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The way forward…

The way forward…

After a few brave House Reps and Senators stood on principle and got stabbed in the back by the establishment, many of us are done with the GOP. (See TexasFreds for more on this topic)

The question is now what do we do? I submit we have only three choices:


1. Fight and keep fighting the same way and hope we eventually wake people up. This may be the way for some, for me I don’t think we have enough time.

2. Join the Democrat party and apologize for ever thinking we could stop the train wreck.

3. We fight like there’s no tomorrow to primary out all RINO’s and elect some serious fighters in 2014. If that doesn’t work then from 2014 to election day 2016 we allow ALL LIBERAL LEGISLATION to go through unchallenged. The thought behind this is the same as the “Let Obamacare collapse under its own weight.” crowd.


#3 is where we’re headed. See California for the example of a prolonged fight without honesty in media. CA is totally controlled by far left ideologues now and if you want that for the country, keep doing what we’re doing. The reason I use CA is I have watched it first hand. Think about this:

We fought, we voted for moderate Repubs with business acumen only to have them raise taxes and follow democrat ideology. (Since Reagan) The Republican party spent BILLIONS here to try and fight the liberal scourge only to get to this point. We got here because of give aways to voters. And we’re collapsing now at a rapid rate.


If we allow the democrat agenda unimpeded the damage they will do to their own ideology will be quicker and less expensive. It also removes the blame game. They can’t blame us for the results. In CA every election was NEGATIVE about why Republicans didn’t allow this or Did this or that… Even though Republicans haven’t had a majority in the legislative process for over 20 years.


IF in 2014 we do not change the senate and keep the house, we need to really consider #3. Because show and tell is a better campaign slogan than blame…