Ted Cruz: Well Done Sir.

Ted Cruz: Well Done Sir.

Senator Ted Cruz took it to the establishment GOP and Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama the other day.

The Result from the vast majority of CONSERVATIVES, LIBERTARIANS and INDEPENDENTS alike was:


Democrats, Progressives, Liberals and RINO’s were like:


Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mike Lee opened up a huge can of ass whoopin on the senate floor. For most of us, we encouraged it. We wish we had MORE SENATORS WHO REPRESENT US.

For all the people bitching that Senator Cruz’s actions didn’t matter. I disagree, Cruz set the republican leadership on its ass. He challenged the status quo, he confronted the establishment GOP in a very eloquent way. Think about this: He spoke for 21 hours, didn’t need a teleprompter, answered all challenges by DEMOCRAT senators politely and with thought. He abused Senator DICK Durbin (D-Asshat) in such a way that DICK is still throbbing from it.

The Democrat party is in full panic mode now. Why? Well Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and even Marco Rubio (Who I will have a hard time voting for because of his AMNESTY) Are going to lead the Party BACK TO POWER. IF the GOP gets out of their way.

Think about this: Allen West is waiting in the wings. Ted Cruz and Allen West on a ticket for 2016? HOLY CRAP Liberal heads would explode. No RACISTS calls? No “They hate black or hispanic people” to deflect from issues? Mike Lee/Ted Cruz or any other combination is a win win especially after Obamacare becomes what it is about to become. DEATH to our nation.

John McCain, Charles Schumer, Lindsey Graham


All the deflection from the head RINO’s about Ted Cruz. Let me put my two cents in for John McCain.Lindsey Graham, Corker and Cornyn and all the rest… You guys have been in your seats for over 12 years correct? So YOU ARE AS RESPONSIBLE AS THE DEMOCRATS FOR THE STATE OF THE NATION! So shut the fuck up and retire or stand behind the change merchants. We are about to show you what HOPE AND CHANGE looks like.


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