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Vote Tomorrow

Vote Tomorrow

I’m not as optimistic as most Republicans seem to be, I’m a realist and from what I’ve seen the American people haven’t got a brain transplant. The folks I talk to about politics for the most part are educated voters. They KNOW what’s going on and they’ve deciphered the bullshit accurately. The bottom line for them is results:

Obama took office and unemployment was at 7.8% 4 years later no change. It’s obvious to MOST that if 7.8% is the BEST spin the administration can put on the number it’s MUCH HIGHER in reality. That is why they are NOT voting for Obama. Benghazi? Fast and Furious? Social issues? Obamacare? energy costs? national debt? All of those line up against Obama but not the reason for the Romney support.

IF there’s one issue it’s the economy. All the other crap the Obama campaign is throwing out there mean very little to the common sense voter. IF America has retained a little common sense, tomorrow will see a landslide victory for Mitt Romney. If not, President Obama for 4 more years.

I want everyone to vote, I don’t care WHO you vote for, vote. Otherwise don’t talk to me about America or politics. You don’t care enough to vote, you don’t get the right to discuss the direction we travel.

IF you vote Obama be prepared to defend it, if you vote Romney be prepared to WATCH HIM CLOSELY and be as vocal if he fails to deliver. If you plan on voting 3rd party, stay home you’re brain isn’t functioning well enough to drive or walk without stumbling.


Super Tuesday Recap…

Super Tuesday Recap…

Romney won 6, Santorum won a few, Newt won Georgia. Obama picks up more momentum.

Delegate count is not decisive. Paul is still there, Newt is still there…Here’s my issue:

Romney is supposed to be the “Elite, GOP Washington establishment guy” He never worked in DC.

Santorum is supposed to be the “Not Romney” but WAS in DC for several years actually VOTED for many STUPID things during GWB’s terms…Are you kidding me?

Newt, who is the complete Opposite of Obama in damn near every possible way is considered damaged goods because of his “Lobbying” or “Past transgressions”…By far the BEST most intelligent of the field is going to be shut out because he’s not “Perfect”…

Paul, Who has been in congress since Abe Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. Is considered an “Outsider”… Has the nation gone completely nuts?

Regardless of how this process plays out, Romney will win and I’ll be pulling the lever for Romney. While I understand the urge of the “Not Romney’s” to stay home or vote off ticket, the price of that this year is too great. I won’t be sitting here next year saying “I didn’t do everything short of armed assault to stop the Obama machine”… You guys can if you want but beware. When you come over here and complain about the nation’s direction in 2013, I’ll remind you of your “Stand”

A lot of us voted for other than Obama or McCain in 08. And to tell you the truth, I was okay with it. The GOP needed to be slapped. Obama wasn’t going to lose anyway, it didn’t really matter WHO was his opponent. BUT after 3 years of Obama and you still want to vote off, then you may as well vote for Obama. No difference. Just say, “I voted for the best in my opinion” and I can respect that. Don’t give me the stand on principle bullshit this year. In 08 you could get away with it because of “Hope and Change” you didn’t know for sure HOW Obama would govern. This year you do.


Finally! Today we get a voice!

Finally! Today we get a voice!

Vote today damn it. And Vote smart!

I pray that today is violence free, I pray that the American people vote smart, I pray that there will be a WAVE of victories for the Republicans across the nation, I pray that the newly elected Republicans have learned their lessons and will stick to the values of the American people. I pray that Boxer and Brown are defeated in California.

Prayer works!

The Home Stretch: Will We Do it?

The Home Stretch: Will We Do it?

The tea party, the one force in this nation with the numbers and the will to affect change is about to prove it’s value. In just 5 days, Americans will go to the polls and VOTE for their version of where we need to go. Democrats will vote for Democrats, Republicans will vote for Republicans….What will you do?

I don’t give a damn about the polls. I keep hearing about all the seats the Republicans will win. To that I say good. But I also say it’s not a given.

I say IF the Republicans take over, then we must stay vigilant. We must hold the Republicans feet to the fire.

