Why is America so divided?

Why is America so divided?

It’s a trust issue. I firmly believe it’s because the American people have lost trust in leadership. Not only lost it, but everyday become more cynical. This is dangerous, but expected.

We trusted Reagan, and he really never lost that trust.  We trusted Bush #1 and his read my lips “No new taxes” ruined that trust. We trusted Clinton and he destroyed that trust on a couple of fronts. One of which was Monica’s…We trusted Bush#2, and we got a few slaps for that, although in each of the previous POTUS’s it took a while to for the betrayal. Obama has stomped our trust from about day 2. But on top of the POTUS, we had a congress that was the MOST UNETHICAL in history. Is it any wonder the country is falling apart at the seams?

If you can’t trust your leaders to be honest about problems, how in the world can we expect them to solve them? We have very few folks in Government, state or Federal that I would trust. They could tell me the sky is blue, I’m going to check.

The question is WHO in Congress has your trust? Who would you take at their word? Is there one or more in the halls of the senate or the house, that you would believe? I’m having a very hard tome buying any of the B.S ANY of them are shoveling these days. Although we have 87 new House Members, and a couple NEW Senators.

As of Now I trust Allen West, Marco Rubio, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and perhaps a few others. But I say, if you were in congress during the Bush years and you voted for MORE spending in the 2004/5 years you are part of the problem and are partisan. IF you are a new fish, you have trust but verify status.


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3 Replies to “Why is America so divided?”

  1. Of your list, I go with Allen West only. Cantor is my actual congressman, and I don’t trust him for crap. I do like Thadeus McCotter of Michigan, and I trust him. Honestly, that’s about it. 2 out of 535? That’s freaking sad. =(

  2. Allen West is the only one on your list I would trust, but let me also add John Bolton to that TRUST list… The rest are on probation at best…

    1. Yep this kind of proves my point. Allen West is about UNIVERSAL when it comes to trust. The others will have those that will either trust or not trust. Isn’t it time we have a leader we trust?

      You know as of RIGHT NOW, I can’t think of one politician that I’d trust to tell me anything about our nation’s problems. Not a solution, Not a problem not anything EXCEPT Allen West. While I do trust Ryan to lay out the real issues our nation faces regarding economic issues, I can’t help but wonder if he’d be so “Anti-Government spending” if a Republican held the WH.

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