The Measure of what didn’t happen…

The Measure of what didn’t happen…

There is so much crap going on in this world that measuring what didn’t happen because of an action taken isn’t a worry now. The reason is there’s NO ACTION to prevent anything anymore. Our democrat leaders are such cowards that risking their political future is first and foremost in any discussions rather than doing what is right.

You don’t have to go back too far to see it either. Benghazi: Action could have SAVED American lives, but the possibility of something bad happening because of action prevented the possibility of saving lives. Hillary could have done something, Obama could have done something and our soldiers would have given 100% to save American lives without any regrets no matter how it turned out.

Think about this for a moment. You hear a guy talking about killing people in mall. You pull out your .45 and put a hole in his head. You go to jail… What didn’t happen at the mall? How many lives did you save? Was your sacrifice worth it?

There is no way to know here on earth and with our society very few people would pull their ,45. They’d rather sit at home, watch the news and hear of the “Gunman killing 3-10 innocent people in a mall” and blaming the gun he used.

When you are in a position to effect the change of history, you better be willing to pull that .45. You better be willing to move heaven and earth and use all the tools at your disposal to effect that change. IF you aren’t then YOU NEED TO STEP DOWN!

There has been so many instances since 2008 that ACTION would have saved lives. I’m asking you to think about what didn’t happen because of actions and its very hard. We can assume but we don’t know. We can use history for a glimpse though and history tells us a good story of what happens when we act. Japan, Germany, Cuba, Grenada etc… You don’t have to go back that far either. Think about IRAQ.. Did that prevent something? Would getting a status of force agreement have prevented Faluja from falling into AQ’s hands?

Actions can take or save lives. NO ACTION leaves the results up to others. If you are a leader, you want to affect the results. If you’re a piss poor leader you’re okay with others dictating the results.

Just some food for thought.




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