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And Another Mass Shooting…

Congratulations are in order for the liberal/progressive collective. It appears they have their white whale.. After years and years of blaming Tea party, Racists, Obama haters for mass killings only to be proven wrong. It appears this one might actually … Continue reading

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Weekly Rant: Chattanooga

Well, it happened again. But its really different this time, I mean it’s totally not connected to anything other than lack of gun control in America. That’s it, no other similarities to anything, we’re stumped. Beware, this post will contain … Continue reading

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GOP vs Donald Trump

So almost like clockwork, here we are again. Same as in every election since 2000. The GOP has a very talented field. The best candidates for POTUS all in one clown car. I use that term loosely and as a … Continue reading

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Greece, Venezuela, USA

The “New world order” under dear leader, the supreme being of the America’s, Barack Hussein Obama’s leadership is being televised. The future of the USA is being seen in Greece, the ultimate end is being seen in Venezuela. USA debt … Continue reading

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Charleston and Knee Jerk Reactions…

By now, we all know about the mass murder in the black Church in Charleston South Carolina. Before my rant, let me be clear and concise in my disgust at the animal who committed this atrocious act. My prayers are … Continue reading

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Cleveland Ready to Explode…sigh

White cop kills black suspects, therefor Cop is racist and black suspect was a saint. Watch the latest video at So, as I (And I hope you) feel sorry for the family of the dead suspects. I also realize … Continue reading

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1St Amendment Attacked

Here’s my take on the Texas Attack that took place in Garland Texas at a Pam Geller event called “Draw Muhammad Contest” or something… 1. Just like the 2nd Amendment, if you say you support it and then follow it … Continue reading

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StompyFooters at it AGAIN

So some cops in Baltimore allegedly roughed up a subject who happened to be darkly pigmented. Enter the riot squad. “Bad cops did it because he’s black and white cops are racist” seems to be the recurring theme. While after the … Continue reading

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