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Obama’s Tax Policy has been a failure…

Obama’s Tax Policy has been a failure…

As if anyone on the right had any doubt. Watch this:

Penn and Teller help with the explanation. (Language warning)

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Yep. And in 08 WE told everyone, WE the new media saw it coming, fought as hard as we possibly could to educate the American people. We failed. Partly because the GOP failed us. But mostly because of APATHY. We got complacent, we bought into the “Change” rhetoric.

Now what?

Stand up, fight and win. You have the big guns. You own the high ground, the history and the facts are with you on the right.



Obama’s Arrogant Press Conference.

Obama’s Arrogant Press Conference.

I heard pieces of it on the way to the range. The funniest part during his speech was the Radio DJ saying, haven’t we heard all of this before? Is this a new speech?…

I got home and tried to listen to his majesty speaking and answering questions. It was tough. I wanted to shoot the TV! The arrogance of this man is beginning to really set me off. He tells congress to get to work, he’s busy campaigning, golfing, lying, deceiving, dictating and basically being who we knew he was.

Obama is nothing more than an absent president at best, the destroyer of our nation at worst. I’m betting on the latter.

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He’s starting the ever useful class war, blame the rich, make the GOP the bad guys, don’t cut your homie’s welfare checks, just make the big companies pay more.. And then BITCH when they leave the nation and take jobs. California is a good road map to our national issue. But nobody wants to look. The GOP better stand up to this asshat or we’re screwed. IF you are an Obama supporter you are my sworn enemy. You are lower than scum in my book so tread lightly in my presence.

Boobs and Guns: My Favorite things….

Boobs and Guns: My Favorite things….

Time is tight today so I’ll post a couple of my favorite things in one post:

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Um, Yes.. I’d like to fondle the AK the MP and the other 4 items… 😯

Rotweilers and Wood.. Simple Solutions.

Rotweilers and Wood.. Simple Solutions.

Gotta love it when folks wake up to reality. This man GETS IT!

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Yep. but in order to be truly a fix, you must fix the court system first. The crazy lady would sue the owners of the dog, the dog would be put down. Spank a kid in school get fired and sued. However; IF we fixed the court system, the Rotweiler and Wood theory would put our nation on a fast track to success.

Reagan Schools Obama on Socialism…

Reagan Schools Obama on Socialism…

Funny Stuff… Truth and humor…

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:rotfl: Too bad Obammy doesn’t listen and he sure as hell won’t reverse course. We the People can remove his dumbass in 2012 though.