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How to fix America by Ted Nugent.

How to fix America by Ted Nugent.

And you guys thought I was “A bit Extreme”…

1- No more welfare. Be productive or move to Canada

2- Secure the borders. Shoot to kill all invaders. Demand our LEOs are armed to the teeth when crossing into Mexico & everywhere else in the world.

3-  Win the war on terror. kill them all

4- DRILL MINE PUMP wallpapercarpetbomb gas, coal, oil, shale, nuke. Be energy independent in 2 years

5- Cut gvt bureaucracies by 75% in 2 years. Clean house. Anything that doesn’t pass a US Constitution test, eliminate it.

6- Demand Obama’s official birth cert in 24 hours, then prosecute accordingly.

7- Enact the 2nd Amendment nationwide immediately

8- Prosecute all judges & attorneys involved in all repeat crimes.

9- Give orders to LEOs to shoot to kill all non compliant criminals. No more hi-speed chases.

10- Jail or kill all gang members.

11- End parole & early release programs, give the death penalty to all prosecutors, judges & attorneys found to withhold evidence causing wrongful convictions.

For starters.

Well I can’t disagree with any of that… :clap: