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SCOTUS Judge Robbed in the Indies?

SCOTUS Judge Robbed in the Indies?

So exactly how fragile is our rights? Let me run something by you, first lets read the story of Justice Breyer:

Justice Breyer robbed by machete-wielding intruder

WASHINGTON (AP) — Justice Stephen Breyer was robbed last week by a machete-wielding intruder at his vacation home in the West Indies, a Supreme Court spokeswoman said Monday.

The 73-year-old Breyer, wife Joanna and guests were confronted by the robber around 9 p.m. EST Thursday in the home Breyer owns on the Caribbean island of Nevis, spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said. The intruder took about $1,000 in cash and no one was hurt, Arberg said.

She said the robbery was reported to local authorities, but she did not know if an arrest has been made.

Glad nobody was hurt. What exactly are the Indies gun laws? Not sure if the machete was legally registered or not…

Now lets look at the state of our nation. Obama the “Savior” of all things progressive is on the ropes. The only thing standing in the way of a landslide defeat of Obama in the general election is the GOP itself. How would a “Chicago Thug” deal a blow that would last decades to our nation?

Lets just say if I were a SCOTUS judge and leaned even a little bit “Right” I might have someone start my car for me, and taste my food before eating. IF we happened to lose a judge in the next couple of weeks/months the DEMOCRAT controlled senate COULD validate an Obama pick before the change at the White House. I’m betting the insiders of Obama’s thug inc. have got a few “Contingencies” should it become clear that his job of ruining this nation is at risk of being thwarted…

Some will say that’s crazy. To those folks I say, if I would have told you in 2008 that our ATGEN and the BATF would be handing guns over to the Mexican cartels and blaming gun owners here in America for it… Would you have said that was crazy too?… Case rests.