Trust, Truth and Democrats

Trust, Truth and Democrats

A quick question: Have you paid attention?

Benghazi, IRS, DOJ, Stimulus, Sequestration, Global warming, Gay Marriage, Racism, War on Women, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Fisker, Education needs more money and several others, now we have the Veteran healthcare issue.

Barack Obama didn’t know about many of these issues until he saw it on the news.

With all the verified LIES from the democrat party leaders and their minions, how does anyone trust anything coming out of government?

When you hear the blame game, the “This is going to happen if we do or don’t do this…” Has any of it came true? Sequestration was supposed to kill millions of jobs, how many were lost? Obamacare was going to decrease cost and provide job growth, it increased cost and killed jobs. Stimulus was supposed to jumpstart the economy, 6 years later NOPE. Etc Etc…

How in the world is there any democrats in office right now? UNINFORMED VOTERS!

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