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We Must have this Fight! GOP vs WE the People

We have an obligation to our kids, to our parents and to the founding fathers who created this nation. We must have this fight because too many in the GOP have decided that being politically correct and “Compromising” with far … Continue reading

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Tea Party Outreach…

Okay folks, this may be a bit of a tough topic to deal with but I’m ready to deal with it. Tea Party Plans to Launch its Own Latino Outreach The Tea Party group that sponsored a prime-time response last … Continue reading

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Good vs Bad in Democrat speak…

So lets get this straight: ObamaCare; 1 trillion dollars in debt, costing jobs= GOOD Debt Stimulus package: 1 trillion dollars in debt, no jobs created except government jobs = GOOD Debt. Cap and Trade: Cost millions of job, adding billions … Continue reading

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Candidate in OH under fire for Nazi re-enactment.

Well, at first I was under the impression this was a big deal. After reading the story and doing some research, I find this to be a typical liberal hatchet job. Congressional Candidate Under Fire for Nazi Re-Enactment Past… An … Continue reading

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Why I’m a Conservative

This guy sums it up pretty well. HT to I Own The World But I guess he’s just an uncle tom teabaggin racist… Which begs the question: What kind of douchebag are you if you are AGAINST the things he … Continue reading

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