White and Special?

White and Special?

I find it funny that all of the sudden if you’re white you should feel a shamed. Does anyone realize what’s happening here? First you must dissociate a race from their history. While at the same time, you must put other races history on a pedestal.

Think about it. When have you heard about white people IN ANY GREATNESS and mentioned as WHITE first? NEVER. Pick a black person and the very first label is BLACK. Same with Latino’s..

But the funniest thing, if it weren’t for WHITE people, all these finger sucking liberals wouldn’t be here. They wouldn’t be alive OR they’d be 3rd world at best. White people built this country. Yes, we took it by force, Yes we were ruthless. Yes we did some horrible things to people in order to get to where our nation is. To get to be the most generous nation the world has ever known. To get to the most productive nation, the first responders to any event, the most charitable the most industrious, the most inventive… WE the PEOPLE GREW.

White people made it possible for your sorry ass to sit in starbucks or some college dorm speaking negative about the very same people who died in the mines, the fields, the battlefields, the high rises etc.. What have you done?

We slaughtered the keepers of this land but we also made this land productive for ALL the worlds people. If you feel so bad about it, take your ass back to Europe…We kept slaves when slavery was the way of the world, no different than we use the internet today. It was the way the world worked at the time, European’s didn’t INVENT slavery, they used it. Blacks sold other Blacks into slavery. White people/Jews/Asians/Irish/Scotts/Blacks ALL had slavery in their background. GET THE FUCK OVER IT!

Crutch’s are the tools that keep you mobile while you’re recovering. The CRUTCHES Black folks and their liberal enablers are still using and it’s keeping them from running into prosperity. It’s easy to scream racism it’s harder to work to be the best for the job. Its easy to blame whitey while you’re hitting the crack pipe and making 10 kids. It’s harder to say no and hit the books. It’s easy to vote for a living, it’s harder to work for a living. It’s easy to blame the drugs, the guns and Whitey for homicide rates, it’s harder to not get involved in gangs and learn a trade.

Asian’s were brought here, and were SLAVES too! They built the fuckin railroad while dying in record numbers. They were treated worse than dogs out here.. Ever hear them wanting reparation? Ever heard them bitching about it at rallies? Nope why the hell not? They’ve dropped their crutch, they don’t believe that their worth should be priced by a political party. They don’t believe they need to be victims to be appreciated. Note to Black folks. YOU CAN RISE OUT OF THE FUNK AND THINK FOR YOURSELF.. Try it, you’ll see that the true racists are the ones keeping you locked in that little room marked “VICTIMS” of the mind.


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