Thank You Obama!

Thank You Obama!

Someone posted this on a forum I belong to and I thought I’d share:


Thank God for Barak Obama
He destroyed the Clinton Political Machine – Driving a stake thru the heart of Hillary’s Presidential aspirations – something no Republican was ever able to do.  Remember when a Hillary Presidency scared the daylights out of you!
He killed off the Kennedy Dynasty – No more Kennedy’s trolling Washington looking for booze and women wanting rides home.  American women and Freedom are safer tonight!
He is destroying the Democratic Party before our eyes!

Dennis Moore had never lost a race – quit
Evan Bayh had never lost a race – quit
Byron Dorgan – had never lost a race – quit
Harry Reed – GONE (Or at least on the way out)

These are just a handful of the Democrats that whose political careers Obama has destroyed! By the end of 2010 dozens more will be!
In December of 2008 the Democrats were on the rise.  In the last two election cycles they had picked up 14 senate seats and 52 house seats.  The press was touting the death of the Conservative Movement and the Republican Party.

In one year Obama put a stop to all of this and will probably give the house, if not the senate back to the Republicans.
He has completely exposed liberals and progressives for what they are.  Every Generation seems to need to relearn the lesson on why they should never actually put liberals in charge.  He is bringing home the lesson very well!

Liberals tax, borrow and spend – check
Liberals won’t bring themselves to protect America – check
Liberals want to take over the economy – check
Liberals think they know what is best for everyone – check
Liberals aren’t happy till they are running YOUR life – check

He has brought more Americans back to conservatism than anyone since Reagan In ONE year he rejuvenated the Conservative movement and brought out to the streets millions of Freedom Loving Americans
Name me one other time in your life that you saw your friends and neighbors this interested in taking back America !
In all honesty one year ago I was more afraid than I had ever been in my life.  Not of the economy but of the direction our country was going.  I thought Americans had forgotten what this country was all about.  My neighbors, friends, strangers proved to me that my lack of confidence of the Greatness and Wisdom of the American people was flat out wrong.

When the American People wake up, no smooth talking teleprompter reader can fool them!
Barak Obama woke up these Great Americans
Again I want say Thank you Barak Obama!

Aint that the truth…

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One Reply to “Thank You Obama!”

  1. From time to time, we humans need to go through valleys to appreciate the mountain tops. But the valley this knucklehead is leading us through is so close to hell, it’s burning our feet. I hope after he’s gone, the wounds heal, but the scars remind us of the eloquence of this post.

    I am afraid that in 30 years however, we’ll go through it again, only our children and grand children won’t be as successful in defeating the idiots, simply because the ‘greatest generation’ we be gone, and nobody will be around to remind them of Barack Obama.

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