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2012 Republican Election Field expands…

2012 Republican Election Field expands…

But not ONE of them have my full undying support. Very Very Sad.

I love the “Pre-campaign” speeches, they are saying all the right things… But I’m a seriously disenfranchised voter. I’m a disgusted voter, I’m an angry voter.

Herman Cain entered the race today. Good. We need more in the running. Because the current crop SUCKS. When a 2 yr old child puts his hand on the stove and burns his hand he learns real quick DON’T DO THAT AGAIN. I wish the American people were smarter than 2 year olds.

I don’t want “Moderation” anymore. I don’t want “Compromise” anymore, I don’t give a good damn about “Working with the other side” the other side has proven their skills, their ideals, and their direction is an utter failure. WHY COMPROMISE? Kids need discipline and the democrats need a time out.

IF we can’t get a better crop of candidates in 2012 for POTUS, we will have to push for majorities in the Senate and hope to hold the gains in the house. IF we have veto over ride power in congress then Obama can’t affect too much “Change/Ruin” That may be the only hope we have as I see it.



Libya protests, Middle East in flames… Lovin It!

Libya protests, Middle East in flames… Lovin It!

Well it’s time for a Bushwack original rant I guess. First lets examine the latest news from Libya:

Libya: Tripoli residents say civilians being armed

RIPOLI, Libya – The embattled regime of Moammar Gadhafi is arming civilian supporters to set up checkpoints and roving patrols around the Libyan capital to control movement and quash dissent, residents said Saturday.

The reports came a day after protesters demanding Gadhafi’s ouster came under heavy gunfire by pro-regime militiamen trying to stop the first significant anti-government marches in days in Tripoli.

Gadhafi, speaking from the ramparts of a historic Tripoli fort, told supporters to prepare to defend the nation as he faced the biggest challenge to his 42-year rule. Rebels hold a long sweep of about half of Libya’s 1,000-mile (1,600- kilometer) Mediterranean coastline where most of the population lives.

“At the suitable time, we will open the arms depot so all Libyans and tribes become armed, so that Libya becomes red with fire,” Gadhafi said.

I give less than two sh*ts for Libya or their dear leader. I couldn’t give a crap less if the entire region’s population suddenly died a horrible painful death… As a matter of fact if it did happen I’d gain a big sense of OPTIMISM for mankind. For the last 50 years (more if you want to look back further) That Region has been a cancer to the planet. It has produced more death and destruction than thousands of years of war, famine and plague combined. in just 50 years…. Yeah I really don’t give a damn if the colonel opens fire on the population, I don’t care.. Sorry…

Closer to home… Just think if the liberal/progressive douchebags had their way, we would be as unarmed as the Libyan’s.  Every bill/law/idea regarding gun control needs to be overturned NOW. Our founding fathers KNEW that power corrupts they gave us the tools to combat it. Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, and the rest of the SHIT HOLE countries didn’t have that luxury. Look at the casualty rates when a tyrant refuses the will of the people.

The only thing that kept the progressives from enacting MARSHAL LAW type legistlation during the last 2 years of Obama was the tea party patriots actions. Trust me folks, if the tea party didn’t step up we’d be in a lot more danger than we are now. Look at Wisconsin. Fairly peaceful even though the vitriol is sickening… But it’s from the left so it’s okay….
About the 7:32 mark on the video, a real tough guy goes ballistic on a reporter…Damn Tea Party violence….Oh wait.. what? Lefty… never mind..

We will be fighting in the streets, mark my words it’s coming. You will know when, it will happen as soon as a conservative POTUS is elected and he/she tries to fix the economy. IF the POTUS has a majority REPUBLICAN congress, the riots here will mirror Egypt’s.

What will you do? Where will you stand? What will you do with your kids? how will you survive the power outages, the food shortages, the water disruptions? The public service unions shut down causes a ripple effect. It could ugly in 2012-2013… I’m hoping it does. We need to face the facts, the fear, the real problems head on. Bring it.


CNN: Spitzer gets OWNED by Tea party spokeswoman.

CNN: Spitzer gets OWNED by Tea party spokeswoman.

No sure if she speaks for all tea parties but I’m a fan of hers. She’s well spoken and speaks with facts behind her. She was clearly the teacher in a room with short bus riding window lickers.

Now that the 111th Congress has come and gone… After creating more laws than any congress since the 30’s, we will see if the fruits of our labor are rewarded or scorned. the 112th comes in soon and so far I’m not happy with the R’s that are staying on. Some did fine, but a lot of them should be gone ASAP!

