I’m a Domestic Terrorist Now.

So lets try and recap: I’m a Racist, Redneck, Extremist, Homophobic, Teabagger. I hate Brown/black people, I want to throw Grandma off a cliff, I hate women, I hate the poor and now Harry Reid says I’m a “Domestic Terrorist” Good to know…

10153299_518849781555143_8506229205552313231_nI would elaborate in a long drawn out factual account of how wrong Harry Reid and the entire elected democrat party is… But if you don’t know by now, my blog won’t get your head out of your ass, its going to take a doctor. Hope you’re not covered by Obamacare.


Harry, when you brand a group of law abiding citizens “Terrorists” what do you have left to call the real “Terrorists?” Oh I guess it depends on how much money they give to your campaign..


If we must be “Domestic Terrorists” Harry, then we will likely be the very best. You see, the PATRIOTS who stand against Tyrants are generally hard working, blue collar, gun shooting, family loving, loyal friends and very intelligent in ways to get things done. Many of us are often referred to as “Rednecks” and when shit hits the fan, who does everyone want to be around? That’s right the Redneck. These may be the WORST POSSIBLE people to piss off. Just sayin.


I would say Harry, you have just swung at two pitches way outside the strike zone. be careful of your next swing.

**** Some of the images used in this post courtesy ofWestern Rifle Shooters“****




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Russia does a Flyby…

So a Russian war plane did some flyby’s to show off for one of our ships in the black sea… Evidently Barack Obama drew some redlines around the ship, because Putin crossed those too.. Evidently Russia has a top gun pilot…


On one hand, I’m a bit angered by the event. The plane was within a thousands yards of our ship and we did what? We sent a stern tweet? Did the POTUS unfriend Putin? Did he call him on the bat phone? Vladimir Putin is playing a game with Obama that will have dire consequences should this game turn out wrong. On the other hand, I find myself respecting Putin for his honesty about his intentions, his desire to be a big player and for his move to fill a void in world leadership that is missing since 2007.

“Consequences” is a very key word. In a liberal mind, consequences are the result of other people’s decisions not theirs. For example, the Obamacare disaster is because Republicans didn’t or don’t help fix it. The economy is wrecked because the rich won’t pay up. Russia is aggressive because of weakness… etc..

The really sad part is, the United States is more vulnerable now than we have been since Pearl Harbor. We have the Islamic Radicals licking their chops, we have Russia, China, Iran all plotting to remove the USA from any power position and we have our POTUS playing their game blind….


But not to worry, we got gay marriage, Don’t ask Don’t Tell was repealed and Illegals are not being deported….If you consider those things accomplishments then he’s done those. Other than those things, Barack Obama has done NOTHING to benefit the USA.

Sorry to my kids, my grandkids and all who may come after them. We tried to stop the stupid but the stupid was too strong….

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Nevada Ranch Standoff

So this is happening:


(Note: I would have used a different source, but I won’t use INFOWARS for anything, So I decided to use Always Barack Channel- ABC)

Nevada Rancher Threatens ‘Range War’ Against Feds

A Nevada rancher’s threat to wage a “range war” with the federal Bureau of Land Management precipitated a standoff today between supporters of the embattled rancher, Cliven Bundy, and law enforcement officials.

Bundy posted a statement on the Bundy Ranch website on Sunday night saying: “They have my cattle and now they have one of my boys. Range War begins tomorrow.”
He invited supporters to show up this morning on his property, about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, near Bunkerville, just west of the Utah state line.

Now, there’s probably another side to this and it might be valid. From what I understand the rancher owes like 300k in “Grazing fee’s” or something.. So that’s call to take the mans ranch? To have 200 armed feds seize his cattle? To have snipers, APC’s outside of his ranch? Well, it sounds like its a bit overkill to me.

Here’s a few things I notice: Harry Reid is silent about it. Must be because the rancher isn’t a Koch brother, isn’t gay, isn’t an illegal alien, isn’t a cowboy poet. If he were any of things, Harry Reid would be commenting on it.


Barack Obama is silent about this, if the rancher was black and a democrat voter, if he were gay, if he were illegal, if he were a muslim, Obama would be commenting on it.

Eric Holder is silent about this, if the Rancher were black he would be calling off the dogs.

I’m also seeing some strange coincidences. We send AK’s and AR’s to Mexican cartels who use those arms to kill our border agents who are armed with bean bags. But our federal government will send men with sniper rifles, APC’s and military gear to an American ranch for 300k of grazing rights?


Hillary Clinton loses 6 BILLION dollars and nobody is pointing rifles at her.

Charles Rangle has more outstanding debt to American Government than this rancher has.

