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America Under Attack from Within.

America Under Attack from Within.

If you think this is just a coincidence you’re sadly mistaken. Think about it:

Before Obama’s inauguration the gun grab issue starts his term. Obama was re-elected in large part because of his “Dream act” executive order and the hispanic vote. So what does a general fighting an equally skilled army do? You attack on two fronts,  you put the decision on your opponent to decide which front is the worst to lose.

We have the two biggest issues which are sort of intertwined. Illegal Immigration and Gun Rights. If it weren’t for the illegal infestation perhaps gun control wouldn’t be such an issue. Meaning MORE Hispanics use guns in crimes in greater numbers than any other so-called minority. But I digress..

Fact is our focus right now is drawn to protecting our 2nd amendment rights. While our focus is singular, here comes amnesty.. We can’t possibly win both, especially with only 1/3 of power in our control. So which do we give up? I say neither but I’m a realist we’re screwed. We’ll be lucky to keep our rights and I’m pretty sure the RINO’s in DC will cave to the Illegal Immigration farce.

Our nation is dying before our eyes. And those who come after us will wonder how it happened. I hope they see pictures of ABC/CBS/CNN/NBC and Obama when they look up the cause of America’s collapse.

American values have been usurped and tossed away. Now is the time for welfare and worship of dear leader… Have fun with that. I’ll be hunkered down and my words with my  last breath will be “FUCK YOU OBAMA!”