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Chapel Hill Shooting…

By now you’ve heard about the three Muslims who were shot and killed in Chapel Hill N.C. In case you haven’t: Three Muslims Killed in Chapel Hill N.C  (*By White-NRA-Tea Party-Ted Cruz-Republican-Racist etc of course*) That in parenthesis comment is … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts From Behind Enemy Lines

We traded 5 major players in the war on terror for one possible “Traitor” “Deserter” Which makes perfect sense. Hillary will need a Secretary of state in 2017 so Berghdal is now odds on favorite for that position. A man … Continue reading

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The way forward…

After a few brave House Reps and Senators stood on principle and got stabbed in the back by the establishment, many of us are done with the GOP. (See TexasFreds for more on this topic) The question is now what … Continue reading

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Battle plan advice for the GOP…

Another attempt to help the GOP get their act together.. First off, any battle plan must have contingencies. But shooting all of your ammunition in the first engagement is probably not wise unless you’ve killed all the enemy on the … Continue reading

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Maxine Waters has a MELT DOWN…

You know how you can tell you’re winning the Debt Debate? Well there’s two ways actually, one would be if a person with a bit of common sense realized, SPENDING MORE THAN YOU TAKE IN IS BAD. The other is … Continue reading

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DNC Chair blames Tea Party..

As always all fingers must point away from the truth. DNC chairwoman blames Tea Party ‘tyrants’ for US credit rating downgrade The head of the Democratic National Committee joined Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) on Monday in casting blame for the … Continue reading

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Predicting Obama’s Speech.. Tea Party’s Fault…

Let me go ahead and predict the content of his teleprompter led speech: There will be roughly 23 “I’s” in it. There will be 10 to 15 references to the “Extremists” with in the party’s… Which is Democrat speak for … Continue reading

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The American Tea Party… Kudos to ALL.

Have you noticed the switch in DC? Did you notice anything? Before the election in November of 2010. The conversation switched from “Bush did everything wrong, and us Democrats are going to fix it” to “We screwed up the economy … Continue reading

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