. They couldn’t care less about our future as a nation, all they want is more free stuff from big daddy in DC. OR the local mayor…

Let me be as blunt as possible. IF the latino community decided to quit voting democrat tomorrow, their community would start to reap benefits within 5 years. The benefits they’d reap would be directly related to their effort and their work ethic. They would separate themselves from the black community and become closer to the Asian immigrants of the past. At least the ones who want to. The rest will fill out our prisons and be deported…

But to think that the latino/hispanic/Mexican or whatever community is ever going to vote republican as a whole is ridiculous. IF they didn’t vote for Romney who had MEXICAN Blood and vowed to help the unemployment rate drop.. If they don’t see Rubio/Cruz and a few other Republicans as reason enough, then it aint going to happen. UNTIL… The give aways stop.

When the bird feeder is empty that’s when freedom of thought will occur. And as long as DEMOCRATS keep filling the feeder with OUR MONEY, the Republican party will never be the party Hispanics vote for. Its actually pretty sad too.

Hispanics are normally strong CATHOLICS, Family oriented, strong self motivated people. They SHOULD be waving the American flag not stomping on it. They should be supporting strong American conservatives because THOSE VALUES are OUR VALUES. But once you’ve tasted the free cheese I guess you get hooked…

I wish the tea party all the luck in the world in trying to convince slaves that they are not slaves. We can’t do it with the black community even though Republicans freed them, removed the shackles and made them equal even in the face of Democrat uprising…. Freedom is hard for people I guess…

Good vs Bad in Democrat speak…

Good vs Bad in Democrat speak…

So lets get this straight:

ObamaCare; 1 trillion dollars in debt, costing jobs= GOOD Debt

Stimulus package: 1 trillion dollars in debt, no jobs created except government jobs = GOOD Debt.

Cap and Trade: Cost millions of job, adding billions to the national debt = Good Debt.

Unemployment benefits: 2 years of benefits because of the economy being in bad shape due to the ABOVE policies, adding BILLIONS to the national debt = Good Debt.

Bush tax cuts: Keeping the tax rate the same as it has been for the last 7 years, expected to many private sector jobs, will add 200 billion to the debt (For upper income earners) but will increase revenue by reducing unemployment  = BAD DEBT.

I hope you guys understand the liberpuke mind now.

I don’t think the GOP has a clue of how to go on the offensive. The Obama policies have kept the economy in a ditch. These tax extensions will help but the real job killer is the Obama care package. There will be recovery when that law is repealed and/or repaired.

IF the GOP doesn’t repeal that health care debacle, and if they cave to this so-called compromise with Obama I think a 3rd party option is going to be necessary in 2012.

For GAWD SAKE, a third party needs a strong candidate though. Someone better than Bob Barr or Ralph Nader…. I’ll tell you this, if Allen West ran as a WHIG party candidate I’m voting WHIG….

Another thing I’m really sick of hearing about and it’s making a comeback. “Obama inherited this economy” is a good argument for the first year. And if Obama would have NOT spent so much money and time adding to the economy’s woes with healthcare and the other anti-business policies, it may be a good argument. BUT Obama and his far left loons have kept the economy in the crapper and it’s ALL OBAMA NOW! Quit whining liberpukes your hero pulled you out in to the light and now your “Programs” are showing the truth to the masses.

Good bye Democrats and RINO’s America is waking up and we are engaged. No more hiding pork, no more socialism, no more status quo. You are all on notice.

Candidate in OH under fire for Nazi re-enactment.

Candidate in OH under fire for Nazi re-enactment.

Well, at first I was under the impression this was a big deal. After reading the story and doing some research, I find this to be a typical liberal hatchet job.

Congressional Candidate Under Fire for Nazi Re-Enactment Past
An Ohio congressional candidate is under fire after a magazine unearthed a photo showing him dressed in a Waffen-SS uniform as part of a Nazi re-enactment group.

