Barack Hussein Obama Part 2.

Barack Hussein Obama Part 2.

Here we go folks, the affirmative action president is elected to a 2nd term even though his first term was an abysmal failure. Why was he re-elected? 95% of the Black vote, 75% of the latino vote, 90% of the GAY vote, 100% of the welfare vote.

Those are the facts. And if you think the Republicans need to “Pander” to those groups YOU are the problem with the GOP. The goal of the Republicans should be to SHOW THE HISTORY OF THE DEMOCRATS PROGRAMS REVOLVING AROUND THOSE GROUPS. That’s it.

You take the welfare vote away by making them work for what they get, they soon become Republicans. You put the BLACKS to work and they will become REPUBLICANS, you put Latino’s to work they will become Republicans. The GOAL IS SELF GOVERNMENT NOT WHAT WE HAVE NOW!

Here’s the predictions for the next 4 years:

Our 2nd amendment rights are going to be INFRINGED in the near future. There’s going to be some kind of restrictions and I’m betting this assault weapon ban is probably going to drag on for a while. Maybe just before 2014 elections a vote will take place.

Economy is going to stall out and actually by September, I’m betting unemployment jumps to 8.5% or worse. I’m betting CA will lead the nation in unemployment and drag the national number down 1 full point.

Gas prices are going up. By Memorial day, 5 bucks a gallon average.

Inflation is going to be a new buzzword. Watch for it.

Mali is going to create some foreign policy controversy.

There will be another terrorist attack on our soil (Either an embassy/or home)

Come back here and tell me I’m wrong in a couple months.

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