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GOP Presidential Field… Holy Crap.

GOP Presidential Field… Holy Crap.

Let me just say NO! No to Trump, No to Huckabee, No to Romney, No to any of the “USUAL SUSPECTS” We need a fresh, outside the established confines Conservative Candidate. I am not concerned with so-called electability. I am concerned with ideology, and values. I am concerned that the next candidate has the mindset of  “Been there, tried that, watched it fail and not going back” I want a fighter, I want a go-getter, and I want a person who leads by example.

Now I know there are those in our midst that also say NO to Palin or Daniels or Bachman or whoever and that’s fine too. We all have differing opinions on who would be best to represent us. And I know based on track record we will probably be disappointed in the GOP’s choice in 2012.

Personally I’d pull the lever for Palin, Daniels or Bachman before I did for Romney, Huck or Trump. But I do know there are some serious pressures on removing Obama in 2012. The SCOTUS appointments being first and foremost in my mind. I suggest we all remember the damage that can be done if Obama gets 4 more years.

Palin and Bachman have alienated some very staunch conservatives. But both of them have gained a following of Libertarians and Indys. There is a slim chance that either of them will occupy the White House in 2013.

I’m just kind of throwing it out there that I’m considering all OPTIONS as an educated voter, and I’d suggest ALL of us examine our views and be prepared to fight for the candidate we choose to follow. The field will get narrow real quick after CPAC.

I’m classified as an indy and as of yet I’m severely undecided. I don’t see anyone in the field that makes me jump for joy. IF Allen West jumped into the fray, I’d do backflips.