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The Super Bowl was a blow out of epic proportions. I felt pretty bad for the Bronco’s really, they were out played from the National Anthem to the Trophy presentation. Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks and Pete Carroll for a NO DOUBTER win.

After the game, the biggest discussion was around the COKE commercial:

Did you find it offensive? It was designed to help the democrat party in their push to label everyone who doesn’t toe the line as racists and extremists. It worked to some degree.

Multiculturalism is the underlying issue. IF you don’t approve of other cultures you’re racist. This is a fallacy argument.

There’s another part to the Immigration/Multiculturalism debate. Its ASSIMILATION. That has been missing in America for many many years and the results are evident.

Let me give you my view and you can agree or disagree if you wish… Here goes:

Multiculturalism can be GREAT for countries OR it can be the catalyst for a country’s demise. When a country allows immigration of all cultures, without assimilation the power of the country’s policy makers is swayed by the largest numbers of the same immigrants. Think about this: IF the majority of immigrants to America were Japanese, instead of from South America, our politicians would be falling all over themselves to appease Japanese folks rather than Hispanics. The greatest number equals the greatest power.

IF assimilation was truly required and only one language was acceptable/used in public etc, then every immigrant would have to learn English. What we have done is made it possible and acceptable to speak your native language with out hardship. (Spanish for the most part because as I said, the greatest number) Then we allow them to fly their flag, demand we change our culture around theirs etc…

Multiculturalism is now ingrained in America, now its a fight to see which culture wins. If you watch the Coke ad, it shows plenty of cultures and most of them are compatible with American culture. American culture is a mesh of several cultures anyway, BUT… What we did was quit taking the BEST of other cultures and melting them in with ours, now we are taking the WORST of other cultures as well because if you object then you’re RACIST.

The multiculturalism experiment has been going on in Europe for a while now. The English are finding out, France is finding out and America will find out that unfettered immigration without assimilation is a disaster.

Assimilation is the answer to the multiculturalism. IF it were required that you learn english within 2 years of immigration, if we expected and received Americans, our nation would be united, we’d be moving mountains together instead of having a nation divided by the amount of immigrants who hold on to their own nationality above America.

Where we are headed is: America is being pushed into the nation that the greatest number of Immigrants left. We are losing our sovereignty because of political correctness and feel good policies. Our education system is a prime example of where we are headed. Look at California for the greatest example of where multiculturalism without assimilation takes us.

Its much too late to fix it now, it would take real leadership to right the ship. It would take Americans to wake up. It would take the IMMIGRANTS to wake up and say “hey, we left our nation to come to a better place, this place now looks like what we left” It will take Americans to quit being worried about being called Racist for wanting America to be the best nation on earth again.

I’m not optimistic.


The Record Speaks for Itself..

The Record Speaks for Itself..

After six years of Obama politics. Six years with a Senate controlled by the party of the President. Two years when Barack Obama had control of both houses of Congress… A partial list of his campaign promises and the results of his failed leadership:


Reduce the national debt: No
Close Guantanamo Bay: No
Get lobbying out of politics: No
Make government transparent: No
Reduce unemployment: No
Fix immigration mess: No
Balance a budget: NO
Unite the nation: NO
Help the Poor: NO
Make education affordable: NO

There’s many more NO’s but its a start.

Here are some YES’s…
Degrade our military: Yes
Use Government agency’s to stifle Opposition: Yes
Spy on American citizens: Yes
Kill American Citizens with drones: Yes
Unravel the best healthcare system in the world: Yes
Lie about Obamacare: Yes
Blame an embassy attack on a youtube video: Yes
Allow four Americans to be killed in Benghazi and go to Vegas to party: Yes
Pick and choose which laws the government will enforce: Yes
Instruct the Dept of Justice to look the other way at voter intimidation: Yes
Blame everyone under the sun for failures: Yes
Egypt in Chaos: Yes
Get punk’d by Vladimir Putin regarding Syria: Yes
Make a nuclear deal with Iran that allows them to get a nuclear bomb: Yes
Watch Iraq burn because you didn’t get a status of force agreement: Yes
Change the Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan so our guys are handcuffed: Yes
Announce withdraw date and ignore the Military deaths climbing to 2/3 of total: Yes

There’s many more Yes’s just like this, but it’s a start.


When faced with these FACTS, these RECORDS the Democrat voter, the Obama supporters will go to the standard. “Race Card” or the “But George Bush” argument. They tend to use the good things that Obama has done… Which I can’t think of ANY, they will point to his “Equality” work. His Gay Marriage/Gays in the military or the “DreamAct executive order” So, these things are what he’s going to hang his “Legacy” on? Gays and Dreamers?


