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Chapel Hill Shooting…

Chapel Hill Shooting…

By now you’ve heard about the three Muslims who were shot and killed in Chapel Hill N.C. In case you haven’t:

Three Muslims Killed in Chapel Hill N.C  (*By White-NRA-Tea Party-Ted Cruz-Republican-Racist etc of course*)

That in parenthesis comment is where this post is headed and it was added by me. Fact is, this was a dispute between tenants at a complex. The shooter was an Atheist, an extremely Anti-ANY RELIGION. That alone should be enough to show he was anything but a “Right Side of the Aisle” extremist.

Which party boo’d GOD at their national convention? I’ll wait.
Which party uses the SPLC, ACLU and other lawyer groups against religious institutions?(Christians/Catholics/Jews)

However, there’s a problem with only seeing the obvious. It misses the target too. The Tea Party has been infiltrated with capitol L libertarians, these folks in large part are maximum freedom lovers, but tend to side with the “Remove cross from hills” “Remove the Ten Commandments” “Don’t allow prayer in public” folks… They also side with the gay marriage crowd..

My take on the Three Muslims killed in Chapel Hill is simple:

The guy that killed them should be punished to the full extent that the law allows. If these “Muslims” were the “Moderate” Muslims America has been searching for, there’s three less of them now.

The hypocrisy is astounding though, 3 muslims gunned down and college students rail as if they have been validated about their victimization of poor muslims, yet totally silent about the Jews gunned down in France, The Christians killed by Muslims, the onslaught of Muslim atrocities that have been happening for the past three generations. (Not going as far back as the crusades)

So, beware all you “Kill all Muslims” folks, when any muslim is killed in America its a hate crime, when a muslim kills you, its workplace violence or an unknown ideology driving force… LOL

Random Thoughts From Behind Enemy Lines

Random Thoughts From Behind Enemy Lines

We traded 5 major players in the war on terror for one possible “Traitor” “Deserter” Which makes perfect sense. Hillary will need a Secretary of state in 2017 so Berghdal is now odds on favorite for that position.

A man and woman, called NAZI’s and “White Supremacists” killed two cops and three civilians in Nevada yesterday. They ended their shooting spree in WalMart… How perfect is this for the anti-gun crowd?

1. The Nazi/White Supremacist angle. CHECK

2. The Couple were in attendance at Bundy Ranch. CHECK

3. They used the Gadsden Flag CHECK

4. They shouted “Revolution” CHECK

5. They took guns and ammo from Cops (Good guys with guns can’t stop bad guys) CHECK

6. They went to WalMart. (Protest target by democrats) CHECK

By my count, this was the definition of the democrat dream crime spree… Almost too perfect, almost like it was made for a political event… Not saying it was, just find the timing/execution and methods just so step by step…

Obama is dumping Illegal children all over AZ/Texas. This shocks who? not most of us. Texas is succeeding despite Obama’s economy, Obama sued AZ over border enforcement. This is what is known as “Manufacturing a crisis” so the solution fits “Democrat Agenda” no matter what it does to the people of the state or nation.

There’s a lot of news hitting hard out there these days. There’s a big reason for it. The election is coming up, Democrats are not looking good for holding their jobs but and this is huge: DON’T underestimate the ability of the RINO party to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Let us pray very hard that the focus of Americans stays on the results of the last 8 years. 8 years the democrats have controlled 2/3 of congress. If the economy, Bengazi, IRS targeting, DOJ, AG, Gun Control, Jobs, Berghdal, Foreign Policy, VA Scandal, gas prices, unemployment, obamacare and the lies that have been found to be LIES beyond a shadow of a doubt aren’t enough to remove EVERY DEM in the senate there’s nothing else to be done. Its over.



The way forward…

The way forward…

After a few brave House Reps and Senators stood on principle and got stabbed in the back by the establishment, many of us are done with the GOP. (See TexasFreds for more on this topic)

The question is now what do we do? I submit we have only three choices:


1. Fight and keep fighting the same way and hope we eventually wake people up. This may be the way for some, for me I don’t think we have enough time.

2. Join the Democrat party and apologize for ever thinking we could stop the train wreck.

3. We fight like there’s no tomorrow to primary out all RINO’s and elect some serious fighters in 2014. If that doesn’t work then from 2014 to election day 2016 we allow ALL LIBERAL LEGISLATION to go through unchallenged. The thought behind this is the same as the “Let Obamacare collapse under its own weight.” crowd.


