4 Americans Hijacked by Pirates KILLED.

4 Americans Hijacked by Pirates KILLED.

Well, details are sketchy but Fox is reporting that the four Americans were killed near Somalia. Let’s recap: The four people on that yacht were giving bibles to people across the globe. Bibles+Islam=Death…There was very little hope these folks were going to make it back to the USA.

But I’m sure there will be a harshly worded letter from Hillary about this…

My condolences to the family of the victims.

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2 Replies to “4 Americans Hijacked by Pirates KILLED.”

  1. Ya know, regarding ANYONE that would go sailing in those waters, I have NO sympathy for them, no more than anyone that goes to Mexico… You take your life into your own hands…

    And we ALL know, Obama will do nothing… Not even a Cruise Missile or 2…

  2. If only more countries would take Russia’s lead, and execute the pirates publicly, and bomb their boats. A quick search of youtube, or google videos shows several videos of russians executing and blow up pirate ships near somalia.

    I know for certain that if there were robbers stocking my area, the residents would surround their house and burn them out, or lynch them.

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