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Conservatives vs Republicans…

Conservatives vs Republicans…

After looking around the interweb a bit and checking on some of the more “Moderate” writings of “Right leaning” authors I have come to a realization…

I am a Far Right extremist. (look at the about A&P page) Me and most of my good friends are far right by the MSM standards and by a lot of “Moderates” and I’m okay with that…

Republicans are, for lack of a better word soft on some major issues to the so-called “Right Wing Extremist” and that is okay too.

During this election year the most important thing we can do is to unify behind the things Conservatives  and Republicans have in common. We are seeing what happens when we let the left control the nation and it’s far worse than a lot of us had imagined.

We conservatives are unwilling to compromise on a couple of issues, but there is room for compromise on a host of others if a candidate is STRONG on the basics.

1. National Security Including Illegal Immigration solution (That doesn’t include AMNESTY)

2. 1st and 2nd amendments.

3. fiscal responsibility.

4. Free Market Solutions to our economic woes.

5. A sensible solution to energy. (No more of this global warming BS)

I would like to see us on the right unite during this election around candidates that are at least strong on those issues…

I will soften my stance on a few issues for the greater good in the short term. I will still criticize the RINO’s that have exhibited a reluctance to STAND firm on the basic issues that make us RIGHT minded individuals. And I will still call out those “R’s” that fail to fight some of the other issues that are near and dear to my heart.

In MY opinion a “Republican” started the mess that we find ourselves in. Granted it was under a DEMOCRAT controlled HOUSE, but a REPUBLICAN was President at the time. The REPUBLICAN that softens under the basic issues is a DEMOCRAT.

As of right now, the R’s have the upper hand and the D’s know it. The only way the “D’s” win in November is if WE divide ourselves over trivial issues. We do not need to prove who is “Right enough” we need common sense to prevail and if we let RINO’s and US on the far right implode, the nation and the world will suffer more of the last two years.

This is the first step in my opinion. We are changing the “R’s” for the better. We have successfully moved the Republicans further RIGHT on the spectrum and brought the center back to the middle. Over the last decade the “Center” has moved left and it took Obama to prove it. NOW is the time to strike back.

I’m a big fan of the fight. I don’t like voting for R for R sake. I was happy when Scott Brown got elected to Kennedy’s seat but I never thought for a minute that he’d be anything more than a RINO. And if we elect a house full of Scott Browns we have won nothing.

The basics are what unites us. USE it and we will debate the rest as we repair our nation.