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Why Trump? 5 Reasons

Why Trump? 5 Reasons

The full brunt of liberal media, Obama’s social justice warrior crew, Hillary’s leftwing donors and foreign money are rolling in to the heir apparent Hillary Clinton….


Donald Trump is largely funding his own campaign, he’s getting donations from the people, he’s getting some business cash, some of his buddies throwing in some coin…

So there are our choices. Do not kid yourself, there is no other option. You can call yourself a “Conservative” and a “Principled” person.. You can “Vote your conscience” as Ted Cruz said.. Let me help your “Conscience”…


The Supreme Court of the USA… If Hillary wins, she may have 3 appointments to make. (For sure will have two, Scalia and Ruth G. odds are if Hillary wins, one more bails in order to keep his chair LEFT)

So we will have FIVE supreme court justices appointed by Obama and Hillary Clinton. Sotomeyer and Keagan from Obama and Hillary’s Three. Not enough to sway you? Read the opinions of both of Obama’s picks on every case they heard since they were sworn in. They were the minority on most, but would be majority after Clinton appointments.


So while you are hating Trump for your “Conscience” remember, Trump is a four year mistake if he’s terrible as POTUS, but his appointments are forever. Clinton is an eight year mistake because the media like they did for Obama carries that water the whole way. Her appointments are forever.

Choose wisely.

Also, if you voted for Romney in 2012, you can’t say you’re a “Principled” voter now… Just sayin.