Why did McCain Choose Palin?

Why did McCain Choose Palin?

That is the question of the day on the lefty sites, the liberal nutbags are all in a tizzy, they are trying to hold on to the Hillary supporters, and questioning the “Pandering” of McCain…. :rotflmao:

We on the right are used to the “pandering” it should be common place to the libtards, BUT they feel everything their “Messiah” says is the truth not pandering…again :rotflmao:

The Libtard comments range from accepting Palin as a GREAT choice and a worthy problem to deal with, to absolute hate and disgust for her and her family.

A quick fact check tells me Sara Palin has an 80% approval rating in her home state, she has more experience running government than the opposing PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE.

80% approval rating? Well I think we know where the 20% will be found, they  are being herded into camps so the media can put them on point. I really hope the American people are smart enough to see through the crap. But again I have lost faith in our nation since electing Demorats to the majority in the house and senate.

One reason I think McCain picked Sara Palin is he needed a rest. You haven’t heard much from him in the last couple of days, it’s all been about Sara, that is absolutely fine. Sara Palin can handle it I am sure.

You want to believe Palin is NOT who she says she is? Ok prove that, You want to say she is WORSE for America because of her lack of experience? uh check your ticket..You want to say she is under investigation for something and that makes her unfit? Investigations mean NOTHING without evidence of wrong doing. The liberal mantra is not good for those not liberal? I mean, innocent till proven guilty right?  I guess that is another typical liberal trait, only for communist/liberals does the court system work. The truth about the trooper will come out, and when it does it will be dealt with.. Probably a lot better than the Rev Wright “I never beleived what he said” for 20 years….LMAO.

You can tell the type of folks that wont like Sara Palin, let me help you point them out:

They will Men wearing pink boas and high heels, They will be women wearing Code Pink shirts, they will be the same type of “Anarchists” that are causing trouble at the RNC, they will be the PRO-Choice crowd even though Palin’s belief’s didn’t influence her policies. They will be the EVOLUTIONISM crowd, they will be the ANTI-Gun crowd, the save everything EXCEPT unborn babies and people. They will be the anti-war crowd (Like anyone is really pro war)

Those are the ones supporting Obama/Biden who else is supporting that ticket? Iran, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Bin laden, the Taliban, Palestinians, Rev Wright… should I go on??? I mean shit what is to understand here? If you are judged by the company you keep I will choose Palin and McCain over Obama/Biden any day…

The libtards are treading water, and since Jindal is a Republican and he acted PERFECTLY during the Gustav threat, they don’t have that to talk about…

Stay Tough Sara Palin, this will pass and you will be sitting in your VP office thinking about how you got there, and laughing at the idiots that tried to keep you away.

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21 Replies to “Why did McCain Choose Palin?”

  1. McCain picked Palin simply because she IS well qualified for the office of VP and MORE qualified for the office of POTUS than Obama…

    And that is driving the Dems moonbatty… :dancinghappy:

  2. oh wht the …

    you are stupid if you think that would drive “dems” batty, cause her qualifications, lack or not, are exciting the “dems”

    batty would describe someone being hectic or upset over something they cannot control, a wild struggle to handle something. This is easily handled because of the lack of qualifications, so you used the wrong word there.

    I like mccain, but i have never saw a non-bullshit reason for why he chose her.

    do not simply believe. LOOK INTO things.

    by the way, yes i can almost believe that investigations mean nothing (in how the author tried to mean it) but in this case, yes there is evidence. BUT what is really an axiom in american culture and society, evidence does not always mean a guilty person will answer for something.

    Rather than trying to compare to others.. just say what you like about her.

  3. @Barb: I suppose you do like McCain, I am NOT a BIG McCain supporter…I am a fan of Sarah Palin… You say don’t simply believe? And you will vote for Obama????

    I saw the ONLY reason he chose her, SHE is a conservative SHE has CORE conservative values and SHE conducts herself in that manner, Even when challenges present themselves….Her daughter got pregnant, she didn’t allow her daughter to “Not be punished” for a bad decision. You are supposed to LEARN from mistakes not be absolved.

    You folks that come over here and say shit like “I was a McCain supporter” and “I am a republican BUT” are nothing more than the brown shirts of Obama’s brainwashed crowd. and I pray you don’t get what you are asking for, if you do you will not be happy… Believe me.

