Ted Nugent: Obama Couldn’t run a Lemonade stand…

Ted Nugent: Obama Couldn’t run a Lemonade stand…

Read this, know this and share this everyone you know. This is TRUTH with a sledge hammer:

NUGENT: Obama couldn’t run a lemonade stand

The Obama administration has mindlessly flooded the country with hundreds and hundreds of billions of federal tax dollars. The government gurus claim the reason for opening the federal-money floodgates was to jump-start the sluggish economy, which was strangled to begin with by Fedzilla’s housing policies – or lack thereof.

Just as you would not pour gas on a fire in hopes of putting it out, infusing more than a trillion taxpayer dollars into the economy has not and will not work to put the economy on the path to prosperity. An artificial economy cannot be repaired with more artificiality. Who doesn’t know this?

President Obama’s economic and social engineering has been a flop, a disaster. The economy continues to sputter, gag and hemorrhage; unemployment and underemployment are getting worse, not better; housing prices continue to plummet; the dollar’s value is shrinking; and our debt is suffocating any hopes of a long-term economic recovery. Keep the Titanic on course, captain.

Dumping more than a trillion dollars into the market and claiming to want to stimulate the nation’s economy is analogous to intentionally allowing the Missouri River to flood towns and cities because the streets need cleaning.

Either the Obama administration does not know its history or it intentionally wants to kill off the nation’s private sector. It might be a little of both.

The Obama regime may be the least qualified when it comes to understanding how a free market operates, how jobs are created and how profits are made. I have yet to uncover any high-ranking Obama appointee with any free-market experience, including the secretary for the Department of Labor, which should be renamed under the Obama regime as the Department of Labor Unions.

The bottom line is that we have entrusted our economy to a group of people who would not know how to operate a child’s lemonade stand. What an inexcusable, tragic mistake.

We faced a similar economic problem back in the early 1980s. After soundly defeating President Carter, Ronald Reagan, a fan of the free market, took the opposite approach of what Mr. Obama is doing to turn the economy around.

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Aint it the truth? Let’s go Obama supporters, remove your heads from your collective asses and HELP TRULY turn this nation around by removing the idiots that put us in this position. IF you are like Allan Colmes… Don’t worry we’ll save your ass anyway.


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3 Replies to “Ted Nugent: Obama Couldn’t run a Lemonade stand…”

  1. Obama can’t run ANYTHING other than his stupid, anti-American mouth… And if he didn’t have TOTUS, he’d look even more idiotic than he already does..

  2. Anybody that has a basic understanding of economics knows that government meddling has almost no effect (and only short term effect at best) on the economy. Continuing to make America less inviting to businesses, punishing success and rewarding failure will never “fix” what our bloated government has caused.

    1. Ya know John, Some folks are too damn stupid for words. IF Boeing (Using one example) said screw you and instead of opening a plant in S.C decided to move the plant to Mexico it would make a lot more money. IF money was the real reason, Mexico labor rates are about 1/4 what they are here. Moving from Was. to S.C was a good move and if it’s stopped, the next company move will be out of the nation. Under this type of government NO business is expanding. Except the business of Gubmint,

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