This is one thing I like:

New GOP Staffers Instructed on How to Cite Constitutional Justification

Someone sent me the text of an info packet being given to GOP staffers in a series of training sessions on how they are to comply with a requirement to cite exactly where in the Constitution is the justification for the legislation they and their member are writing during the upcoming 112th Congress.

We’ve heard that Boehner might institute this rule to force all legislators to justify their new laws by citing the clause that gives them the power to write the law. Let’s hope that this idea doesn’t die still born and that it becomes a new and long-lasting part of how our lawmakers write legislation.

Take a look at these guidelines. I like the idea…

TO: Members of the 112th Congress, Committee Staff Directors and Counsels; Member Staff

FR: Speaker-Designate Boehner, Majority Leader-Elect Eric Cantor, Rules Committee Chairman-Elect David Dreier, Transition Team Chairman Greg Walden

DT: December 17, 2010

RE: New Constitutional Authority Requirement for Legislation

The Pledge to America released by House Republicans in September of this year included a commitment to “require every bill to cite its specific Constitutional Authority.” To implement this proposal, the Transition Team and the Elected Republican Leadership are recommending a change to standing Rules of the House to require that each bill or joint resolution introduced in the House be accompanied by a statement citing the specific powers granted to Congress in the Constitution to enact the proposed law.

As this requirement will apply to all bills and joint resolutions introduced in the 112th Congress — including those introduced on the first day — we are writing to provide early guidance for complying with this rule so as to minimize any disruption caused by its implementation. Our staff will also hold bipartisan briefings for your staff to assist in compliance with this new requirement.


The new rule will be a new paragraph of clause 7 of rule XII:

“(c) A bill or joint resolution may not be introduced unless the sponsor has submitted for printing in the Congressional Record a statement citing as specifically as practicable the power or powers granted to Congress in the Constitution to enact the bill or joint resolution. The statement shall appear in a portion of the Record designated for that purpose and be made publicly available in electronic form by the Clerk.”


When a Member presents a bill or joint resolution for introduction and referral (when it is dropped in the “hopper”), the bill must be accompanied by a separate sheet of paper citing the constitutional authority to enact the proposed bill or joint resolution. Below is the suggested format for the citation:

Member Signature:____________________

(Bill Number Here)


Pursuant to clause 7 of Rule XII of the Rules of the House of Representatives, the following statement is submitted regarding the specific powers granted to Congress in the Constitution to enact the accompanying bill or joint resolution.



The blanks above are to be filled in by the sponsor.

It will be interesting to see how long it lasts and how many times the “Commerce clause” is used.

Police Chief and Sgt Fired for Tea Party Activities?

Police Chief and Sgt Fired for Tea Party Activities?

From TexasFred by way of Lake Tawakoni Area News

This, if true is disgusting. Evidently these men were fired because of their tea party affiliations. They were exercising their 1st amendment rights to assemble and to speak their mind. They felt drawn to the Tea Party patriots and an idiot mayor decided they had to go for their actions? Fire up the torches boys we got a target in Lake Tawakoni!

Chief Schultz Suspended and Sergeant Becket Fired for being Tea Party Members

On October 20, 2010 Police Chief Jack Schultz was put on 10 days unpaid suspension at which time he will be terminated. This is a man that has served this city for twenty years and acts as a fatherly figure to his community while keeping us safe.

Sergeant John Becket has Proudly & Bravely served his community for over nine years and operates as a protector and referee of the law instead of a small town speed trap cop as the mayor has publicly announced he wants in he new police department.

These are the sole actions of Mayor Pete Yoho and are being done against the will of the majority of the city council.

I trust Fred has done all he can to verify this story, and I can’t find any “Alternate” opinions or stories to dispute this claim. I have done searches for all information about this case or anything related to the firing. Using key words like “Lake Tawakoni+Police Chief+Tea party” you can find some local opinions on the issue.

What I have determined through these searches is:

Lake Tawakoni is suffering through budget issues just like everyone else. Very few online resources point to the PD as the reason for it. The mayor is not very popular and this story is developing quickly. The mayor didn’t think it would garner the attention it has, and the Mayor may soon see why this was a bad idea.

This action by the mayor stinks to high heaven and if the Nations patriots don’t stand up for these cops I say you are cowards and don’t deserve the label of a patriot.

Get the word out on this issue.

