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Whew, America got Lucky again…Or at least the Jooos did…

Whew, America got Lucky again…Or at least the Jooos did…

Seems that a bomb was planted on a cargo plane. Evidently we are getting extremely lucky. Lucky the idiots trying to kill us are inept.

Obama: Suspicious packages are a ‘credible terrorist threat’

Two packages mailed from Yemen and addressed to synagogues in Chicago contained explosive material and represented a “credible terrorist threat,” President Obama said Friday, as authorities focused their investigation on an increasingly lethal affiliate of al-Qaeda.

U.S. counterterrorism officials suspect that the packages, which were intercepted in Britain and Dubai, were sent by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which had already demonstrated a flair for sophisticated bombmaking in an attempt to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day.

This seems a little odd to me. These packages had addresses, they were going too some Jewish houses of worship. But who would want to hurt the jooos? Well I am just stumped. I can’t think of a single group of people who would try to murder the jooos…

The Jooos are the ones doing all the bad stuff in the world right? So could these packages have been headed to the Jooos for them to forward them to Israel, so they can use them on the residences of Gaza?

That may be a bit too much sarcasm but the way our elected officials are treating the MUSLIM’S that are trying to kill us, it’s pretty pathetic. YES I said MUSLIMS that are trying to kill us…Sue me or try to fire me. I give less than a shit.

I say it again, I can’t for the life of me understand why the MUSLIMS that are trying to kill us, continue to try and kill us. Right now, a terrorist attack would quite possibly unite a very large portion of Americans. It would signal the end of “DA WON” for sure, since he refuses to acknowledge the enemy.

IF the Muslims had any brains they would find a cave, hide out and wait for us to devour ourselves. It’s coming,

Thank GOD the Muslims didn’t accomplish their goal on this particular incident. OR did they? Could this have been a test? Could this have been a diversion? Could this be a misdirection? Could this be an inside job to HELP Obama? Lost of questions and only speculations for now.