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The Trap is Set for Syria and Republicans

My take on the “Syria crisis” is the same as my last post with a new twist. This blustering first, then no action is typical of the far left liberal we all know Obama is. Obama painted himself into a … Continue reading

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Obama and Holder lied again…

“We’re going to try 9-11 conspirators in Civilian courts”… HA! In my best “Speaker of the house” voice; “HELL NO YOU CAN’T” :rotfl: Gitmo still open, Not only are we still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan but Obama started another … Continue reading

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Korean Tinderbox ready to blow…

Hello is anyone listening? Look at the past to see where this is headed. War rhetoric rises between North and South Korea SEOUL, South Korea –  One month after a deadly exchange of artillery fire, the two Koreas ramped up … Continue reading

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What now? After the stimulus…

Since the Obama administration and a progressive congress passed the 800 BILLION dollar stimulus package to “Save us.” What has it saved us from? We are at 10% unemployment, we have more people on welfare and food stamps than any … Continue reading

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Israel to attack Iran?

What the hell is wrong with people. I’m reading all over the net “Israel will attack Iran this week.” Israel hasn’t survived this long in the devils living-room by telegraphing it’s moves. They are not the USA, they are not … Continue reading

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