Ted Cruz opens 2016!

Ted Cruz opens 2016!

There are NO PERFECT PEOPLE on this planet. The last perfect person to live here? it didn’t end well… That being said, the GOP field is full of NOPE’s.. Now there’s HOPE.


There will be the usual “Paulinistia’s” that will be descending upon websites that don’t worship the “Paul’s” so in my best Kanye voice.. “Imma let ya finish but I’m not hearing the paul shit this year” If you’re a “Paulie” you must be thrilled with Obama’s foreign policy… Nuff said.


But back to REALITY.. Ted Cruz, Rick Perry and Scott Walker are the only GOP candidates so far that I would consider casting a vote for. Right now, my preference is Ted Cruz. The reason is simple: Ted Cruz shut down the government (Mike Lee, Rand Paul helped) Ted Cruz took the brunt of the criticism, Ted Cruz didn’t deflect blame, Ted Cruz took it, Ted Cruz stood on principle and shit on the GOP elites while doing so. Ted Cruz told the media FU when they said it would crush the Republicans in 2014. How did that work out? 2014 LANDSLIDE VICTORY by Republicans. Just sayin.


Ted Cruz shut down the government, is the cry media/liberals and Democrats alike are screaming right now. Let that sink in. Ted Cruz saw the GOVERNMENT as enough of a problem for America that HE SHUT IT DOWN. for a brief time. Ted Cruz at least recognized that GOVERNMENT was the problem, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren all want MORE GOVERNMENT… How can you not back Ted Cruz if you’re over 30, work for a living and have an IQ over 30?


I will not be changing my mind over a vote or two Ted Cruz cast as senator. I will not be swayed by a misplaced word in some random speech.. Ted Cruz has earned my respect with his actions, his statements are aligned with most conservatives.

ted cruz


I do welcome any debate with liberals… Because “RACIST” if you don’t agree with me about Ted Cruz, you know he’s got a Cuban Father? =MINORITY! Protected class…. Maybe he’ll wright “Dreams of My Father” and get a nobel prize for his speeches too.. just sayin.


We have a choice America, we can let Media liberal elites, Big money Repubs and Dems pick the challenger to Obama’s 3rd term candidate or we can pick our own. Last 3 POTUS elections, Media/GOP picked and they didn’t work out too well.

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