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Ted Nugent “I still Believe”

Ted Nugent “I still Believe”

One of my favorite folks in this world is Mr Nugent. He doesn’t say “Sorry” for his statements. He says what he means and means what he says. He doesn’t mince his words to appease ANYONE. And he walks the talk.

He’s 62 years old, slamming another tour across the nation that NONE of the current bands could match. He’s playing every damn day almost until Sept 5th. And let me tell you this, when they play, it’s NON-FKN STOP from start to finish. No breaks! Continuous rock and roll with a soulful flare.

He penned this little work of art between gigs.


Ted Nugent

My indefatigable I STILL BELIEVE 2011 tour is full on sheer delirium, triple live ultragonzo, and going great guns, with a special emphasis on great guns.

From eating BBQ with America’s sheriff, Joe Arpaio, in Phoenix to meeting with American military warriors, to blowing the heads clean off of musical fungluttons with my incredible band of Nigerian Rebels and snarling, slobbering guitars, I am one lucky guy. God has blessed me. No one should have this much fun. I can hardly get next to myself.

My tour is aptly titled “I Still Believe” because we do.

I still believe America is the last best place. Though America may stumble and suck at times, America sucks a whole lot less than the rest of the world. Believe it.

Though the economy is still lethargic from the intentional deathwish of soulless liberals, and way too many Americans are unemployed or underemployed and or just refusing to work, I still believe that American ingenuity, risk taking entrepreneurialism, lower taxes and much less of Fedzilla’s berserk overspending and crushing regulations is the path to prosperity. Following this simple formula will once again cause America to flex its unstoppable economic muscle.

Approaching my 6,300 concert, I adamantly still believe that relentless perseverance, a Herculean work ethic, pure animal dedication to one’s craft, a tandem gravel truck full of passion, and a never say die attitude will enable you to scale personal and professional mountaintops with aplomb everytime. But you must bust your ass every day and put your heart and soul into it. Laziness is the dope of dependency.


From generals to privates, from SEALS to mess hall cooks, from front line grunts and leathernecks to those who run silent and deep in our submarines, from those who fly our fighters and bombers to those who care for our wounded, I still believe these American warriors are the tip of freedom’s spear and the best America has to offer. May God bless each of them and their families everyday. It humbles me to my core to be around these incredible, patriotic Americans who provide with much sacrifice the freedom only by which the American Dream is available. Godspeed the US Warriors all.

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