The Power of the Koran!

The Power of the Koran!

The great and powerful koran has again been called to action! The book has been angered by the actions of a Florida pastor! All Hail the Koran!’

Protesters kill 12 after Florida pastor burns Quran

KABUL, Afghanistan — Thousands of protesters angry over the burning of a Quran by a Florida pastor stormed a U.N. compound Friday in northern Afghanistan, killing at least 12 people, including eight foreigners. The desecration of the Muslim holy book fueled resentment against the West at a critical moment in the Afghan war.

May I suggest the Anti-Gun crowd use the same methodology with Islam as they use for our 2nd amendment rights? Lets look back 60 years. How many deaths can be directly attributed to Muslim outrage? How many more people must die?… Or should we ban Pastors? Yep I’m stirring the pot again…

My opinion on this is very simple and not hard to guess. It’s not the religion of Islam I hate,  it’s the religion of Islam’s followers that I have a problem with. A book, a manual for idiots is the Koran and it’s on display across the globe. We keep kidding ourselves about “Good ones” and that “All Muslims are not like those across the pond” There is merit in that logic. What is troubling is the “Good ones” silence.

We’ve had riots and murders over cartoons, threats over Muhammad (Peace of shit be upon him and his followers) being shown in a cartoon. We’ve had riots over the mere mention of women not being covered from head to toe in some lands…All because of a book. A book that was written MANY years after the bible I might add.

It is with a heavy heart that I must support the Pastor in Florida. I hope he burns the Koran every day from here on out. As a matter of fact if he’ll burn them, I’ll donate a few to him if he runs short of fire material. Why? Why would I support burning books? Someone who believes so much in freedom, someone who hates communism and socialism would succumb to book burning as righteous. Nope that’s not my reason. I support the pastors right to burn whatever he wants. But especially when it drives muslims crazy…Makes my day.

Lets say a cleric or Imam decided to burn a bible.. Christians would pray for him. The Westboro Baptist church, the worst of the worst as far Christians are concerned would probably not even bat an eye at the Muslim stunt. But burn a Koran? Oh yeah people are going to die… Why do you think that is?

It is my opinion that Muslims think we are weak. They think they can intimidate us and use our fear to get what they want. And it’s been working for a very long time. The only way we change course is to bring it to a head.

I am not scared of some pedophile worshiping, goat loving, sister stoning, daughter raping 17th century, one toothed, camel fondling son of a jackal. I believe in GOD the one true GOD and the tools he gave me to protect myself and family. Fear is a good thing though and I honestly believe it’s high time that they learn to fear US.

I’ve been saying it for many years. It’s time to drag these worthless pricks into the 21st century and if that means we have to go back to that time and drag them kicking and screaming then we need to do just that. How you ask? Simple it’s called taking the gloves off. It’s fighting a war they understand. They obviously do not understand the “hearts and Minds” tactic, it’s time to drag their ass through their throats and show them the way. It’s not going to happen with the current leadership. But if we had a man that understood the fight IT CAN and WILL HAPPEN.

One more thing: If the KORAN was all so powerful and ALLAH and Muhammad were so upset, why did the book catch fire? Shouldn’t the pastor have burst into flames instead?

I think a KORAN is like any other religions book. It’s a road map for the faithful, when it goes to the level these MORONS OF ISLAM take it, then it’s dangerous. I suggest instead of burning innocent books we burn the radicals…Just sayin.


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21 Replies to “The Power of the Koran!”

  1. The West will never be able to satisfy Islamomaniacs unless the West submits to Islam.

    All this mayhem over an obscure pastor in Florida is a test to see if the West has any strength of conviction left.

    Look at the history of Islam. Muslims respect the strong man. The West is not acting as a strong man, but rather as a weak man.