We have MILLIONS of illegal immigrants here that are committing fraud on a grand scale way more than 300k worth of debt owed, yet no federal raids on taco stands or homes with 30 people in them.

My prayers go out to the rancher and his family. We don’t live in an America anymore where a tax paying citizen, a self sufficient man and a man who REALLY FEEDS the nation is respected. Instead of helping people like this, our society now punishes them. There’s not enough of them anymore to vote in a block like welfare recipients or illegal immigrants or gays or public unions. The media for the most part will paint this rancher as an extremist. Because their meals come from Dear Leader Barack Obama, not some rancher in Nevada.


Hey Harry Reid, maybe you should stand up for one of your constituents.. Not gonna happen though, nothing in it for Good ol Harry. Maybe the rancher can take up cowboy poetry, then Harry would take notice….


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Another Ft Hood Shooting

Here we go again… First off: My sincere sympathy for the families of the fallen and hearty get well soon to those injured. This post might be a bit controversial…

What the F**K is going on in America when a military base can be victimized by an armed shooter twice in a short period of time? Seriously…

First, last week we hear “Jihad alert” for a “Ft Hood style shooting” But the first Ft Hood Shooting was “Workplace Violence” And now, we have a “Ft Hood Style Shooting” 14 injured, 3 dead.  (I don’t count the coward shooter)

So what do we say the reason for this Ft Hood shooting is? Will it be a “Youtube video” Will it be “Teabaggers?” will it be “Racists”? Well, those never pan out, so lets go with “Soldier on Soldier violence” REALLY? 14 injured, 3 DEAD is because soldiers had a beef?

Do you really think our leaders are in touch with reality? NO. They are clueless. This proves it. Why are our soldiers still unarmed on Bases after the first Ft Hood shooting? Because it was “Work Place Violence” if they actually called it what it was, a TERRORIST act, then Bill Clinton’s law of no firearms on bases might have been up for a review. But a workplace violence incident? Nope, Democrats couldn’t be seen reviewing the gun policy on Bases could they? Think about that for a minute…

If the Democrats were seen supporting a bill to remove the rule their POTUS put in place for guns on bases, what would that tell the nation? It would say “We want our soldiers to be able to protect themselves in their home turf as well as abroad” That wouldn’t sit well with the Democrat ideal that guns in the hands of good people won’t stop mass shootings. However DEMOCRATS HAD NO ISSUE REMOVING Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.. funny how that works huh?

So here we are AGAIN. for POLITICAL GAIN we have our soldiers injured and dead at HOME.

But don’t worry folks, President Obama is on the job. He said today “He’ll get to the bottom of what happened” then he headed out to a DNC fundraiser. If you read between the lines “I’ll find out what happened as long as it helps my party or my legacy, if not I’ll be spinning like I always do and these folks here with camera’s will help me”

We’ve had at least 3 Terrorist attacks on our soil since Obama took office. 2 of them occurred at the same location. That alone would sink any Republican POTUS. Not to mention the other lies he’s been found guilty of.. But hey, look over here…

Watch the other hand folks, the in play issue is going to be gun control. Ohio campus had a shooting today too. “Islamic Radicals” see the gun control issue as one they need to help Democrats win. Armed Americans aren’t good for America side Jihadi’s.. Just sayin.


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Democrat Scandals

Leland Yee, a CALIFORNIA Senator who was a very public figure in the gun control legislation process was arrested/charged with GUN RUNNING.

This particular democrat scandal should convince every NORMAL THINKING voter of the danger of voting based on feelings. Lee, was extremely anti-2nd amendment. He pushed anti-gun laws from Sacramento which have impacted California’s RIGHTS. But what he actually did was to create a business opportunity and then exploited that opportunity for monetary gain. As I said, the law makers with their tax everything mentality are creating black markets in CA. From Cigarettes to Firearms, from Transfatty foods to 32oz soda’s.. Black Market opportunities arise from the pen.

Obamacare is another example of democrat do as I say. How many in congress who voted for this disaster are enrolled in it? Yeah thought so.

There’s the mayor of Charlotte who was indicted recently, Mayor Nagin who was convicted.. You remember him right? The Mayor of NOLA who blamed George Bush for everything.. Oh dang, the truth is out now, like we said it was back then.

Basically, we’ve been right about democrats since day damn one. And only the most staunch Democrat operatives can’t see it, or wont see it. Most likely the reason is they’re getting something back.

Just remember in 2014. When the democrats strategy is as it always is: Blame Racism, Blame Income equality, Blame War on Women, say things like “Extremists” and “Teabaggers” and use buzz words like “For the children”

You will notice the Democrat platform will not be “Results” from their policies, because for democrats to do that, they would have to show jail cells and unemployment lines.


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