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Occupy Everything…

Occupy Everything…

Lets see. The same folks that are “occupying” streets in America are against “Occupying” streets elsewhere… Uh Oh.

That’s just some wacked stuff there aint it? How about this:

The folks “Occupying” mostly have no jobs. Mostly are college students. Mostly disgusted with everything except the quality of weed, coke, or meth they have been getting. I’m sure they’re a bit pissed at the availability of the drugs though. YET MOST of them have ipads, iphones, internet connection across the board. They seem to LOVE Michael Moore and JZ but hate capitalist pigs and the Jooos…

Whew I’m just getting warmed up here…

They all hate the banks but most have accounts with banks. They made a statement when they were closing accounts at Bank of America then opened up accounts at credit UNIONS. Then OWS “leadership” opened an account with Wells fargo…huh?

They claim there’s no job for the 99%ers. Yet their protest have cost more jobs than they have created. NOW the small business owners have had enough near Zuccati park and will have their own protest..

The 99% Trespassed at blog con and were roundly verbally beaten to a pulp. Dana Laesh (I can’t ever spell her name right) looked like a damn super model in the video I saw but I’m thinking it was more because of the competition. She’s extremely HOT don’t get me wrong, but the commie OWS idiots were really UGLY.

OWS has a very unified message and if you haven’t heard it, well it’s because you’re not stoned enough.

The OWS crowd has that whole “Rape” thing figured out now. Lock them women up! Funny how that is huh? Wasn’t it these same people who were doing the slut march? They blamed the cops for blaming the women for the rapes, now the OWS is putting women in their place. I hope there’s a kitchen and a vacuum cleaner in their so they can get some worthwhile training….

Truth be told in my youth I’d probably be right there in the park too. Where else can you get free weed, free sex, free food, and free healthcare? I mean, really the welfare state is in Zuccatti park and other encampments.

Once the R candidate is announced, the “OWS” will mean “Obama’s wonderful Students” and the DNC will have a tent on every corner for their vote drive.


Union Head to America: “War”

Union Head to America: “War”

Jimmy Hoffa(1), one of the most notoriously corrupt heads of the Teamsters Union back in the day turned up missing. Jimmy Hoffa (2) seems to be pushing to find out what happened to his dad first hand.

Hoffa on tea party, congressional conservatives: ‘Let’s take these sons of bitches out!’

While warming up a Detroit crowd for President Barack Obama’s Labor Day speech, Teamsters union president Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. said unions need to fight a “war” against tea partiers and congressional Republicans. “President Obama, this is your army,” Hoffa said. “We are ready to march. Let’s take these sons of bitches out and take America back to where America we belong.”

I guess this is the new tone we are supposed to be observing. According to the liberal elites the tea party is a group of terrorists but this rhetoric is acceptable? Mmm.. Okay then here goes.

The AFL/CIO the Union who are represented by the stupid son of a bitch known as Jimmy Hoffa can bring it on. I would be extremely happy to oblige any of these SON OF A BITCHES in a war of their choosing. I will be extremely happy in my work to exterminate the enemy in that war. That war of which they speak is coming and I ask one thing of those listened to Jimmy Hoffa’s speech:

When that “War” kicks off, Look to your left, look to your right. Then ask yourself “Are these the people who share my values?”. On your side will be ANSWER, ACORN, The Socialists of America, The Communists of America, La Raza, The New Black Panthers, The Congressional black Caucus members and their constituents…

Then look on the other side.. IF you still hold firm to your worship at the foot of a UNION who is ruining our work force to deepen their own pockets, then so be it.. You will be in my sights in that “WAR” and I don’t miss. See ya on the battlefield.

Picture Contest at IOW.

Picture Contest at IOW.

One of my favorite daily reads is IOW. They are having a photoshop contest. This picture set it off:

Folks at “The People’s Cube” decided to play around with the Picture and IOW created this contest to keep up with “the Peoples cube” readers:

The above picture is on a transparent background. Take it and paste it over another picture to create Michelle Shovel Ready Photo’s… Some of the entries are freakin hilarious. Go over to IOW and send BigFurHat an email with your work.

I have a few entered over there, here’s a few of my favorites:

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China enters the fray… Off the coast of Libya

China enters the fray… Off the coast of Libya

Isn’t this interesting. A Chinese frigate off the coast of Libya.

Now I understand that rise to power China is experiencing. I also understand their RIGHT to protect their interests abroad. We do it, why not other nations? But what I find interesting is China (And Russia) both abstained from the UNSC resolution authorizing the no-fly zone. They also have came out publicly against US agression. Now they have their frigate in the waters.

I also look at how they reacted to the dangers of THEIR citizens by getting them out of there as soon as possible. Contrast that with the evacuation of Egypt by our inept leaders.

China is coming out. America is at it’s weakest state since before WW1, what will it take to wake Americans up to the danger? I’m guessing it will take a monumental catastrophe on our land to accomplish the “Awakening”