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Battle plan advice for the GOP…

Battle plan advice for the GOP…

Another attempt to help the GOP get their act together..

First off, any battle plan must have contingencies. But shooting all of your ammunition in the first engagement is probably not wise unless you’ve killed all the enemy on the field as well as those in the rear.

So far the GOP has seen fit to go public with everything wrong with Obama. While its a long list and it grows daily, America is short sighted. ALL of this fodder is being wasted because most won’t remember it next year.

Hold up on some of the details of the dumbassery that is Obama. Save some in reserve and keep good records to get the message out next year. Have dates, have details and have good targets…

Also you really need to watch this: (HT to the Daily Gator)

Tea Party Dana Loesch is the BEST

Not only is she extremely HOT! she’s damn right.