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Occupy Everything…

Lets see. The same folks that are “occupying” streets in America are against “Occupying” streets elsewhere… Uh Oh. That’s just some wacked stuff there aint it? How about this: The folks “Occupying” mostly have no jobs. Mostly are college students. … Continue reading

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Union Head to America: “War”

Jimmy Hoffa(1), one of the most notoriously corrupt heads of the Teamsters Union back in the day turned up missing. Jimmy Hoffa (2) seems to be pushing to find out what happened to his dad first hand. Hoffa on tea … Continue reading

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Picture Contest at IOW.

One of my favorite daily reads is IOW. They are having a photoshop contest. This picture set it off: Folks at “The People’s Cube” decided to play around with the Picture and IOW created this contest to keep up with … Continue reading

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China enters the fray… Off the coast of Libya

Isn’t this interesting. A Chinese frigate off the coast of Libya. Now I understand that rise to power China is experiencing. I also understand their RIGHT to protect their interests abroad. We do it, why not other nations? But what … Continue reading

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