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RINO’s Did it Again…

Okay it’s official: The Republican party was on life support, it has been since November. Today, the GOP pulled the plug on itself. RIP. As of right now. There are only Democrats running this nation. The FEW “Conservative” senators/House Reps … Continue reading

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This just in Joe Biden is a tool!

Joe Biden goes to Iraq on the 4th of July, and basks in what GWB actually had the balls to do… WHETHER You agree with the war in Iraq or NOT- GWB never backed down he stood his ground (Right … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with our Nation?

TexasFred just announced an issue that needs some serious attention. Iraq-bound guards penalized for breaking apartment lease MCKINNEY – A North Texas couple is getting ready for their second deployment overseas. They’re leaving to serve their country but instead they’ve … Continue reading

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