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America voted for socialism?

America voted for socialism?

Good ol Race pimp Al $harpton actually said what we all knew.

It’s true, America did vote for Obama, and those of you that did KNEW Obama was a socialist. IF you didn’t you were ignorant of your on accord. The info was out there. The question is what are you going to do to fix your fk up?

B. Hussein Obama decisions and scandals

B. Hussein Obama decisions and scandals

Well lets get the party started!

Welcome Barack Hussein Obama to the highest office in the free world.

IF you expect a cake walk, or  silence because you are HALF BLACK, ya better get a clue.

First day in office and you got a wonderful endorsement from Fidel Castro, your treasury guy has been caught NOT paying taxes

Good start there Messiah.

I will be following all the great mistakes that are “Transparent” But I would imagine media swooning will keep the good stuff down.

This is going to be fun guys, let us all enjoy the ride in this handbasket, we know the destination already so there is nothing left to do but check out the scenery.