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Vote Tomorrow

I’m not as optimistic as most Republicans seem to be, I’m a realist and from what I’ve seen the American people haven’t got a brain transplant. The folks I talk to about politics for the most part are educated voters. … Continue reading

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Super Tuesday Recap…

Romney won 6, Santorum won a few, Newt won Georgia. Obama picks up more momentum. Delegate count is not decisive. Paul is still there, Newt is still there…Here’s my issue: Romney is supposed to be the “Elite, GOP Washington establishment … Continue reading

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Finally! Today we get a voice!

Vote today damn it. And Vote smart! I pray that today is violence free, I pray that the American people vote smart, I pray that there will be a WAVE of victories for the Republicans across the nation, I pray … Continue reading

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The Home Stretch: Will We Do it?

The tea party, the one force in this nation with the numbers and the will to affect change is about to prove it’s value. In just 5 days, Americans will go to the polls and VOTE for their version of … Continue reading

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The Hero we been waiting for…

HT to IOW Hell yes, enough is enough. Get out the vote guys. The Democrats are digging up the dead, and clearing out prisons to vote for them. IF we don’t do it November, all it lost. Hope lives or … Continue reading

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34 days until Independence Day

I sure hope they are right. Obama’s minions are on a full court press to sway the voters. With the same ol lies progressives/liberals/commies/marxist/socialists have been touting for over 70 years…It’s never been this close to a full on takeover … Continue reading

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The Nuclear Option for Obama.

It appears that Collin Powell might endorse Obama? Sources say former Secretary of State Colin Powell will endorse Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention, Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol told FOX News exclusively on Thursday. “He may well give … Continue reading

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