Tomorrow’s State of the Union Address.

Tomorrow’s State of the Union Address.

Obama will focus on Jobs in his speech…. Um, yeah same thing he’s done every time he speaks, but the actions don’t match the written word. You can speak about how great you are and how you are christian, or how you were born here or whatever, but until some action is seen your words are uselss.

I’ve also heard that congress will be sitting next to each other rather than split by party. For me this is totally ridiculous. This all came about because of the shooting in Tuscon. Media and liberal elitists two minutes after the shooting blamed “Heated Rhetoric” for the shooting. Sitting side by side with the very same people that made that claim lends credibility to that claim. So unless you are going to sit with your party’s opposition so when they stand up to applause you can yank their ass back in their seat, keep your dumbass on YOUR SIDE OF THE AISLE.

There is a reason the party’s are separated, it’s called checks and balances. IF you are all going to sit together and sing happy songs, then one of you are unnecessary.

We on the “Extreme Right”  AKA “Unapologetic, truthful, unafraid AMERICANS” have become disenfranchised with the idiots in Congress. We have pretty much determined that the two parties are too closely matched. Which makes a lot of sense when you look at where we are now. NO CHECKS, NO BALANCES.

IF the R’s and D’s sit together in the SOTU address, I personally will consider it slap in the face of our founders. And I hope the D’s use this in their campaigns for 2012. And they will.

This sitting together shit is an admission of guilt by the Republicans, the democrats were not accused of “hate rhetoric” remember? It was the RIGHT SIDE of the aisle. And you will help them make their case by sitting next to the children of the corn….

Rant over.

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10 Replies to “Tomorrow’s State of the Union Address.”

  1. Ahh, excellent, I never looked at it that way. For sure, I thought the sitting together thing was rather stupid, but you make an excellent point for why it is more than just retarded, but an admission of guilt. Considering McCain was leading the charge for this, I guess we shouldn’t be all too surprised.

  2. Well, I may have to disagree with you on this one. My reasoning in simple; one of my Senators is Dr. Tom Coburn and he has said he will be sitting next to Charles Schumer. There is no way Dr. Coburn can be considered a RINO or any other term we might choose to use.

    1. LD, you can disagree with me all you want man, I’m simply making an observation and forming my opinion based on history of the loony left. What do you see after the attacks on Conservatives from liberal media? All of the sudden the Democrats and Republicans are sitting together in a show of unity… Did you hear any Democrats railing against THEIR Hate speech? NO it was all Republicans defending free speech. So now they sit with them, and IMO it says “Okay we were bad, we’re sorry”… FOR NOTHING.

      Personally I will consider ANY Republican sitting with Dem at the SOTU a traitor to his/her values and will not vote for them if they are running for POTUS or if I happen to live in their district.

  3. I understand what you are saying and even agree with you, to a certain point. I just know from past experience with Dr. Coburn that he is a true conservative and do not wish to lump him in with some of the others who are conservative only when it is convenient.

    1. LD, I know Coburn is a conservative. No Doubt. And he can probably take any criticism for this STUNT without any ill affects in any election. BUT there are others that have yet to prove themselves or are trying to rebrand themselves. This particular stunt is going to leave a bad taste in the mouths of MANY of us conservatives who are extremely tired of the Democrat vs Dem lite idiots occupying the halls of DC.

      Coburn will have deal with the wrath that will befall ANY R’s that fall for this bullshit. AND I’m going to make it a point to remember this stupidity for what it was/is

  4. I don’t give a damn WHO they are, if they cross the aisle, they’re damned FOOLS… Coburn, or any other so-called GOP Conservative… If they cross the aisle, IT’s ON!

  5. I know I am the odd man out on this, but I fail to see how crossing the aisle to sit with the Democrats should make Tom Coburn or any other conservative a fool or any other epitaph you care to use. If they change their behavior, then yes, but they haven’t. Let’s not throw them out with the bath water, just because we don’t like the Democrats.

  6. It’s like a train wreck, you just can’t turn away, and there will be some *drama* tonight.

    ANY so-called Conservative GOP Senator or Congress Critter that crosses the aisle just placed a TARGET on their seat.

    I don’t want non-partisan BS in the Hallowed Halls, I want a damned DOG FIGHT, and I want the GOP to kick ass and take names, not make a date for drinks and dinner…

    These clowns are acting like it’s high school and they want to be sure and sit with the popular kids, well, my experience has been, the popular kids went on to be drunks, dopers and multi-divorced losers…

    Conservative INTEGRITY! Maybe they ALL need to look that up. And ANY that cross the aisle tonight need to be damned sure to look it up, their constituents need to MAKE THEM look it up…

  7. Hey LD, did you see what I was talking about? The camera’s panned to the congress critters as they stood up. It looked like ALL of them were standing at the dem agenda… When only the Dems were. WHY? Because of camera angles and the intermingling. What you saw is exactly what Obama wanted shown.

    On top of that Obama took the opportunity to OPEN with the Tuscon tragedy and a call for cooperation… Ummm where was that for the last 2 years. And then there is the defacto admission of guilt by the Republicans for heated rhetoric… This was a clusterfk only made better by the fact that the speech sucked.

  8. Yes, I watched the speech and I saw what you are talking about. As for Obama opening with the shooting in Tuscon and a call for cooperation, I was not surprised by that in the least. He is going to get his shots in, no matter what. He has shown before that he is more than willing to get someone he disagrees with in a venue where they can not defend themselves and then open up. Remember last years SOTU and the incident with the Supreme Court Justices? I am really concerned about how this new era of political civility is going to affect political speech.

    You should read the latest post by Country Thinker, one of my contributors on Political Realities. He addresses that very issue.

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