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Hillary Enters the Race

So Monica’s ex-Boyfriend’s wife is officially entering the race to be POTUS. I think that’s awesome. We need to see a woman president at some point. However; Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton of the house “CantTelltheTruth” (Game of thrones reference) is not … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz: Well Done Sir.

Senator Ted Cruz took it to the establishment GOP and Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama the other day. The Result from the vast majority of CONSERVATIVES, LIBERTARIANS and INDEPENDENTS alike was: Democrats, Progressives, Liberals and RINO’s were like: Senator Ted … Continue reading

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Gun Control Legislation NOT DEAD.

Anyone who thought the gun grabbers would back off after the background check bill died in the senate is an idiot. Most Freedom loving Americans KNOW that the left is in an orgasmic state that it came within a couple … Continue reading

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