Look, the fact is I can’t stand Barack Obama. And it’s got nothing to with his paint job. Its his record. Its also the fact that Barack Obama has been president for only less than half of the nation. He’s done NOTHING for the good of the nations economy, military, welfare, energy or the future for our kids. He’s only doing things that will gain voters to the democrat party by promising to provide for those less fortunate. He’s not offering HIS personal time or money to help them, he’s offering to take OTHERS money to help the less fortunate. That’s not “Noble” that’s THEFT.


Take a look at the record again at the top of this post. Ask yourself: IF a white democrat had that record would it be okay with you? What has Barack Obama done for the Black community? Record unemployment. What has he done for the latino community? Record unemployment. What has he done for the youth? record unemployment. You may ask: Why is it Barack Obama’s fault? The answer is simple, his policies have stifled business while helping the stock market. IF the fed wasn’t pumping in money into the economy (Quantitative easing) The stock market would be around 7 to 8 thousand. That’s it.


What Obama has done with his policies is enable him to continue his drive to socialism without upsetting the people. The people, have been demonized by charges of racism if they disagree with dear leader so they stay silent or put up false arguments to ease their conscience.


Barack Obama is running the nation like a mayor of a city. He’s demonized the rich in public while at the same time, made them richer. The “Evil 1%” has grown since Obama declared war on them. The tuitions of college students has gone up.. The very folks he used to get elected by promising them a fix are getting fixed now.

The Tea Party patriots have been vindicated by the results of 6 years of tyrannical leftist rule. And its going to get worse if in 2014 Conservatives don’t take over the senate.


The results I started this post with will grow. I’m betting in the near future Obama will try to gain back his socialist base by closing GITMO. Mark my words there will be a push to do two things in the near future: One Amnesty, Two Gitmo. Those are two issues that pit Conservatives against Republicans and Republicans against Libertarians.

Sorry for such a long post but I felt my blood boiling and I needed to release the pressure.


We Must have this Fight! GOP vs WE the People

We Must have this Fight! GOP vs WE the People

We have an obligation to our kids, to our parents and to the founding fathers who created this nation. We must have this fight because too many in the GOP have decided that being politically correct and “Compromising” with far left Democrats is the only way Republicans will gain power.

John McCain, Lyndsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and several others are being hailed as groundbreakers for their backstabbing of We the People. The media and the democrat party are all a flutter with the potential that Republicans will follow these traitors. I submit that will not be the case.

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and several others are standing firm and WE the PEOPLE must stand with them. The surest way to get the GOP’s attention is to show them a true RED LINE. The red line for me is AMNESTY.

All these RINO’s who are FOR Amnesty think that they can get on TV and say things against ObamaCare and we’ll forget the Amnesty. Its not going to happen.

The GOP needs to realize that if Amnesty passes and is signed by Obama, the house/senate will be FULL DEMOCRAT MAJORITY in 2014, and Hillary or Biden will be POTUS in 2016. We the People will stay home again and the few pick ups they get will not be enough to sway the vote.

There is a way that the GOP can win the day and save America. This is the road map. DEFUND Obamacare and KILL the Amnesty bill. They do that and in 2014 conservatives will turn out in droves. McCain/Graham/Rubio are on their own. I will support any primary challengers to those three.

GOP has a decision to make. It’s a matter of life and death. I hope they choose wisely.

Zimmerman is INNOCENT…

Zimmerman is INNOCENT…

So the case of the century, the trial of our time has concluded. (Seriously this is what some say) This was a circus that should have never been brought before a judge, but it was and the outcome is PERFECT.

So here we go with the protests and cry’s of “RACISM” from hoodrats and useful idiots in colleges across the nation.

What we have here is the Al Sadr of America Al Sharpton. He has convinced the minions that we still live in the 60’s. If there’s anyway a racial spin can be put on an issue, it’s RACIST. Just like Al Sadr of Iraq, if it can be spun in his favor, MINIONS RIOT…

The outcry of “Justice” for Trayvon from hoodrats in LA/Oak/NY isn’t so much about Trayvon being killed. Its not even about the verdict in this case. It’s about FUTURE actions. They want to make sure anyone who sees a black man commit a crime or act “Suspicious” that GOOD PEOPLE like George Zimmerman hesitate. They want good folks to not call the cops, to not pursue or confront criminals who are black. They want an easy target. This trial didn’t give them that “freedom” so PROTEST and RIOT so everyone sees the pain it causes to stop a criminal if he’s black from his work…

This entire episode was an exercise in our nations well being and we failed. We failed because of media’s desire to stoke passions regardless of truth. We failed because our leaders speak before they know facts. We failed because the left has made honor, dignity and rule of law BAD WORDS and thug culture okay.