  2. It’s such a shame that Jones doesn’t have skills to communicate without resorting to violence. It’s also a shame that People like yourself and Jones are so caught up in your egos and your own minds that you actually force yourselves to believe that God is on your side. God doesn’t take sides. Either you’re on his side or your not and when you or anyone else crosses the line and enters into the world of “ungodliness” with violent displays of hate then you’re simply letting the enemy entice you and pull you away from God’s Will. The God I serve doesn’t tremble over books. The God I serve is much stronger than any piece of paper whether it’s a Koran or a King James Version Bible. The God I serve is bigger than any God that would require you to take your anger out on a piece of paper and fuel hate. The God you serve is dead. If I burned your precious Bible in front of your face, would it make you a stronger person? When you display anger, you are confirming exactly what the Koran claims. People like YOU and JONES are the reason the Koran exists in the first place. You think you have a lot of power when you can cause people to riot. Your god is dead and don’t you ever forget it. You, Jones and everyone who supports you deserves to live a life obsessed with the Koran…afterall, the Bible certainly won’t support your actions. The Koran is the book that tells you to destroy and burn things. I hope and pray for instant judgment on you by the Most High God.
    Good Luck
    Leslie Grover
    (If you want to continue this conversation please feel free to e-mail me @ Unless you’re afraid.

  3. Okay Leslie I allowed your comment, for a couple of reasons. Not the least of which is to show your ignorance to my readers. How do I know you are ignorant? Well, when you comment there is a notice that says “E mail won’t be published” and then you put yours in the comment… Sheesh.

    Let’s take your comment: You said in your first line “It’s such a shame that Jones doesn’t have skills to communicate without resorting to violence.” Exactly what violence did Jones commit? Did anyone die when he burned the book? Did the book cry out in pain? Did his congregation collapse and die when the book was set a flame? Nope. All the violence occurred on the ISLAMIC side AGAIN.

    The rest of your comment made very little sense in the context of my post. You basically make my point for me. The BOOK does nothing. The followers are the problem.

    Your comments here are the only conversation I would have with you. You seem to be clueless and I’d be happy to educate you, if you are in possession of half a brain I’d be happy to show you the light. The violence is from the cult of Islam, let me know when Christians take to the street over the murders of Christians by Muslims and I’ll stand on the Christian side with my sword and my Rifle.

  4. So, it’s a great article yet again. And I did have an excellent comment all thought up, I swear. But I read Leslie’s comment and all intelligent thought went bye-bye. Now my most pressing question is what god does Leslie follow? Obviously it ain’t Allah and it’s apparently not the God of the Bible, so who is it? She blathers on and on about how Robert’s God is dead so who the hell does she worship? I’m gonna start a war and e-mail her and ask. It’s gonna be interesting I tell you what.

    1. Have at it Meaghan but be warned. These folks are unhinged. You can tell by her opening statement. She blames the Pastor for the deaths. Same folks blame guns for murder. The common sense aspect has flew out the window with these idiots. My opinions on the matter are widely known. I’m not an Islamphobe. nor am I against christianity. I am a GOD fearing Freedom loving man. If my religion is in question to anyone that’s fine. It’s between me , GOD and his Son Jesus Christ our lord and Savior.

      I haven’t got word from either of them that I should go kill non-believers, or anyone that burns a bible… Just sayin.

  5. The only thing I would be AFRAID of would be a PRIVATE conversation with Leslie…

    Comments sections are made so people like us can use ASSHOLES like you as a *chew toy*… There is no email war and a *he said, she sad*, it’s all PUBLIC knowledge…

    The next Koran that needs to be burned is a WHOLE STACK of them, with your goofy ass tied to a stake in the middle of it… Let’s see if you have a *come to Hey-Soose* moment then… 😈

    Say, you don’t suppose Leslie is a part of that bunch of moonbats at Westboro Bastards Church do you?? 😕

    1. I saw her facebook page… Libber/Loser/Uninformed/Clueless/Moron/MSNBC viewer…. And a small circle jerk of like minded idiots… How did she find this page? I guess Google hasn’t blocked me yet.