The Atlantic magazine, which published the photo, reported that Republican candidate Rich Iott was involved for years with Wiking, a group devoted to re-enacting the actions of the 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking. He told The Atlantic he joined as a “father-son bonding thing” and quit the organization several years ago after his son lost interest.

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor, R-Va., who is Jewish, said on “Fox News Sunday” that he “would absolutely repudiate” Iott’s behavior.

But Iott, who is challenging Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur, defended himself in a statement Saturday after Kaptur’s campaign and other groups condemned him. Iott said that as a student of history he has participated in numerous military re-enactments since he was in college and meant no offense by them.

“Never, in any of my re-enacting of military history, have I meant any disrespect to anyone who served in our military or anyone who has been affected by the tragedy of war, especially the Jewish Community,” he said in a written statement. “I have immense respect for veterans who served our country valiantly, particularly those who fought to rid the world of tyranny and aggression by relegating Nazism to the trash heap of history. I also believe we need to ‘never forget’ what happened to Jews during that war.”

Iott released several other photos on his campaign website that showed him in uniform as part of a World War I re-enactment and Civil War re-enactment in which he and his son donned Union uniforms.

According to the Wiking website, the organization is devoted to “presenting the history” of the Eastern Front division which fought the Russians, “never against the Americans.”

So a history buff decides to partake in some re-enactment with his son. Teaching tactics, and historical facts regarding the wars of the past. They participated in the civil war as UNION soldiers? This I have a problem with since I’m from the south! The union soldiers were very brutal to our southern brethren and they burned people out of their homes, how can you wear that union uniform? I’m sick!

Doesn’t that sound ridiculous?

That’s exactly what is going on here…. I’ll be supporting this guy for no other reason than because of the smear against him.

RINO season Opens Early…

RINO season Opens Early…

Democrats have started their campaigning a bit early, quite possibly due to the fact they are getting their ass handed to them in the polls. I think the Republicans better match that intensity real soon.

Right now, the media blitz the POTUS and his minions are engaged in, is setting the stage for the debate. The debate is already lost on the inner city dwellers. Those at the feeding trough are not about to vote out those that fill it. BUT, if the Republicans can stick to the issues and not be dragged into defending racism charges, their ammo is dry, their guns are zero’d and their targets are clearly marked.

IF the Republicans want to retake congress this year they need to do five things:

1. Convince the nation that they learned their lesson. The years they had control were not much better than the years the Democrats controlled congress. Except for a few things like the economy, jobs and a few moral issues that were done well. Most of the nation equates ALL years under Bush the Republicans fault. So it’s imperative that the Republicans make issue of the last 2 years of Bush, being under a DEMOCRAT controlled congress.

2. Put the facts out there. Show the economic collapse and the LACK of recovery. Show the American people that Reagan’s recovery from a much worse collapse was due to LESS government not More. Show how many of the jobs created were GOVERNMENT Jobs. Show the lack of private sector jobs. Increase the intensity of the debate about the economic stimulus that wasn’t and show the historical lessons learned by following on the current liberal path.

3. Put the Illegal Immigration debate front and center. Make the rule of law a talking point. Make the Democrats engage the illegal Immigration issue. Stick to your guns about border security first, prior to engaging in any shamnesty discussion. Do not let the argument turn into a “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” debacle. Stay on point about securing the border. Point out the efforts our Homeland security team is making to secure the border for Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

4. Bring up all the lies, bribes and backroom deals made to pass the health care sham. Point out all the LIES made, and the facts now. Show the connection between these LIES and the economic growth it shuddered. Put the ethics questions out there. Rangle, Kerry, Geitner, and every other Democrat, include the city of bell DEMOCRATS and tie them all together.

5. Go on every liberal talk show that you can and have your facts. Don’t let the liberal points influence you, bring up the fact that it will be hard to gain voters from certain areas because the democrats are buying them by keeping them in chains. The liberals need to awaken to the core principles of conservatism that believes in the individual excellence of ALL. They have been conditioned to think we are the bad guys because we want to take their food away. Show them how we want them to succeed and provide their OWN food rather than depend on the Government to do it.

