Will Joe Biden be a Scapegoat?

Will Joe Biden be a Scapegoat?

Just using what we know of Obama as a barometer here, but think about this:

Barack Obama has taken NO BLAME for anything. The past 4 years have been an epic failure by all measures and he’s blamed everyone else. Specifically, he’s blamed George Bush, the Republicans (Except the RINO’s) he’s blamed the rich, the Europeans, the arabs, the weather and the list goes on.

In November 2012, our nation will undergo a severe shift. Either we will go further LEFT into the abyss that so many other great nations have gone, or we will start the treck back to greatness. IF it’s the latter, the excuse for Obama’s defeat will be laid at the feet of Joe Biden. Mark my words.

This is what I see happening should Obama/Biden lose to Romney/Ryan. The left in its infinite wisdom will bemoan not removing Biden from the ticket. Their “Push” to get back into power will include the line “This election was not a referendum on Obama, it was Joe Biden who sunk the party” I post this here and now in order to have this ON RECORD. And in late November I hope to dig it back up and repost it as a “See I told ya.”

The other thing folks need to understand is the strategy of the Romney campaign. Think about this. IF you attack ANYTHING related to Obama, you are classed as a racist. Biden? well he’s fair game. Why the difference? Same philosophy, same agenda, the only difference is a paint job. We can attack Biden all day long for parroting Obama’s policies and not be called racists, not become buried in defending ourselves against that label. Issues stay on the forefront because of it. So far I like that strategy a lot.

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6 Replies to “Will Joe Biden be a Scapegoat?”

  1. I believe you’re right, they WILL keep the dumb SOB for all the reasons stated… Ya gotta have someone to blame, and the blameless one can’t be it…

    And I am sure you saw where Sarah Palin made her DUMB-ASSED statement about needing to dump Biden because he *drags Obama down*?? That wasn’t a ploy Rob, she is THAT DAMNED STUPID! She advised Obama to dump Slow Joe and run with Hillary…

    Who’s side is that dumb bitch on again??

    1. Fred, you ever get the feeling Biden is kept on a short leash until the truth comes out that Obama has been lying. Then they let him off the leash to make new talking points for the media to latch onto? It’s worked for 4 years.

      As far as Palin. I’ll say this: What she stated is what many of us figured would happen. If Obama started losing badly they’d dump Biden, pick hillary to shore up some moderate dem votes. Not that it would matter.

      As of RIGHT NOW, Palin’s “Suggestion” wouldn’t mean squat. Obama/Hillary wouldn’t be any different, matter of fact it may even help in the foreign policy debate. Hillary sure as hell aint no savior. The best line has to go to Carney though. That was an epic “Bitch slap”

  2. While I agree that it seems like no one wants to take the “blame” for things…I feel like people won’t cooperate in congress purely on partisan principle alone. Why does a Republican who sides with the Democrats on one issue automatically a RINO? Why can’t they be a moderate who examines both sides of an issue and then goes with what their conscious tells them to be the best choice for their constituents?

    Also, I know we all like to blame Greece as the pillar of why socialism is bad, and why being a “leftist” country is bad…but what about other countries who seem to be doing well? Canada is definitely more socialist than we are, and they have a universal healthcare system. For all the crap that they get…a recent article by TIME (http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/07/17/the-average-canadian-is-now-richer-than-the-average-american/) shows that the average Canadian is now richer than the average American. If Obama and the lefties are these awful, evil liberals set to push us over a cliff…why are the awful evil liberals in Canada doing better than we are?

    Why is it that we can’t cooperate, look at what successful countries are doing to sustain their growing population and economies, and mimic that to a degree? America is successful–but we’re now going back in the other direction. We keep doing what we’ve always done…which is, for sure, the only way to make sure that we keep heading into the direction of failure. Things are bad under Obama, but they were also bad under Bush. Without blaming one political party or another, why can we not just focus on why things are bad, and try to fix the problem by benchmarking and emulating the success of others?

    1. Okay Tiffiny, first thanks for your comment.
      First: If you think we’re headed in the right direction then this will confuse you. Compromising with the democrats on everything has got us to this point. We compromised on spending, entitlements, education, deficits and many other things and look where it’s got us. Now granted, all democrat ideas aren’t bad. But their execution of the ideas have been abysmal. Take social security, Medicare and Obamacare as an example. You can also look at the way these ideas have came to be law into consideration. Compromising conservative principles have got us into a disaster and the cure is going to more painful now than it would have been then.

      Second. If you consider Greece a success, then this will confuse you as well. The cure for Greece is going to be a disaster and it’s only worse by delaying the implementation. You cite Canada’s healthcare. Do your realize how many canadien’s come to the USA for treatment? And as of now the CONSERVATIVE government of Canada is solving a lot of the problems within their HC system. In America we were founded on the ideals that the individual is responsible for the individual. The charity within mans heart will take care of the less fortunate. The OPPORTUNITY to succeed for all is all the government is responsible for. Any more than that leads to entitlement mentality that has got 45% of our nation feeding at the gov. trough.

      Third, We can not any longer afford the luxury of compromise on taxes and demonization of successful people in our nation. Compromising the values of LIMITED government and LOW taxes has gotten us into this debt. We have created a lot of problems here and the solution will be tough. IF we are willing to make the sacrifice now. IF not there will be the same chaos as we see in Europe multiplied by a thousand. Be Warned.

  3. For your consideration…
    What if Biden is being sent to Tampa during the Republican Convention as an unknowing sacrifice? They plant someone there to assassinate the VP. Fixes many of their problems. Turns him into a leftist martyr, opens the door for the more popular Hillary, puts the country on lockdown, & puts the gun control argument back in their favor. I do hope nothing comes of this, as it will be very bad for America.

    1. That’s one hell of a “What if” there Pappy. I’ve always said, once these anti American scum bags get into office, they’ll do anything to stay in power. Your scenario isn’t too far off from the one I envisioned a while ago. Joe needs to hire Blackwater as his security team. Us on the Right don’t want him silenced. The Left does. Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out why.

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