      Not for a lack of trying! Common sense is lost on the elites. but hey, she’s from Oklahomie. So she can’t possibly consider herself an elite…Well shouldn’t.

  6. When are you dumb axxes going to get a clue. We are trying to win a war and you nuts are just getting our troops killed. Your brains are the size of ant A-holes. Thanks for putting our troops in harms way and risking their lives.

    1. HansholdORK: Yeah that’s the ticket. If the Pastor didn’t burn the Koran the enemy wouldn’t try so hard to kill them? Yeah good thinking. Maybe we could get the pastor to convert to Islam then the enemy would just quit fighting at all huh?

      You sir/maam are a fucking moron.

  7. Robert. If you knew what you were talking about you would burn the pea sized brain you have. Also, with all of that intelligence why do you need to resort to using the F word. Just go F yourself you dumb F’er!

    1. Hans.. Obviously you don’t understand the issue just like you probably don’t understand why a smart person like you who knows everything can still be living in your parents basement… It is what it is.

      The fact is, your idiocy is on display here. You’re of the mind that because some idiot burned a book and Muslims get enraged, our troops are in “More danger” You have no idea. They have been in danger since they stepped foot in that shit hole. A burned book is what you say is the problem? You blame the victim of a rape for her rape too? Do you blame the gun for murder too? I wish you ignorant FUCKS would start looking at the REAL issue rather than trying to assign blame to inanimate objects. Why do you think your kind does that? Well it’s the first step to BANNING shit. Lets outlaw Koran Burning. But Not flag burning or Bible Burning… Just Koran burning because they kill people when you do it…. Fuck that all or nothing buddy. Get a clue pick a side take a stand. My side or the dead side. Your choice.

  8. Dude. I don’t know what side your on I just hope bone heads like you done own guns and live around me. If you had a clue you would realize that you are as guilty of killing Americans as bin laden is.

    1. Dude.. I own MANY guns, and if I live around you just don’t do anything stupid and you will be fine. WOW that statement of yours deserves a post of it’s own. I thought only MSNBC news folks had their heads up their ass that far. Let’s see I’d fight for your right to burn a koran, burn a flag or protest at funerals… I’d stand and fight to keep sharia law from our shores. I’d stand up and die if needed to protect your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and I’m the bad guy? WOW you really need to get out more and stop watching Maddow and Olberdouche… Are you really Michael Moore? Moron.

  9. Just from your post I can tell you are in you 70’s or 80’s and if you were man enough to serve you probably just cleaned latrines with your tooth brush. I server eight years and have the scars to prove it. I am not going to entertain you any more by supplying you with another post so please save yours. Anyway, I will be glad when your generation dies off and all of your bigotry.

    1. Hans, I didn’t know they let dumb shits like you live in North Carolina… Just sayin’… ? Hans Holdorf. Really? Well Hans, I have to ask, is English your 1st language or are you an immigrant? If you’re an immigrant, I’ll cut you some slack and just say you’re a dumbass, if you are a natural born American, your really are a stupid son of a bitch… Learn to type, learn to speak proper English and by God learn to spell you moron…

      1. Yeah Fred, I left the door open I guess… Damn.. I was hoping that “Duh Won” had opened some eyes on the libber side.. I guess when you are a progressive/liberal it’s more about party than AMERICAN values.

        Hans, thanks for leaving. You have served us well with your dumbassery. You have shown yourself to be just as bad as the islamic scum by enabling them. One day you will understand, hopefully it’s not the day you are swinging from a rope or at the end of a sword.

  10. Damn Rob, you need some Lysol man, smells like a troll libber took a dump… 😕

    A troll libber that can’t spell or type, and thinks *diction* is what he’s gonna get when his boyfriend comes home… :rotfl:

  11. Awww I missed out on a really good comments war. Just an update, despite Leslie’s boast of e-mail me if you dare, I’ve yet to hear from her. I’m actually a little sad, I do love a good debate.

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