Stormin Norman is already on it

Tea Party Candidates Coming Through!

Tea Party Candidates Coming Through!

Well, let there be HOPE for CHANGE!

The last couple debates have shown exactly how weak the Democrats are, as well as how strong our tea party candidates are. The reason is simple. A 5 yr old kid that has been raised as an American and has those values instilled in them, would appear stronger than this democrat field. WHY?

Because for the first time in modern history, the party with the super majority can not run on what they’ve done. They can not tout their accomplishments because everything they have done is a disaster. The only hope they have is their opponent has mercy on them and doesn’t call them on it. NOT HAPPENING!

Sharon Angle sighted in and unloaded on the idiot Senate leader. Right now I picture Harry in his large home on the floor in a fetal position. Well Done Mrs Angle.

Christine O’Donnell is gaining ground after her debate, and if she can shut up about her youthful commentary and stick to the issues, she just might catch that marxist SOB she’s running against.

We can hope, we can PRAY for an O’Donnell victory. I know I’m sending a few bucks her way just because THIS race, more than any other would be a NAIL in the coffin for Demonrats. As much scrutiny as O’Donnell has had to endure, if she won that seat the shockwaves would knock the earth off kilter.

Keep Fighting Y’all the fight is just beginning.

On November 2nd we vote, on November 3rd we celebrate, on November 4th we get back to work and hold every politician still standing accountable for their words and they better show some action. IF not, OUT THEY GO TOO! Party be damned.

Tea Party is Racist, head tea party figure uses N-WORD!

Tea Party is Racist, head tea party figure uses N-WORD!

IF that was true how many days would we be subjected to the “Racist” calls from the LameStream Media? This is a clip that should concern ALL Americans. It shows exactly how the double standard and the state run MSM is conducting business. They let this go unchallenged:

Now think back to when Dr Laura used the word, she did it in context similar and was roundly criticized, lambasted in the media for a week straight until she resigned.

BUT this moron, this worthless communist P.O.S get a free pass? I’ve said this in several posts and I mean every damn word of it. IF I ever crossed paths with Bill Maher, I’d curb stomp that prick wouldn’t say a word to him, just unload on his sorry ass… I absolutely can’t stand him. I have more respect for Micheal Moore and Jane Fonda than I have for that coward.

Tell me something all you high and mighty self righteous Black folks, why no outrage? is it because he’s a democrat and is doing a good job keeping you on the plantation? He’s helping the establishment keep you guys in chains, calling you n-gr and you just laugh….Seems kind of odd to me. But enjoy your servings from the ruling class, don’t worry they’ll keep feeding you crumbs as long as you vote for them…Idiots.

I guess freedom of speech is only acceptable if you hold a Democrat voter card huh?

Glenn Beck’s Predominatly WHITE Rally

Glenn Beck’s Predominatly WHITE Rally

That’s the headline to most liberal leaning media outlets. After further review I’d like to weigh in on the racial make up of the two rally’s.

Al Sharpton had the same amount of time to plan his “Reclaim the Dream” march. He had all the Alphabet Networks, he had all the liberal talking heads and he had all kinds of support from liberal bloggers. He drew 3000 Predominately black attendees.

Glenn Beck had his show on Fox, and a radio show. He drew over 500k “predominately white” attendees

So does that say anything to those of you that question the make up of the tea party?

Here’s what it says to me. Blacks are not as engaged in the politics of this nation as they should be. Blacks are not involved for the most part. Now before you get all “That’s racist” on me, listen to my reasoning:

The first Black president is a done deal many blacks were very engaged and protested or supported every rally surrounding his candidacy. Once he was elected then the black community seemed to just wait till the expectations were fulfilled. And after all the promises on the campaign trail and the media’s hype, they and us were rightly expecting massive improvements in our lives.

As for the black community I don’t think things have changed much. I don’t see any more or any less black crime, poverty or successes. I can understand the black communities involvement to get the first Black President elected and to show support for that monumental day. Since then nothing has really changed for them. (Or anyone of any color for that matter)

I see unemployment in the black community just as bad if not worse than any other ethnic group, crime is still problem, the education system is just as bad as it was before and there are many problems that have not been addressed. So they are not as engaged as they were 2 years ago, understandable.

