Wall Street, Main Street, Future Street

Wall Street, Main Street, Future Street

The Democrats have the majority, if the “BAILOUT” bill was so great why did so many DEMOCRATS not support it? Democrats voted 140 to 95 in favor of the legislation, while just 65 Republicans backed the bill and 133 opposed it.

I am absolutely glad this bill failed and WE need to vote every moron currently holding a seat OUT of office. Reagan had it right: “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help” Doesn’t make me feel better at all.

Remember all those libtards that say “Republicans had the majority” so they should have done yada yada yada…. Well the Democrats have the MAJORITY, and look.. 140 to 95 so almost 1/3 of Democrats did not want this bailout, less than half of the Republicans voted against it..

So while the Pelosi’s and Franks are blaming the Republicans, they need to look in there own house. Oh but that would be taking responsibility for the failure.WHY not 100% Democrat support? Obama liked it? Let me tell you why, it is unpopular and Obama can’t be seen as supporting an unpopular bill, McCain is used to SUPPORTING unpopular bills, that’s why he is called a “MAVERICK” and that is STRAIGHT FORWARD walk the walk leadership that is in dire need.

The Pelosi mantra as adopted by the most liberal congress ever, is BLAME Bush. Well Bush is not totally responsible for this mess.. IF you haven’t seen the truth, you need to, unfortunately YOUTUBE has taken the video down, perhaps it is due to Obama’s “Stop the truth” campaign.

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7 Replies to “Wall Street, Main Street, Future Street”

  1. You know, we can fight the good fight but the media rules ALL, and as long as AP, MSNBC and the like, and YouTube too, are in the tank for Obama, we really don’t have much of a chance…

    And you’re right, it wasn’t ALL Bush but he contributed and he is one of the biggest supporters of the bailout, and that really took his conservative credentials down the crapper, what conservative credentials he had, and they weren’t too much to begin with…

  2. @-=topper=-: LMAO, You think I am a neocon? I ask you to look around a little, I am far more extreme than a piss ant neocon….Neocon’s like Bush, Neocons are happy about Iraq, Neocons wanted a bail out….Not me asswipe.

  3. Fred, Yeah I agree with you there, no shock to some that I agree with you occasionally… :biggrin:
    I guess what I was trying to say in this post was, Pelosi gets out in front bashes the bill as a “republican” bill, distancing the demorats from it before it was even passed. SEVERAL Repubs backed out after that and all we heard was Barney mushmouth Frank saying ” The Republicans were whining”

    I got a little pissed off. This bill was SHIT, and the Republicans the only party with a SHRED of common decency left saw it as shit, and to be far so did a LARGE amount of Democrats… Notice I didn’t say DEMORATS while talking about them… They at least had enough foresight to see this Bill was SHIT.

    Pelosi and Frank were playing politics with US… Pelosi had plans for this to fail and she would then be able to blame BUSH… AS ALWAYS. and the California asshats will believe her.

    To Pelosi, Frank,Reid and all those trying to shove this down our throat… :finger:

  4. “Neocon”? What an ignorant term. The KoolAid is dripping down your chin, ol’ Topper. I’m a LONGCon which means I’ve been a Conservative longer than the line you wait in when you hit the womyn’s toilet. The Demorats put us IN this mess and BOTH sides did nothing to keep us FROM getting here.


  5. Fret not fellow patriots. You have your opinion I have mine.

    Unlike the troll that has taken the time to come in here and use my name. In general I like to keep to the topic at hand and not the person that made it.

    In response to Pelosi, and the democrats in general my thoughts have changed a bit. But then again my loyalty strays. I do not do my politics just because.

    Outside of the kool aid dripping from my mouth. By the way can you folks ever stray from directly attacking? You make it hard for us not to do the same.

    But I feel you are right BZ, the democrats did indeed get us in this mess. And Bill Clinton signed off on it. De-regulating the banks was probably about as good an idea as NAFTA, and sending our jobs over seas. Neither have apparently done any of us any good.

    But honestly I can not support McCain and the hot one. But whatever. It’s us against them in the long run and they are fucking things up ROYAL for all of us.

    ALL OF US!

    The real -=topper=-

  6. @-=topper=-: Well it is difficult for me to tell “Which Topper” is which… I can go back and look at “who is” and all that but it’s not worth the effort.

    Loyalty straying is not a good trait. My loyalty is to God, Family and Country. Those are undeniable. Those that serve those will always have my loyalty. The LIBERAL mindset is fundamentally against ALL of those, and therefore has my complete ire.

    The demorats got us into the mess, Raising taxes will not solve it, killing more babies won’t solve it, making us turn in our firearms wont solve it, so the only vote that makes sense is a vote for McCain Palin.. Don’t bother talking about McCain’s gun grabbing.. I know but it is far less than obama’s record.

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