Veteran’s Day.

Veteran’s Day.

Well, today is the day we are allowed to thank veterans. The other 364 days are for worshipping “Dear leader” and Thanking Al Gore for creating the internet I guess.

Fact is today is just another day for folks like me. Folks like me who thank veterans every day. For people who when out at the diner, buy an extra meal for the vet in the corner. For folks like me who live every day KNOWING that the Veteran sustained my right to be an American. For folks like me who know that every veteran of the American military deserves gratitude from ALL Americans ALL THE TIME. I thank a veteran every day. So today is just another day for folks like me.

For folks who are so self absorbed they believe they need a government holiday to allow them to thank a vet, today is a good day for you I guess.

Think about this for a minute. Folks on the left, The new Democrat party of today, the ideologies they have pushed since 2006 have been anything but GOOD for Veterans or Active service members. But Today, they are allowed freedom to thank a veteran. They have “Cover” from their Democrat counterparts to say “Thank you” and appear “Pro-Military” The democrat party can go on TV and espouse the “Rah Rah” Cheerleading for Military members for a speech to their sheeple, then go right back to DC and continue stabbing them in the back.

So for you who believe that any politicians speech or statement today is genuine, look what they did the other 364 days in the year. This will help enlighten you to the type of person who is speaking.

Forgive me for being blunt but I’m in a bit of a mood today, probably because I’ve about had enough of the hypocrisy, double standard and straight up bullshit from people leading the nation.

Veterans in my circle of friends KNOW EXACTLY HOW I FEEL, there’s no doubt of my gratitude for what they’ve done because I’ve made it perfectly clear ALL YEAR, EVERY YEAR.

This ONE day is for the rest of ya.


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6 Replies to “Veteran’s Day.”

    1. That’s a fact Mark, I heard a statistic when we were in DC at the gathering of eagles that we were losing several WW2 vets every day and that was in 2005. I also find it pretty damn telling that the POTUS closed up memorials to them not more than a month ago, NOW he wants to come across as genuine in his “Observance” Fuck him, he’s as phony as his supporters in hollywood are.

  1. Well said. I agree completely and always feel weird hearing people say “thank you” to Veterans today — as if they don’t appreciate the sacrifice those guys and gals make the other 364 days a year.

    Another pet peeve is “Happy Veterans Day!” — or “Happy Memorial Day”. Drives me absolutely insane. It’s not the same sort of celebration as a birthday!!!

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