I say IF the Democrats remain in power in all three branches, We are screwed. Because for two years we have shown proof of the idiocy rampant on the left. We have been factual, accurate and there is ample proof in the world as to where the path takes us. And if the voters don’t see it. We are screwed.


I fear this election. I fear it because I live in California. Here in California Boxer and Brown will probably both win their races. This tells me that there are so many liberal/progressive party first idiots in one of the most populated states in the nation, that hope is lost here.

I fear that result because California sends MORE politicians to DC than any other state.

I fear this election because the Democrats are in control and we have seen them in action over the last 4 years.

I fear this election because if we don’t fix the mess now, it will not be fixed in our lifetime without bloodshed.

Get out to vote and bring your friends and family with you. We will need every vote because the Democrats are bringing the dead back to vote again.

Independents rule this election cycle, and if they don’t come out in force hope is lost. The inner cities and blue states are GONE for the most part because they are stuck on the plantation. They are getting the government reach around and they aren’t willing to step out on their own.

Get out the vote!

Oh and a word of caution to any moonbat liber asswipe that would be outside or inside of my polling place on November 2nd:
Keep your mouth shut and keep your hands to yourself. Don’t start none, won’t be none. Start something; Good lord help you because that’s the only one that will be able to.

The Hero we been waiting for…

The Hero we been waiting for…


Hell yes, enough is enough. Get out the vote guys. The Democrats are digging up the dead, and clearing out prisons to vote for them. IF we don’t do it November, all it lost. Hope lives or dies in November.

34 days until Independence Day

34 days until Independence Day

I sure hope they are right. Obama’s minions are on a full court press to sway the voters. With the same ol lies progressives/liberals/commies/marxist/socialists have been touting for over 70 years…It’s never been this close to a full on takeover of American values as it is right now.

Get out the vote…Matter of fact it may be a good idea to take a page out of the Democrat playbook and dig up a few voters, vote and vote often…

I will tell you this much, GOD help the “Voter Intimidation” SOB that shows up at my polling place. Game on.

The Nuclear Option for Obama.

The Nuclear Option for Obama.

It appears that Collin Powell might endorse Obama?

Sources say former Secretary of State Colin Powell will endorse Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention, Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol told FOX News exclusively on Thursday.

“He may well give a speech at the Democratic convention explaining his endorsement of Obama,” Kristol said, citing inside sources.

“This is not an absolute done deal, but these people are very confident that Powell will endorse Obama,” Kristol said, adding that he thinks Powell still has “a high respect” for John McCain, Obama’s Republican rival.

Powell spokeswoman Peggy Cifrino strongly denied the report.

“There’s absolutely no truth to it whatsoever,” Cifrino told FOXNews.com. “Colin Powell will not be at either convention. There’s absolutely no truth to this.”

An endorsement by Powell could go a long way to attracting moderates and wayward Republicans to the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate. The Rest Here

If you think Powell Endorsing Obama wouldn’t hurt McCain’s chances.. THINK again.

I think this would be the Obama camps “Nuclear Option” IF they get backed into a corner, the Powell factor will come to the forefront.

My reason is this: IF Powell endorses Obama I might even vote for him, and so would EVERY Black person in the country, as well as every free thinking American that isn’t a “party above country” person. On the contrary, if Powell endorsed McCain I would feel a LITTLE bit better if I had to vote for McCain. Powell being involved in this fight is not a good thing either way IMO.
IF Powell stays on the sidelines he is basically saying “Either one of these guys are ok with me” in which case Obama gains the upper hand, if Powell throws his support behind Obama, Obama becomes President. UNLESS Powell comes out and supports McCain with full fan fare, McCain probably won’t win.

IF Powell decided to run for President I’d vote for him. IF Powell decided to become McCain’s running mate, I’d feel a lot better about voting for McCain.

In conclusion, I think Powell is the gate keeper, he is holding all the keys and if he waits till late October, then spouts “I am supporting Obama” get ready for 4 years of Liberal leadership. Oh and it will be a clean sweep, it will be the congress too, that endorsement of an UBER liberal president, will trickle down to the senate and house.

Powell has an entire nations respect, Powell is the one that should be running for President.

In My Opinion of course.