Thoughts on Orlando Gay Club Shooting

Thoughts on Orlando Gay Club Shooting

After a day, A day of battling wits with unarmed liberal idiots over RIGHTS vs FEELINGS here’s a thought I hope folks will entertain.

My spidey sense was tingling the minute I heard of the shooting. Before I knew the attacker was Islamic, I figured it was some White nut job that would fit perfectly into the Obama world narratives. I was way off. But I think, this take on it may even be worse. Now hear me out:

This terrorist attack was carried out by a devout Muslim with connection or on behalf of ISIS. As of this writing this seems to be the facts.

So, THINK ABOUT THIS: This is the first Islamic Terrorist attack directly on a particular group of Americans. Not just any group, but a group that is overwhelmingly progressive/liberal(LBGT) Not just any progressive/Liberal group but the one group that has refrained from any criticism or negative actions toward Islamic believers.

Not only is the target group (LBGT) a benefit to the “Caliphate seeking” Terrorists through their blatant ignoring of their crimes, but they are anti-Christian on the whole, which is the Islamic caliphate seekers main competition here. So let all that sink in.

Now ask, WHY would an ISLAMIC Military strategist organization like ISIS, attack that group (LGBT)?

This could mean that the Islamic fundamentalist crowd feels it no longer needs that particular group, OR it was a test to see how much they could get away with before they woke up and seen the evil for what it is. It could be that they feel they have enough “Gay friendly” but not gay support in the democrat party and this attack will play well in the Islamic homeland. It could be that since Barack Obama has been the most GAY FRIENDLY president ever in the history of this nation it was a direct slap at him. It could also be the “Conspiracy theorists wet dream” and Barack Obama knew of this coming, allowed it to happen because of his gun control dream.


I just want people to think. Who benefits. Does Trump benefit? Probably but he doesn’t have the weight to pull this off. Obama and Hillary may benefit by making the election a gun control election (Which it was already) but it will get the bleeding hearts to maybe move to Hillary. There’s a lot of things we will never know, but right now….

I’m leaning toward the Islamic fundies are no longer concerned with how they are perceived in USA, they have cover in the colleges, media and now WH.

Be ready folks, the next attack will have to fit the Barack Obama narrative to a T. It will be some idiot white/christian/gun owner who hates gays/blacks/latino’s… Bank on it.


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  1. Had a comment on my site, from someone who’s daughter lives there…said shooter was a “periodic visitor” to the club…still in the closet….so if you throw that in the mix, add it to the conflict of his religious/terrorist beliefs….there we have a major issue. Just a thought….was surprised when it was mentioned in my comments because of a thought I had when looking at a photo, a selfie of his. Food for thought….You make good points.

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