This is an early season because the Democrats and RINO’s are scared. Get out there conservative candidates and share the message. The message is truth, the message you carry is AMERICANISM and the other side is ANTI AMERICANISM.

We need strong CONSERVATIVES to carry the message that the Republicans have learned their lesson and are coming back to the principles that have made America Great.

Time to Roll.

Defeat Reid, Boxer and Brown!

Defeat Reid, Boxer and Brown!

Well I am not a rich man. Especially since I live in Commifornia. But I have decided to put some money behind a couple of candidates. This is something I very rarely do, and since 2006 I haven’t dropped a dime behind anyone.

I have $200.00 dollars that I will be dividing up between these candidates. I do this because of the position we are in now. We have an opportunity to rid ourselves of some of the most corrupt anti-American politicians ever to grace the halls of congress and I want to help.

First I’ll be donating $75.00 dollars to Sharon Angle. Harry Reid has been the WORST Demorat in the senate by far. Everything from his “This war is lost” to his lies and arm twisting over the Obamacare debacle. We need to remove Harry Reid from office and this is our best chance!

Second, I’ll be donating $75.00 dollars to Carly Fiorina. Yes I know, she’s not the best conservative candidate we could ask for, but she is what we got. She is NOT a RINO (YET) she has not had a vote for anything YET, she has said a lot of the right things since her campaign started. Defeat Boxer is the BEST thing for the people of California and the nation. Just like Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer needs to be unemployed.

Third, I’ll be donating $50.00 dollars to Meg Whitman. I know she really doesn’t need the money, but I can’t make it any clearer how bad we need to defeat Jerry Brown. A jerry Brown victory in California will send a message that we need to move further left as a nation and that is absolutely NOT CORRECT. Jerry Brown makes Barack Obama look like Ronald Reagan. We elected Obama and we see how that is working out. IF Brown wins this state you can pretty much kiss November 2012 goodbye. Obama will retain his post as the usurper in chief. Meg is not the most conservative, nor the ideal candidate BUT she would be  WAY better than Brown. Truth is ANYONE would be better than Brown.

My contributions to these politicians are nothing more than me putting my money where my mouth is. There are many races this election that will require us to get involved. I picked these three because they are close to me, they are IMO the most pressing and they would start righting the ship.

California Primary Support…

California Primary Support…

My vote will be for these folks in California’s election. IF they do not win in the primaries I’ll be re-evaluating for the general.

District 44 Rep Ken Calvert
As I told him on the phone not long ago. I will be voting for him, not because I’m a fan, but because his opponent is such a toad. I’d run against him if I thought I’d have a chance…

State Senator: Chuck DeVore
Best man for the job BY FAR!

Cal State Supt of Public instruction: Grant McMicken
Not real enthusiastic about this either. But there is nobody else in the race willing to take on the teachers as well as the State over education.

Cal Insurance Comish:
Mike Villines
Not much thrill here either.

Attorney General: John Eastman
BEST MAN IN THE RACE BY FAR! Should be Governor soon…And damn it by the way he’s been talking should be POTUS.

Treasurer: Mimi Walters
Need new blood, and she is saying the right things.

State Controller: Tony Strickland
Seems like an okay guy, perhaps a little soft around the edges but much better than anyone else in the race IMO.

Sec of State: Damon Dunn
Truthfully I am not real sure about this one. I like what he says but I sense a RINO in the rough. I think he’ll be better than current idiots but I’m not jumping for joy over this.

Lt.Governor: Sam Aanestad
This one I’m happy about. I will be placing his sign on my yard as well as John Eastman’s.

Governor: Steve Poizner
Not the “Ideal” candidate by any stretch but for Jobs, Illegal Immigration, and fiscal conservatism, he’s better than Meg and right now I think it’s ANYBODY BUT BROWN!