You Notice how disconnected the Government is?

You Notice how disconnected the Government is?

For the last year the biggest issues in our nation has been our Debt, Our Economy, and JOBS. It’s almost campaign time and what do the Liberal/Progressive in the White House and the senate do? Well of course try and GIVE AWAY MORE MONEY.

Amnesty, Dream Act, Subsidies… Whatever it takes to buy more votes.

The Amnesty/Dream Act CAMPAIGN is a planned message. More tax payer money will be spent for ILLEGALS education, because it’s their parents fault not the children.


LIBERS/PROGRESSIVE ALSO  want you to pay to KILL the babies of parents because it’s NOT the PARENTS fault that a pregnancy occurred… Wha? (Planned Parenthood funding)

IF America continues on this idiot path we’ll mirror Kenya in economy, Iran in Government and Mexico is crime.

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