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Union Thug Assaults Steven Crowder

Union Thug Assaults Steven Crowder

Gotta love the new tone huh? Remember when the left said “You vote for Romney, there will be blood?” They were right.

You see where this is headed? Detroit, a wonderful place to work for those slugs that are in the street now. But how great is it for those out of work there? Those who can’t get a job because there’s no businesses willing to do business with these idiots?

Tell me again about the tea party being violent? If this was a tea party protest and someone slugged a CNN reporter would the media be silent? LMAO, hell no it would be front page for 3 days.

Was this the punch that sets off the war? This COWARD who threw the weak ass punch needs his ass kicked. And by God let that son of a bitch throw one in my A.O and a curb stomp is in his future. Crowder is sitting on a gold mine now. He can damn near break that union by himself. LAW SUIT, ASSAULT, Emotional trauma.. Play the game Crowder.