Zimmerman could have turned his truck around and not called the cops. He could have never cared for his neighborhood. He could have not tried to pin point Trayvon’s location for the operator. YES he could have turned away and that’s what the left wants. The stand your ground law is BAD in their eyes. But Trayvon could have called the cops about being followed. He could have banged on a door and asked for help if he was scared. He could have NOT JUMPED Zimmerman. Lots of “COULD HAVE’S” but neither did. The final decision was on TRAYVON, he chose to attack physically and he was put down for it.

Here’s some more TRUTH for you. It wouldn’t have mattered WHAT THE OUTCOME WAS IN THIS TRIAL. If Zimmerman was found guilty the same damage and mayhem would have happened in places like Oakland and LA. Why? Because the protest is OWS. The very same people are pushing the blacks to hit the street. The Oakland protest is an example of what OWS is. The name would have changed, instead of RIOT it would be a CELEBRATION same damage same violence…



Misdirection, Deceit and Lies…

Misdirection, Deceit and Lies…

What we are seeing now is the best effort to hide the lack of leadership our nation is going through EVER. We have the media focused on the George Zimmerman witch hunt and subsequent stake burning, while the White House is on fire… The nation is suffering, the world is suffering but hey, some guy who would have liked to be cop rather than a bad guy shot a thug on a dark night after he was beaten.. OH MY GAWD!

As much as I enjoy a good circus, the Zimmerman trial ended for me yesterday. The defense is on solid footing within the facts, the prosecution on the other hand is emotion first. Emotions are strong motivators but rarely do they lead to good decisions. And that’s where we are now.

Emotions led to Obamacare, which in case you didn’t notice got delayed until after the 2014 elections. Is anyone asking questions? Nope. How about media ask these questions:

1. How can a President delay a law that was signed and SCOTUS approved with a stroke of the pen? Where in the Obamacare law does it state that a President has the right to enact it whenever its convenient? IF Obama can delay it and implement it at will, does that mean the next POTUS can retroactively delay it, stop it, kill it?

2. The Congressional Budget office COUNTED on the 4.8 BILLION dollars of revenue that implementation would generate through business penalties to make Obamacare “Deficit Neutral” without those dollars for another year, what is the outlook for the national debt?

Just off the top of my head….

Then there’s the Benghazi, IRS, DOJ, NSA scandals that have taken a back seat to Trayvon’s rotting corpse… Oh and don’t dare look at the gas prices up to 4.00 a gallon and the job market declining and the food/energy prices rising…  “But hey ya’ll I gotta go to Africa, cause George Bush did good things there…”

Political strategy?

Democrat thinking: IF the senate refused to pass Amnesty, Obama would have implemented Obamacare as it was LAW. But since Amnesty passed the senate, Obama and his democrat cronies aren’t sure what the house is going to do, they are counting on Boehner to kill the senate bill, then the dems will run against racist republicans the same old story that usually works. Right now, the dems don’t know if the house will pass Amnesty and if they do, coupled with OBAMACARE Train Wreck, they think they may lose the house and Senate…I disagree with that thinking.

If the house passes Amnesty, the house is full democrat in 2014. The senate is going to stay majority democrat anyway unless the RINO’s get Primaried. Most conservatives are fed up with RINO’s and Democrats. Enthusiasm is gone for Republicans in the senate.

Your thoughts on any of this?



Progressive Outrage and Obama Supporters

Progressive Outrage and Obama Supporters

At some point someone has to call bullshit on the entire Democrat party.

Lets look at the “Black Community” first:

The black community is notoriously Anti-gay. A very religious group of folks regardless of denomination. There is VERY little support for gay marriage in the black community. BUT a “Black POTUS” came out in favor it. Such a conundrum. The black Community will overlook it in the end because Obama is black. Color trumps values in the end. But that’s not racist.

Sticking with the Black community for a second. Have you ever heard Gay folks protesting Black Churches? Black Owned businesses who DON’T support gay marriage? Nope. Many Black owned businesses donate to “focus on the family” and other PRO-AMERICAN Value causes. While they also donate to Democrats. The brainwashing took years to get Democrats to be a Black supported party even though Republicans have done more for the black race than the democrats have even thought about doing. But that’s a history lesson that will never be popular I guess.

