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Misdirection, Deceit and Lies…

Misdirection, Deceit and Lies…

What we are seeing now is the best effort to hide the lack of leadership our nation is going through EVER. We have the media focused on the George Zimmerman witch hunt and subsequent stake burning, while the White House is on fire… The nation is suffering, the world is suffering but hey, some guy who would have liked to be cop rather than a bad guy shot a thug on a dark night after he was beaten.. OH MY GAWD!

As much as I enjoy a good circus, the Zimmerman trial ended for me yesterday. The defense is on solid footing within the facts, the prosecution on the other hand is emotion first. Emotions are strong motivators but rarely do they lead to good decisions. And that’s where we are now.

Emotions led to Obamacare, which in case you didn’t notice got delayed until after the 2014 elections. Is anyone asking questions? Nope. How about media ask these questions:

1. How can a President delay a law that was signed and SCOTUS approved with a stroke of the pen? Where in the Obamacare law does it state that a President has the right to enact it whenever its convenient? IF Obama can delay it and implement it at will, does that mean the next POTUS can retroactively delay it, stop it, kill it?

2. The Congressional Budget office COUNTED on the 4.8 BILLION dollars of revenue that implementation would generate through business penalties to make Obamacare “Deficit Neutral” without those dollars for another year, what is the outlook for the national debt?

Just off the top of my head….

Then there’s the Benghazi, IRS, DOJ, NSA scandals that have taken a back seat to Trayvon’s rotting corpse… Oh and don’t dare look at the gas prices up to 4.00 a gallon and the job market declining and the food/energy prices rising…  “But hey ya’ll I gotta go to Africa, cause George Bush did good things there…”

Political strategy?

Democrat thinking: IF the senate refused to pass Amnesty, Obama would have implemented Obamacare as it was LAW. But since Amnesty passed the senate, Obama and his democrat cronies aren’t sure what the house is going to do, they are counting on Boehner to kill the senate bill, then the dems will run against racist republicans the same old story that usually works. Right now, the dems don’t know if the house will pass Amnesty and if they do, coupled with OBAMACARE Train Wreck, they think they may lose the house and Senate…I disagree with that thinking.

If the house passes Amnesty, the house is full democrat in 2014. The senate is going to stay majority democrat anyway unless the RINO’s get Primaried. Most conservatives are fed up with RINO’s and Democrats. Enthusiasm is gone for Republicans in the senate.

Your thoughts on any of this?



Zimmerman Trial

Zimmerman Trial

Been a bit busy again lately. It’s tough being the minority and working for a living. But I’ve been watching the circus.. I mean, trial of George Zimmerman.

What I’ve seen so far is pretty much universal among FREE THINKING people. If you are a racist liberal progressive who is overcome with white guilt you may disagree with my synopsis.

The prosecution has been laying out its case for 2nd degree murder. But it seems that they’ve only made Zimmerman’s case for self defense stronger.


First we had the “jabba the hut” witness, who supposedly wrote a letter that she couldn’t read. She also injected the fact that the only racist words uttered that night came from Trayvon Martin.


Then we had the detective who said he believes Zimmerman’s story. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.


What we have here is a trial because the black racists like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. As well as the media who is absolutely overcome with white guilt have to have someone to blame OTHER THAN the poor saint Trayvon.

In my opinion, the only thing left for the defense to do is to rest its case. The prosecutors actually made the best case for the defense.

Free George Zimmerman and then Zimmerman should sue Al and Jesse for defamation of character plus damages.

Trayvon Martin’s family gets Paid

Trayvon Martin’s family gets Paid

Nothing like settling under threat of riot…

Travyon Martin’s parents settle wrongful death claim

Tracy Martin, Jahvaris Futlton, Sybrina Fulton, Benjamin Crump

Trayvon Martin’s parents have settled a wrongful death claim for an amount believed to be more than $1 million against a Florida homeowners association where their teen son was killed, Fox News confirms.
Trayvon was shot and killed by Neighborhood Watch volunteer George Zimmerman in Sanford, Fla., on Feb. 26, 2012.

75% of the American people know that Trayvon was nothing more than a thug. Although only 30% will openly say it. the rest know it but are afraid to be thought of as traitors.

He was put down because he attacked a man who exercised his right to self protection. He was KILLED in self defense, NOT MURDERED. The difference is great.

So why settle and give the race baiters 1 million? Well, if they didn’t settle then the king race hustlers Al and Jesse surely would protest… So pay up sucka’s.

This was just another extortion in the age of racists. The biggest racist in the world now are the black legions under Al and Jesse’s umbrella. Good thing they have Eric Holder and Barack Obama to help them in extorting money. Oh and lets not forget a willing media who fails to ask the questions before leading gullible citizens to conclusions of racism.

I wonder, if true justice prevails and George Zimmerman is found INNOCENT of all charges will the homeowners association get their money back? Yeah probably not.

Trayvon Martin: The Saga Continues

Trayvon Martin: The Saga Continues

New details are emerging almost daily. Some of the information is actually true. Most of it appears to elicit a shoulder shrug from folks who are on the fence about the entire issue.

Call me cynical but I don’t see this turning out well for anyone other than the race pimps. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will be fine no matter which way the issue is decided.

IF Zimmerman is found to be innocent of any charges and a grand jury sees the information and rules it shouldn’t be brought to trial. Al and Jesse will continue to use Trayvon in every possible way until they are dead and buried…

IF Zimmerman is found by the grand jury as POSSIBLY committing a crime. Then the fun will begin. Because when it goes to trial, there’s a chance he will be found INNOCENT. Then all hell will break loose and Al and Jesse can continue the race fight. IF he’s found guilty then the race pimps will be emboldened to cry racism more often.

It’s a win win for Al and Jesse, not much else is a plus for the nation or state or even the parents of Trayvon. It’s a NO WIN for Zimmerman. He can’t win this fight the most he can hope for is a draw.

There’s an excellent piece of investigative journalism from NEW MEDIA at “Just one minute” Too bad the MAINSTREAM Journalists can’t seem to shake their agenda long enough to give us truth.

There’s a new video of Zimmerman arriving at the Police station after the incident. The “Jump to Conclusion” crowd sees this as a smoking gun. Most of us who live the real world understand a couple things. One, the video clearly shows an officer looking at the back of Zimmerman’s head. Two the video clearly shows a “Mark” of some sort on his head prior to being led into the station. Also notice Zimmerman was handcuffed….

Either way, the reason for this post is not to try an convince people of guilt or innocence. It is to ALERT all of my readers and their families to the dangers of this time.

The last time I remember such a volatile racial divide is during the Rodney King trial. And afterwards. The issue then was cops beating the hell out of a criminal. Yep Rodney was a criminal. He initiated the ass whooping he got by not pulling over when he was told to do so. But the trial was a media frenzy and the media played a big part in the city going up in flames. During that time, white people were on edge. There were a lot of threats and assaults did go up across the state.

Please inform your family, especially teenagers if they are not painted white, don’t worry. IF they are white, you should advise them to be extra alert and cautious when they are out and about. It’s not paranoia, it’s remembering. It’s being proactive. Keep you’re head on a swivel in the mall, in parking lots, in anywhere that large crowds gather. I’m not going to tell you to avoid places that have a large “Black” customer base. But beware of the possibility that a confrontation can take place just because of your color.

Words of warning from someone who has been through this crap before.