  4. Rob, that *Brownshirts* remark… You DO know how they get them BROWN don’t you??

    Wrap em around a TURD and it bleeds thru… :greensmiles:

  5. wow… i came here honestly trying to find the reason McCain chose Palin but, and i mean no offense here, there was nothing in there that was factual. a 80% approval rating IS impressive, but Alaska is one of the least populated states. On top of that, there wasn’t anything to say what makes her truly different than every other Republican Governor in the US. I’m not trying to pick fights, i just want to know. If i’m voting for the future of the nation, i’m not voting for someone just because they fall in one party or another. just want to know the solid, cold facts verses opinions and hearsay.

  6. @Undecided: Ok if you are truly “Undecided” how about this: Palin Ran a STATE regardless of how few citizens, 80% of those APPROVED of her. OBAMA never ran shit, McCain has been a senator for a long time and has truly put his country first above party SEVERAL times, Name one time Obama put his country first above party or color? NEVER HAS.
    Biden 35 yrs in office, McCain 30 yrs, Obama 17 months including one year running for president? So seriously if you are undecided and BELIEVE you are voting for whats best for our country YOU Seriously can not vote for OBAMA based on his talking points… Read his plan, and apply common sense you will see it will result in WORSE economic times than now.

    I don’t like either of them, BUT I am voting for the ticket that has the brightest star shining and that ticket is PALIN/McCAIN…

  7. Why did McCain choose Sara Palin for his V.P. Because choosing a woman to try and pick up the Hilary supporters is the only chance McCain has to win the Presidential War. Women everywhere should be offended that he chose her. Im not against a woman in the whitehouse, Im extremely against her as the woman that was chosen for that position. Putting lipstick on a Republican is still another Puke running for control of this country. I don’t know very many middleclass hard working people that make millions of dollars a year. So come on people lets pull your heads out of Palins ass pull her head out of McCains ass and vote someone into office that will fix this county not pull a fast one on the country cause she wears a skirt. Hate me all ya want believe me the feeling is mutual if not more so. My son is the one suffering not Sara Palins Granddaughter. How would it be to have health insurance that you can use when needed.

  8. @Robbie Baker: awe Robbie don’t be so scared of the women, they are actually nice, they wont hurt you….
    Robbie are you one of those welfare recipients? or a student listening to the bullshit your professor tells you to believe? You should get out, put in a hard days work and reap what you sew. DO not come here and tell me Obama is the answer, I personally would LOVE to have Sarah Palin as CIC, over Obama or McCain.

    You should quit sucking Obama’s dick and realize Obama is a socialist, he will restrict your right to free speech, he will remove your 2nd amendment rights, and he will take our country down the path to communism faster than your master Harry Reid.

    Your son is suffering? So it’s the governments fault that he is suffering? that’s typical of libturd fuckhead, blame the government because YOU can’t handle parenthood. YOU need to take responsibility for your actions. I raised 2 kids, and I am not concerned that they will “Suffer” They can shoot, they know the value of hard work, and they are a benefit to society not a leech.
    in conclusion Yeah I fuckin hate you. and those like you.. Code pink, Daily Ko’s reading mother fuckin idiots.

  9. on another thought…if john mccain DOES get elected, hes bound to die of old age in 2 years tops… which leads to palin leading the country, which would be a huge joke, how could you expect her not to choke under that situation when she cant even keep from choking during a simple little interview. now…if obama gets elected being the first black president everybody thinks there is some risk of him being assassinated by some white power fool, now if this were to happen, joe biden would take over… and you cant tell me biden wouldnt be a great president…experience and all that guy is golden…

  10. @smarteramerica: Ok let me school you douchenozzles… IF Palin became President I WOULD BE MUCH HAPPIER than I am about a McCain presidency.
    Palin would be better than either of the current crop of assholes. Palin has more class than obama, and more strength than McCain. She would straighten out this mess you liberal fucks have created.

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07kO9TtHYzQ

    douchenozzles…wow man you really schooled me there! :smiling: …like a 6th grader

    palin was a bad choice for mccain…you SHOULD know it…the world knows it…trust me…the whole world is praying to god that mccain/palin loses this election…but for some reason, dumbass america (such as yourself) sees otherwise. YOU are the reason why we are the most hated country in the world. because theres dumbshits like you running around. palin has as much class as a classroom full of 3rd graders 😉 your a joke

    we didnt fuck it up, your republican bullshit of a president fucked it up. good job

  12. @smarteramerica: Palin was the only choice that scared you pussies, You guys on the left are so scared of a strong woman… Pretty Pathetic of YOU if you ask me.
    Palin scares you because she is the future of the Republican party, she is CONSERVATIVE and she walks the walk.. You guys talk and that’s all you do.. Talk talk yap yap… you sicken me.