#3 is where we’re headed. See California for the example of a prolonged fight without honesty in media. CA is totally controlled by far left ideologues now and if you want that for the country, keep doing what we’re doing. The reason I use CA is I have watched it first hand. Think about this:

We fought, we voted for moderate Repubs with business acumen only to have them raise taxes and follow democrat ideology. (Since Reagan) The Republican party spent BILLIONS here to try and fight the liberal scourge only to get to this point. We got here because of give aways to voters. And we’re collapsing now at a rapid rate.


If we allow the democrat agenda unimpeded the damage they will do to their own ideology will be quicker and less expensive. It also removes the blame game. They can’t blame us for the results. In CA every election was NEGATIVE about why Republicans didn’t allow this or Did this or that… Even though Republicans haven’t had a majority in the legislative process for over 20 years.


IF in 2014 we do not change the senate and keep the house, we need to really consider #3. Because show and tell is a better campaign slogan than blame…

Battle plan advice for the GOP…

Battle plan advice for the GOP…

Another attempt to help the GOP get their act together..

First off, any battle plan must have contingencies. But shooting all of your ammunition in the first engagement is probably not wise unless you’ve killed all the enemy on the field as well as those in the rear.

So far the GOP has seen fit to go public with everything wrong with Obama. While its a long list and it grows daily, America is short sighted. ALL of this fodder is being wasted because most won’t remember it next year.

Hold up on some of the details of the dumbassery that is Obama. Save some in reserve and keep good records to get the message out next year. Have dates, have details and have good targets…

Also you really need to watch this: (HT to the Daily Gator)

Tea Party Dana Loesch is the BEST

Not only is she extremely HOT! she’s damn right.


Maxine Waters has a MELT DOWN…

Maxine Waters has a MELT DOWN…

You know how you can tell you’re winning the Debt Debate? Well there’s two ways actually, one would be if a person with a bit of common sense realized, SPENDING MORE THAN YOU TAKE IN IS BAD.

The other is when they start calling you names, like racist, terrorists, hostage takers etc…OR telling you to go to hell…

Maxine Waters: ‘The tea party can go straight to hell’

So much for dialing back the rhetoric, right?

On Saturday in Inglewood, Calif., Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters had some harsh words for the tea party.

“I’m not afraid of anybody,” the California congresswoman told constituents in footage that appeared on ABC affiliate KABC in Los Angeles, not backing down from comments made about President Obama earlier in the week. “This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened. And as far as I’m concerned — the tea party can go straight to hell.

Read more at the Daily Caller


Evidently Maxine Waters wants us to visit her house. She must live in hell everyday. She’s surrounded by takers. She’s surrounded by racists, she’s surrounded by those that would rather the government pay for their lively hood than earn it themselves. Maxine Waters is the extreme socialist. She has NO PROBLEM telling you what to do with YOUR MONEY, however; telling her constituents to quit gangbangin is asking too much. She’ll gladly take more of your hard earned money to give to those “Less fortunate because the White man kept slaves in the 1800’s” or something.


Maxine Waters is the slave mistress of the 21st century. She’s keeping her slaves in line using a full trough of entitlements. One can only hope that one day, just like the Jews, Protestants and every other RACE/Religion slaves, blacks will overcome… Probably not until America quits coddling them. Maxine Waters is representing her district well, and since they sent her to D.C she has just made her entire district irrelevant. (Again)

One more note on the racism in America…

Obama was elected POTUS because he was BLACK. He was not qualified for the job, he has proven to be a complete failure, we are not firing him because he is black, we’re firing him because he’s worthless..


DNC Chair blames Tea Party..

DNC Chair blames Tea Party..

As always all fingers must point away from the truth.

DNC chairwoman blames Tea Party ‘tyrants’ for US credit rating downgrade

The head of the Democratic National Committee joined Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) on Monday in casting blame for the U.S. credit downgrade on the Tea Party movement.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) quoted Kerry’s comments made Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and noted, “Truer words never spoken.”

HA, man I love this. This shows the fear that the democrats have of the Tea Party. You damn well better fear us. We the PEOPLE have had enough. We’re making changes, we’re changing the “Ruling elite class” back to “We the people” and if you don’t like it QUIT ya bitch.

