Trump vs Cruz

Trump vs Cruz

So here we are, another election year. But this time its different. We actually have a shot at killing the GOP establishment RINO’s once and for all. But instead we will help the GOP and the Democrat party by dividing the conservative vote.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a need for vetting of both candidates to pick the right one. There’s also a need to focus fire on the true enemy.

Lets start with Donald Trump. Trump is a RISK to the conservative cause. Trump represents a common sense approach to governing. That “Common Sense” is also tied to money. Trump is a known capitalist, he’s got a record of failure and bouncing back. He’s got lots of friends in the rich inner circles. He’s brash, he’s outspoken, he’s saying all the right things.. BUT, he hasn’t governed even a small town. Should he be POTUS, he’ll have a media who will be relentless in pointing out every flaw. As they have been absent under Obama, they will rise and be relentless against Trump. Trump will need to “Compromise” to stoke his ego in my opinion and it will lead to a no better situation than we had with GWB. I could be wrong, Trump could prove to be the shot of blood the nation on life support needed. That’s why I say its a risky bet.

Ted Cruz: He’s a proven conservative, he’s stood against the GOP when it counted, when nobody was looking and when the camera’s are on. He’s sincere, he’s honest and I truly believe he knows that conservatism can save and reinvigorate this nation. That too is a risk. Seldom is one ideology the best way for all things. A refusal to open possibilities of a better way could lead to a deadlock in DC and the nation that we’re barely surviving now. (Not sure that’s a real bad thing) but it’s a risk.
Cruz also carries the “Birther” banner into the race, its bad when Repubs do it, but we all know its okay for Democrats.

There’s risk on both sides. But there is also HUGE REWARDS should either of these two become President. The world will again know that the USA has a leader. The alternative? Hillary, Sanders and even Bloomberg? Really?

There is only 2 choices in this election: Trump or Cruz. They don’t need to rip each other apart, they need to discuss the issues, show their vision and let the R’s decide who to back. And once its over, we need to back them in a way not seen since Reagan. 100%!!!!

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3 Replies to “Trump vs Cruz”

  1. I do have to say I am in complete agreement with you here, and what do you make of the recent cheer leading event for Trump, the three little girls singing for him…it really did seem a bit odd to me….like really odd, I was leaning towards him, and that straightened me right back up to not so sure again….He may have The Art of the Deal down…but this isn’t Let’s Make A Deal…Too many deals have been made, and for me, that in itself is an issue.

    1. Hi Mrs Lisa. Yeah, that was weird. Remember the high school kids singing the “Obama song”? Same crap for me. My entire summation of Trump is this: He isn’t my preferred candidate, but if he’s the weapon I’m given to beat the GOP to death, then I’ll happily use it to its conclusion.

      Thanks for stopping by Mrs Lisa.

  2. As you know, I live in Texas…

    That said; I didn’t support Cruz in the Senatorial primaries but I did vote for him in the general… I didn’t want to, but I did it because his Democratic opponent was a bigger douchebag than Cruz was..

    I have not supported Cruz for POTUS because I still feel like he’s a bag of douche water, a previously USED bag…

    His place of birth has NEVER been an issue for me, after Obama I wouldn’t care if he were born on the rings of Saturn, I just can’t stand the slimy little SOB…

    Trump 2016

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