    The difference is YOU faggots worry about the world hating you… WE tried to be the “Nice guy” that got us 9-11… we still are the most compassionate country on the planet.. How much has your terrorist buddies contributed to DARFUR? they are muslim over there you know….
    How about your buddy Obama, his muzzie buddies are dying in the deserts, no help there from his bank account I’m sure.. Look at his family in Kenya, still living in huts?
    Oh yeah that video is hilarious… I can laugh about it, but you faggot dick smokers would be all “That’s unfair” law suit… whatever.. I can’t wait till the lights go out in your loft fucknut, I can’t wait for the day the power goes out and you have to learn to live without big daddy gubmint.. I hope I am still around to see your sorry ass begging for a handout… I’ll piss on your forehead for you.

    IF you are truly “Smarterinamerica” I am very UNIMPRESSED…

  13. :dancinghappy: is she really as conservative as you think she spent $150,000.00 on clothing for her family. That says it all there she maybe conservative with her own resources but those of the state or even the entire country for that matter is a totally different story.

    He only chose her because he thought it would get him some extra votes. The only other reason would have to be that he could not convince any other veteran republican to run with him.


  14. and on the issue of experience none of the potential candidates have ever been president of vice president so I don’t believe that either Sarah Palin or John MCcain is any more qualified than Obama or Biden

  15. @LorenzaT3: This is typical of a Libtard Obamatron brown shirt lemming
    Oh My GOD Palin spent 150k on clothes for her and her family so she could speak to everyone in the country… BUT what exactly does Obama spend money on??? Not a mention? He has run the most expensive campaign in history, he has got the media in his pocket and yet he is not running away with this election… WHY? Because his message is COMMUNISM..

    He chose Palin because she could get him more votes.. AGREED… Obama chose Biden because Rev Wright, William Ayers or Father Phlegar would have cost him votes.. He needed a token white guy that was old and experienced.. the same guy that has been in the senate for 30 years and has been part of the problem we face now…

    Lorensa you obviously have drank the koolaid from Obama’s crotch.. don’t bring that stupid shit here, we are much more intelligent than your idiots down at the local starbucks.

  16. @LorenzaT3: Uh Think about that will you? GWB had experience in 2004. The only one that has TRUE Presidential experience would be a sitting president.
    McCain has been in the senate a long time, he has reached across the aisle to get things done, and truth be told PISSED me off more than once. I do not like McCain as a leader of our nation, BUT I admit he would be better for OUR COUNTRY than Obama.
    You would be smart to adopt that mentality.. But you are an obamatron so follow him off the cliff and next year come back and let me know how its going for you…

  17. To Robert:

    Do you know how ignorant and stupid you sound. You are doing a great job making people in your party look like idiotic, racist pigs. Thanks you are doing the democratic party a favor.

    And you know why Obama spent so much money, b/c people are donating money to him because they support him and his “socialist” ideas as you call them. I don;t understand why you would not want everyone to have an oppurtunity to get healthcare. You must know people only in high places but by the way you articulate, you seem like poor trash on the bottom of the social ladder so I think it is in your best interest to favor Obama’s policies they will be beneficial to you.

    Obama Biden 2008.

  18. @Cristybabe: Racist? Ahh so the Black community voting for Obama by as much as 20% that can’t name his VP choice are NOT RACIST? So the Hillary supporters that are VOTING for Palin just because she is a woman are NOT FEMINISTS? So the Biden supporters that are voting for Biden because he is an idiot are no Idiots??? LMAO

    Ok yeah You think I am a racist because I posted a KKK pic, Because I posted that White power ranks will swell under an Obama pres. You don’t believe it? Look at the paper sometime look at some data.. IT is already happening.

    I am not defending the name calling, call me a racist if you want, but be fair and call the BLACK COMMUNITY the same thing ok punkin?

  19. LOL!!! What a silly redneck.

    I get a good laugh reading what you try and present seriously.

    I get great enjoyment knowing that you and your sad little movement is exactly that.

    I love thinking about you and your silly ignorant redneck mates swilling beer around a bbq talking about race awareness

    I have great joy in reading the hundreds and hundreds of posts on white nationalists forums about ‘now being the time for action!’

    haha keep dreaming you sad litle cretin. It’s over, and will never happen again.

  20. @Viking: <--- must be a girl. Ignorant Redneck? White Nationalist? Is that a code word for racist? So If I called you an ignorant ghetto dwelling crack whore. does that make us even? Are you going to get your dad to kick my dad's ass? Grow up fucknut..

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