I honestly believe 60% of all BLACKS in America share the tea party’s beliefs (Maybe a little high percentage, but I’ve been told I’m an optimist) But I also know a lot of black folks, they are just as proud as the white folks I know and they don’t want to admit they made a mistake, just like the rest of us. (90% of all voting Blacks voted for Obama)

What this says to me is, you shouldn’t be judging the tea party as racist when Al and Jesse can’t even get the blacks out to DC to “Reclaim the dream” when Glenn Beck probably had just as many Black Americans in his rally. The problem isn’t with the “White attendees” it’s with the Black “NON-Attendees.” Blacks are invited to all of the functions just like anyone else. What it also says is the media’s portrayal of the “Racist” Tea party has been effective in keeping the blacks away from the events. Hell I wouldn’t go to a black panther rally even if I agreed with a couple of their statements….

The problem isn’t the tea party being racist, it’s the black community not being involved in the politics and the issues. I honestly believe the tea party is missing a golden opportunity by not going into some of the black areas of our nation and engaging in dialog with them. I think a lot of them are disappointed in the current direction and are looking for a better way.

We need to lead!

ONE EDITORS NOTE: I hope the word “Black” does in no way affect anyone that reads this piece. I’m not sure what the PC way of trying to get my message across would have been. African-American bothers me and it bothers some folks with a darker complexion than myself. So with that, I offer no apologies for my use of the word black in this article. Just know that I am in no way trying to cast a negative light on any color, just an explanation as to the MSM’s assertion of the racist tea party.

Attention Tea Party, You are blowing it.

Attention Tea Party, You are blowing it.

I found an interesting take on the current events surrounding the tea party and it’s aims. The Black Informant makes a good point about the tea party.

Dear Tea Party, You Are Blowing It.

A few weeks ago, I told radio talk show host Rhonda Deniston out in San Diego that if the Republican party/Tea Party wanted to be taken more seriously in the Black community, it would target places like the Detroit, MI area. Instead of pointing to that area as an example of what happens when Liberalism rules an area, the Right should invest in that area and get behind organizations that are addressing some of the issues that plague that region. Get behind candidates that have both a track record and the ability to bring life back to that region.

The Democratic party does not give a flying flip about this area except during election season. And instead of going to places like this to invest, the Tea Party has resorted to simply providing a dog and pony show for the media and critics to prove that they actually “love” Black people. The Rest is HERE

I think the man makes a good point. The tea party is mostly preaching to the choir, we are making gains in independents, but that’s to be expected. Where the true “Honey Pot” of disenfranchised voters is located is in the inner cities. The places that have been Democrat for so long they know nothing else. Democrats have successfully defended those areas not by EMPOWERMENT for the people, but by keeping them in chains. They are dependents of the state for the most part.

The inner cities, the vast pools of Democrat voters are kept in that mindset by crumbs from the tables of the elites. Every election year Democrats swamp those areas making promises of MORE gifts, aid and promises of more funding from fedzilla. This is the endless mindless cycle of the “Gimme more” mentality. Now is a good time to look at what they have been given. Despair, ruin, unemployment, high crime, poor education, slums… the list goes on.

Places like Detroit, LA, Chicago, NY, and several other inner cities are absolutely dying because of the lack of JOBS in those areas, and as the population grows in those areas, the plight becomes more and more illuminated.

So how does the tea party breech that mentality? How does the tea party truly reach out to say they have a better way? All the left has done is attacked the tea party, they can not challenge the tea party on the issues. And I think. maybe the inner cities have come to the realization that if Obama can’t do it all for them, it can’t be done. So maybe NOW is the time we can truly offer another path for those in the food lines….

I made a comment at the Black informants site, and basically said: IF those inside the areas like Detroit and the like, stood up they would find a huge support structure right beside them.

Those in the desolate cities, the areas that have experienced the liberal rule and are now finding themselves in despair, if they would just rise up and not demand the government do more, but that they do LESS, and get the hell out of their lives and let businesses come back to invest in those areas, things would get dramatically better. Show the investors that the people in those areas are ready to change and they will find support. Show the world the lessons have been learned and you are ready to try another path.

What would the tea party be able to offer those folks?  Not much because the tea party represents country, and self. It is a group of people that believe in personal responsibility and faith. IF the message of the tea party hasn’t reached the areas of the above story, it’s because they don’t believe in it. It’s because they are ignoring it in order to keep the crumbs coming.  It would only take one strong voice in those areas to push a movement to new heights. But it takes ONE VOICE.

Don’t lay it on the tea party because they haven’t reached out to these areas, it’s up to those areas to reach out to the tea party. When they do they will find a welcoming hand and hug.