The Case for Romney…

The Case for Romney…

I can not make a case for Mitt Romney absent of a common enemy. Mitt Romney is NOT the ideal candidate of which I’d seek to have run this nation. That being said, we don’t find ourselves in a position to wait. We have a choice to make thanks to a gutless GOP, a media of questionable actions and a relentless liberal/progressive machine of lies. We have to make a choice between two evils. One we know vs one we don’t know.

We have but one states record for one candidate and three years of ruling a nation by another. I would ask that we look carefully upon what we are faced with.

Mitt Romney, who has been measured in his conservatism during this primary. While trying to balance his want of power and his reach to the middle ground.

Romney who had to deal with a very liberal state legislature in his time as Governor. Did in fact make strides in the right direction for the economic growth, while giving ground in other areas. We on the right view the ground given as hallowed ground that should never be sacrificed. This weighs heavily on the minds of true conservatives. Would Mitt Romney dare to give that very ground as POTUS?

Obama who has given that hallowed ground freely with no gains on the right to be balanced. Obama who has taken our national debts to heights not seen and seeks to grow it further. Obama who appointed Eric Holder as attorney general and has stood by his treachery at every turn. Obama who has appointed two extremely liberal SCOTUS judges to the highest court and who will be deciding suits that mean a great deal to us on the right.

These are but a few examples of the choice we must make. We have some issues with Romney and I have a serious issue with the GOP for giving us this decision that must be made. But I will hold my nose vote for the opponent of Barack Hussein Obama. I hope we have learned from the mistakes of the past. I hope we can unite behind the R and try to sway him to the right path. Which is the other choice we must make…

Will you vote for the R in the general election and turn a blind eye if he does what most think he will do? As many of us did for GWB during his second term, I will not. I will be as ruthless in slamming the R should they win in 2012 as I have been with Obama.

I would suggest ALL of us on the right side of the aisle take that approach or risk losing more before 2016. We must evict the tyrant from the WH by ballot box and in a very decisive manner. If not we will see the errors of this administration multiply by ten fold…


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4 Replies to “The Case for Romney…”

  1. I’m not counting Santorum OUT just yet, but yeah, it looks like Mittens will get the nomination, at least at this time…

    I know I will support him if he does, NOT because I think he’s that great but because Obama IS that bad…

    Hell, the only one I can’t, and won’t support is Ron Paul… My hypocrisy can only go so far..

  2. I can’t stand Romney who is just like Dole and McCain. That being said, I will have to vote for him in NOvember if he’s our candidate. But, It will be Newt in the California Primary!

  3. I’m tired of being forced to vote for the lesser of evils. I want someone to take us back to having the freedoms we once had and to stop bowing down to special interest groups like Santorum and others have. Sorry, but I’m sick to death of someone claiming to be conservative or really American… then bowing down to feminist groups and animal rights activist who are passing laws to see to it we must live and believe and think exactly like they do. Ron Paul is the closest one for that! He may have some considered negative points but at least he does lean towards us getting away from … anyone, or government having the right to dictate what we eat, put in our bodies, or to forcing us to send trillions of our tax dollars to foreign countries like Israel. Who are not our ally and all we hear is propaganda and undying total allegiance to that country and it global domination agenda. Which any fool should be able to see, unless their preacher tells them it is a sin to read facts and truth.

    Living here in Terre Haute Indiana where police can walk into our houses without warrant or probably cause is very telling about this nation. Where we, or some of us, don’t have any property rights. Living in a very far left liberal college town where we don’t even have a voice, media censors and lies and spreads propaganda. Where Jewish groups to animal rights fanatics are not supposed to be challenged in any manner, but demand we conform and assimilate to their demands and expectations.

    Animal cops to code enforcement types can also charge right in and use some lame excuse to abuse their powers and to hassle .. a patriot. One like me who is quite vocal about what this stinking town and nation has become. Your article on ‘America Lost” says it all. So I won’t vote for the usual and I won’t vote to fit in, or follow party lines. I won’t vote for people who support Israel and Jewish influences more than us Americans. I won’t vote for those like Romney or Santorum and etc. who support special interest groups and all those damned feminist groups who seem to want total rule, like here in my occupied town.. and that is totally lost in many ways.

    Jesse Ventura stated when leaving office that Washington DC is so corrupt that only revolution could stop it, and we know that can’t happen today. Especially since our government has allowed in foreign armies and gangs that easily out-number any stand some American or White man could or would make. One gang being over, bragging about, having over four hundred and fifty thousand strong, and heavily armed. Hell, with White people being the target today and not allowed for generations to support our own, our own culture, or to have any spokespeople or a politician to speak for us as the up-coming minority…. Americans, white Americans don’t stand a chance today. And those other than Paul will only lead us farther into the fascist police state, sucking more tax dollars from us, that foreigners want us to be. I’m old school, I believe in real freedoms and not those dictated to me from some party, group, church, foreigner, banker, clique, lobbyist, woman, or etc. I’m sick of media propaganda, living under police-state like expectations. I’m done having Jews from New York city closing down local forums due to much information or truth being spread. I’m done, fed up and pissed off. I will not vote for any other than Paul, period. He is also, according the the Israeli paper Haretz, the last person they want to see in office since he wants to decrease foreign aid and supports. So of course he won’t be supported by many and the media will not support him much either merely for that reason. And both the right and left are in Jewish pockets. The lying evangelical far right is the worse. Sad.

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