Ted Nugent: ‘Obama White House Is ‘Mao Zedong Fan Club’

Ted Nugent: ‘Obama White House Is ‘Mao Zedong Fan Club’

You gotta love Ted Nugent, tells it like it is and leaves no doubt where he stands on ANY issue. You want to see how to give an interview? Here ya go:

Ted Nugent: Obama White House Is ‘Mao Zedong Fan Club’

President Barack Obama and his followers are “anti-freedom, anti-gun, anti-Constitution and anti-Bill of Rights,” gun-loving rocker Ted Nugent blasted during an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV.

“And I’m anti-them,” he added. “But we’ll be clearing house soon, so it’s merely a bump in the road right now.”

Nugent spoke to Newsmax.TV at the NRA’s annual convention in Pittsburgh, where he gave a speech titled “I Still Believe.” He described the Obama White House as “the Mao Zedong fan club.”




My favorite part of course was TRUTH:

“If Allen West became president of the United States of America, we would be on the fast track back to that Shining City on the Sea and I pray to God that we can elect this man.”

Allen West is the one and only hope we have of righting a sinking ship. There was another time we were in this position. We got Ronald Reagan for our efforts. Then in typical American fashion we forgot the lessons learned from that era. NOW we have a chance apologize for our errors and fix it. Very few get this chance without bloodshed. We must take this opportunity and not let it pass without action. Please for the love of GOD, sign the petition to draft Allen West to run in 2012.


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