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Russia does a Flyby…

So a Russian war plane did some flyby’s to show off for one of our ships in the black sea… Evidently Barack Obama drew some redlines around the ship, because Putin crossed those too.. Evidently Russia has a top gun … Continue reading

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Nevada Ranch Standoff

So this is happening: (Note: I would have used a different source, but I won’t use INFOWARS for anything, So I decided to use Always Barack Channel- ABC) Nevada Rancher Threatens ‘Range War’ Against Feds A Nevada rancher’s threat to … Continue reading

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Another Ft Hood Shooting

Here we go again… First off: My sincere sympathy for the families of the fallen and hearty get well soon to those injured. This post might be a bit controversial… What the F**K is going on in America when a … Continue reading

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Democrat Scandals

Leland Yee, a CALIFORNIA Senator who was a very public figure in the gun control legislation process was arrested/charged with GUN RUNNING. This particular democrat scandal should convince every NORMAL THINKING voter of the danger of voting based on feelings. … Continue reading

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Trust is Important…

Trust in family and friends is important. Without it relationships die. Trust in government or politics is just as important. Without it, the nation collapses.. ANY NATION. Unless fear is unleashed and FEAR of government isn’t for the long haul. … Continue reading

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