Upgrade in progress….Please disregard the construction

Upgrade in progress….Please disregard the construction

My friends, you will notice there are some changes occuring in the way A&P looks. I have decided that the previous theme was not meeting my expectations when it came to functionality. Some of the current and future plugins that are out or in production will not funcion properly under the previous theme structure.

MOST of the issues that I had were the same old Internet Explorer/FireFox differences, Those of you that know me, know that I go to great pains to make sure BOTH browser platforms fuction the same when you visit American and Proud. Some of the plugins that I really wanted to use did not comply with that criteria without some serious adjustments.

This new template should offer an easier, faster and better viewing and owner experience for all, I hope this transition will be painless and smooth.

If you notice something in the design that could be better feel free to email, or comment with suggestions.

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14 Replies to “Upgrade in progress….Please disregard the construction”

  1. Hope you get it resolved soon Robert. I will stay with West Host until you suggest otherwise 🙂 ( They all speak English and are in Utah )

  2. I have had nothing but good things to say about your host Jo, I have dealt with a lot of them for designing purposes and at one time Startlogic was the easiest, and most secure WE THOUGHT!

    It appears that the government must have taken over Startlogic, because I can’t believe the private sector could be this fouled up!

  3. @steveegg: Thanks for the heads up about the slideshow part in IE.
    The problem I had with the other template was Firefox would ONLY do the slideshow right, and wouldn’t allow single picture viewing.

  4. Make sure you peek at it with different screen resolutions too bro. It always sucks to have it render great on your nice, wide, flat-panel, only to learn that grandma with her 14″ CRT can’t even see your sidebar…been there, done that.

  5. @Just John, I use a Dell Laptop with a 13″ screen to peek at it in IE, I also used Texas Fred, and Gunz as field research LOL.

    I am happy with it so far, I think it loads faster, and it is easy on the eyes..
    If there are any complaints with it I hope folks will let me know and wont be bashful, they never are about my opinions. LMAO

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