Now here’s another one: Hispanics are notoriously ANTI-Abortion. As most Hispanics are Catholic this doesn’t wash with their beliefs. Hispanics are only SLIGHTLY more accepting of Gays than Blacks are. Yet they are welcomed with open arms as long as they support the democrat party and they do. Think about this: In 2009 CA voted on gay marriage. Gays were confident it would pass because it was written as a trap and because they felt the Hispanics were on board. it failed by a LARGE margin because MOST hispanics and Blacks voted it down. No protests of hispanic churches or Hispanic owned businesses. Gays blamed the Mormons and White churches…

Lets look at the Muslim Religion who FORBIDS Homosexuality, even MODERATE muslims don’t support it. And they vote Democrat almost 100% Yet In Islamic nations they hang/flog gays and there is NO DISCUSSION of gay marriage.

The goal of these groups is simple. They are all striving to be victims of the “Right wing religious zealots” who are stomping on their rights. And I have to tell you the brainwashing is complete.

I met a sophomore in our local college the other day and they are as clueless as the day is long. “Obama is the best ever” why? “Gay marriage” I asked about fast and furious, “What’s that” I asked about economy at 8.2 % for 3 years almost “That’s congress’s fault” I asked about many details and every answer had another to blame. I asked “When did the democrats take over congress” Didn’t know the answer but knew that Republicans were in charge of congress now. I informed them the House was under R control but D’s owned the senate. “Oh”… This is what we’re dealing with…

As Reagan said “It’s not that liberals are ignorant, they just know so much that isn’t true”


Chick-Fil-A Controversy?

Chick-Fil-A Controversy?

Gotta love the tolerant, all inclusive, everyone hold hands and sing kum-by-ya of the Gay community.

Evidently all the “Outrage” started because the owner of Chick-Fil-A said “We support traditional family values” OH MY GOD!!! Hide your kids!!!!

The “Outrage” is a tactic. The outrage by these militant gay San Francisco dwelling slugs is designed for one thing. SILENCE any type of support for traditional marriage and/or traditional American values. A “Family unit” consisting of a man and a woman is okay as long as you don’t say YOU SUPPORT it out loud. IF you say you support that version of America you obviously HATE GAY PEOPLE! right?

Has there ever been a law suit or civil suit against Chick-Fil-A for refusing service to gays? Have they not hired gays because they are gay? Do they have separate restrooms for gays? Do they have a “Gay section in their business?” Nope. The owner simply stated he supports the AMERICA that was the greatest nation on earth before we allowed liberalism/Progressivism/Communism to infest our shores.

To be clear I am NOT for gay marriage at all. Never have been, never will be. I support the traditional family unit/family values and American exceptionalism. PERIOD.

I do have a great idea though. Since I hate the UN and the Gay militant agenda driven slugs in our nation. I say KICK THE UN Out of America, Raze the building and put up a giant Chick-Fil-A in it’s place!

Russia and Syria oh My..

Russia and Syria oh My..

Damn it Putin, don’t you know who you’re messing with? You are going to force Obama to apologize again and hit that reset button! You’ve been warned!

US: Russia sending Syria attack helicopters

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Obama administration said Tuesday that Russia is sending attack helicopters to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime and warned that the Arab country’s 15-month conflict could become even deadlier.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the U.S. was “concerned about the latest information we have that there are attack helicopters on the way from Russia to Syria.”

Not only does Russia block us in the UN but to assist Assad too? Wow that’s gotta hurt. Evidently, that flexibility you’re planning on showing after the election Obama is taking too long. Might as well bend over now and take it like a man. Perhaps Putin will want to marry you? Since you’re all for it and all…

Now just to be clear, I don’t give a damn about Syria, they can all drop dead in a cow pie covered field for all I care. And I sure as hell don’t want a damn dime spent nor ONE AMERICAN LIFE helping either side over there.

But what this is, is a teachable moment. It’s a moment in time where “American Power” and our leadership is in question and being tested. It’s a moment that wouldn’t occurred if we had a leader these last four years. Our inaction, Our weakness from the top is evident worldwide. America had RESPECT in the world. No matter what the LEFT WING MEDIA said during the Bush years. The world understood that America WOULD ACT in a leadership role and lead if needed. Now?

We “Led from behind” in a “Kinetic Military action” in Libya but no action in Syria? We led from behind because “Civilians would be killed” but Syria? And Bush was “Blood for oil?”… WOW.

This post isn’t about my concern about Syria nor any Islamic nation. Couldn’t care less. But there’s something to be said for what has been lost under Obama. Bush told the world we will do what is necessary. Obama tells the world, we will kill you from the air with a drone because we have no stomach for the fight anymore. While that is true to some degree, The THREAT of AMERICAN POWER used to make despots think before they acted. Not any longer. Now, the world realizes Obama very well could lose this election and they are moving their chess pieces accordingly.

Your move Barrack.