What if….

What if….

Here’s a little “Outside the box” thinking for you…

Prior to November 2012, the prevailing thought was the election would be very close. The odds of Barack Obama losing were put at 50/50 at best…

Most of the scandals were already in the public domain but the mainstream media covered them up. Media, in unison went after Romney’s tax records and other things like rape comments and fodder put out by Obama’s media group. This led to a prevailing ignorance of the real issues. And Romney lost.

Now flash forward. These scandals that are crippling Obama now, would be Romney’s to deal with early in his first term. The Republican party couldn’t place the blame on OBAMA without looking like hypocrites. We’ve heard Obama blame Bush for everything under the sun and for Romney to blame Obama would just give media the ability to say “See you do it too?” which is schoolyard and ridiculous but that’s never stopped them.

So I ask you, is it possible all these scandals that came to light WITHOUT American Media, were put in the tank in case Romney pulled off a win? Ooops.

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10 Replies to “What if….”

  1. Interesting thoughts. They would be eviscerating Romney and the right on an hourly basis, day after day. This is going to be very interesting going forward…. thanks for the “outside the box” thinking.

  2. I don’t think it likely that they were covered up to b unleashed on Romney and drag him down if he won. I think they were covered up to make Obama look like he was infallible and thus to help him to win the election and also were covered up out of the absolute maniacal partisanship of the media with the leftists. Now it looks though as if that alliance may have some cracks in it.

  3. I guess I just don’t understand what you are saying…the only scandal that was even close to “being out there” was the Benghazi murders. The IRS and the AP scandals happened because of obama without any doubt. Nothing abstract here to blame on anyone else!

    1. Okay Susan I’ll help: IF Romney had won what would the media be saying now? We all know where the scandals started and that’s not deniable. BUT we also know that Obama has blamed Bush for everything and we’ve called them out on it. IF Romney won and these scandals broke, the excuse that it occurred under Obama would be “See you do it too” validating their claims… Wrong as it is.

      Also, these scandals were OUT THERE before the election. They were hidden from the America public. Why? IF their guy didn’t win they could right away start busting Romney’s chops and have a media frenzy over these scandals. Deflecting all the positive things that could have been going on.

      There’s a lot to this line of thinking many moving parts. You gotta think like the enemy to outsmart the enemy. I’m telling you the Media/DNC/Democrats in general and Obama himself knew about these scandals being ready to break.

      We’ll never know the answer to the question what if Romney won?…

      1. Thank you Robert. I understand what you are saying now. I did hear that the IRS scandal was out there as early as 2010, but the mainstream media wouldn’t dare broadcast anything about that! We just need to get rid of obama!

        1. No problem Susan. All I want people to do is think, Ask and challenge. IF we don’t challenge what seems wrong we’ll never repair the damage done by this radical agenda driven idiot in office now.

  4. You have a solid point about the media, but not about the election. The sad truth is that neither Romney nor Obama was a worthy candidate to lead our country. I’m convinced that neither one would have done an acceptable job.

  5. I think the point is being missed JJ. The fact that Romney wasn’t an ideal candidate isn’t even a debate point I fully agree with that one. The point in the “What if” is corruption and deliberate withholding of damaging information to “Dear Leader” by our media and their handlers in the DNC.

    The “What if?” is about a deliberate plan to overtake congress in the 2014 mid-terms with scandals that occurred under Obama but since Romney would be POTUS at the time be the recipient of the ire. The reason I ask the question is:

    NONE of our MAINSTREAM MEDIA OUTLETS broke ANY SCANDAL. NOT ONE! However; it’s come to light that they KNEW in 2011 and early 2012. The meetings with CNN/ABC/NBC/CBS and White House heads between the times of the election and shortly after the Obama win cause me to ask WHY they didn’t report?

    It is my belief there was some collusion between the WH and Media to HIDE these scandals until such a time as they would be beneficial to the democrat party. Which would be shortly before the mid-terms in 2014 if Romney won. Now? Well, there’s some damage to Obama but its out early in 2013. Will the American people remember in a year and half?

    We won’t know for sure, but look at the answers to the questions now. Look how the democrat party is scrambling for cover. They would have been on offense if Romney had won.

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