I’ll take every bit of the blame, You’re damn right I said STOP SPENDING MONEY, WE”RE FKN BROKE! Here’s something else you may want to blame. How about your party who ran our debt up to this point? Well that can’t be right…

How ridiculous is this… there’s 535 members of Congress, the VP and POTUS in the ruling body. There’s approximately 20 Solidly TEA PARTY BACKED MEMBERS…. And those 20 held the rest hostage?… Whew, that’s the extreme example of “Victimization”… Who are the democrats? Perpetual victims…Yep.

Predicting Obama’s Speech.. Tea Party’s Fault…

Predicting Obama’s Speech.. Tea Party’s Fault…

Let me go ahead and predict the content of his teleprompter led speech:
There will be roughly 23 “I’s” in it.
There will be 10 to 15 references to the “Extremists” with in the party’s… Which is Democrat speak for TEA PARTY.
There will be 10 to 15 “Compromise” in it. Which is code word for “Republicans won’t do what I want”.
There will be 5 to 10 references to “Economic disaster” if debt deal not reached.
There will be 5 to 7 references to “Inherited problems” code word for all of this is Bush’s fault.
There will be 5 to 10 statements about children, the poor, minorities and seniors paying the bills
There will be 7 to 10 references about the rich, the corporate wealthy, oil companies etc.

I won’t be watching this repeat of every crisis hyped BS from the hypocrite in chief. But I guess I’ll see how close I was to accurate tomorrow morning.

To those of you who count yourselves as Tea Party patriots. You are enemy number 1 now. You are the problem. You are aligned with the shooter in Norway. I am VERY PROUD to count myself as an AMERICAN TEA PARTY SUPPORTER. (Not a member of any group since my local chapter is a real tea party more than an activist group) But I fully support the values of the tea party. WE HAVE DONE GREAT WORK! Look at the conversation and how its changed from “Spend it all” to “CUT IT ALL.”

Jump on board folks the Tea Party train is picking up steam all over the nation. You don’t have to do anything other than support candidates who support the values of the tea party. Small/limited government, fiscal responsibility, free market solutions, National Security…

The American Tea Party… Kudos to ALL.

The American Tea Party… Kudos to ALL.

Have you noticed the switch in DC? Did you notice anything? Before the election in November of 2010. The conversation switched from “Bush did everything wrong, and us Democrats are going to fix it” to “We screwed up the economy and we want to continue spending to get out of this mess”… FAIL

We have a very large movement that’s growing bigger every day. We have the American tea party. The unorganized, leaderless and active AMERICANS that have changed the game in DC. Did you notice?

Obama put up a budget proposal that NOT ONE DEMOCRAT voted for in the senate. It would have continued the spending spree and actually destroyed our nations economy beyond repair. KUDOS to the Dems on avoiding that. Did ya notice that?

Now the TEA PARTY is the source of all anger when Democrats are talking about the house of reps. Did ya notice that?

The Tea party is the force for CHANGE. You don’t have to go to meetings, You don’t have to give money to any faction of the tea party. You don’t even have to associate with any leader of any faction of any state or city or towns tea party. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BE A TEA PARTY SUPPORTER! That’s me.

There are some idiots in the tea party. There are some HERO’S in the tea party. The most part of the tea party are AMERICAN ACTIVISTS. And I support them FULLY.

The tea party has kicked DC in the nuts for ALL of us. Regardless if you have an issue with anyone in the tea party or any chapter. The TEA PARTY AS A WHOLE HAS DONE MORE IN 3 YEARS THAN ANY LEFTY GROUP EVER!

We the supporters of the American Tea Party, the active members, those who have ever carried a sign at a rally, those who put signs in their yard, those who VOTE with a tea party principles in mind, ARE WINNING THIS FIGHT! Do not give up, keep the pressure on.

Now the caveat.

The tea party has a lot of seniors in it. This is why the POTUS said S.S checks wouldn’t be going out if a deal was not made. He knows SENIORS are the majority of Tea Party’rs. How did you seniors like that?

The real issue is for the seniors. Will you accept something that hits your pocketbook as a compromise? Will you accept NOTHING if it hits you? The seniors must be willing to take a hit and stand with those they help elect. The fact is the budget mess is going to hit seniors a bit. It’s going to cause some pain to some. Are you a hypocrite or an American? Do you believe we need to do it now to help our grand kids, and kids? IF the new Republicans want to reform medicare and medicaid and it costs you 20 bucks more a month will you drop support for those supporting that bill?

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