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StompyFooters at it AGAIN

So some cops in Baltimore allegedly roughed up a subject who happened to be darkly pigmented. Enter the riot squad. “Bad cops did it because he’s black and white cops are racist” seems to be the recurring theme. While after the … Continue reading

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Hillary Enters the Race

So Monica’s ex-Boyfriend’s wife is officially entering the race to be POTUS. I think that’s awesome. We need to see a woman president at some point. However; Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton of the house “CantTelltheTruth” (Game of thrones reference) is not … Continue reading

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Gay Nazi/Mafia/Unicorn Warriors strike again

And almost like a bell goes off in the big city Starbucks and university yoga parks that says “One of ours is offended, we must go”…. A bakery somewhere refuses to bake a cake for a gay wedding, predictable outrage … Continue reading

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Iran will get Nukes…

By knowing recent history under the Obama/Clinton/Kerry/Jarrett foreign policy success’s.. Like, ISIS, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Venezuela, Libya, North Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Crimea…There’s no way that Iran doesn’t get nukes. Matter of fact, Iran will likely get Iraq, one … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz opens 2016!

There are NO PERFECT PEOPLE on this planet. The last perfect person to live here? it didn’t end well… That being said, the GOP field is full of NOPE’s.. Now there’s HOPE. There will be the usual “Paulinistia’s” that will be … Continue reading

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Netanyahu WINS in Israel…

Congratulations Mr Netanyahu for his victory over Obama’s election rigging. Congratulations civilized world for avoiding the disaster of a weak Israel. Bibi WINS And it wasn’t very close! People should understand that America can because of geography play some games … Continue reading

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Cops shot in Ferguson

Not that anyone could predict that after the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” LIE was proven to be a lie, the idiots invested in that lie would cause violence or anything…. After Eric Holder’s “Ferguson Report” or in reality speak the … Continue reading

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GOP Record time for Betrayal

The world record for betraying your party faithful has been set. Gold medal awarded to the GOP… Take a bow John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. For the uninformed voter here’s a quick fact list. The DHS funding bill that stripped … Continue reading

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